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I seemigly got stuck in this part of the overworld:

I got warped here after
beating Battle of The Mages, which has been found by pure accident
. Is there a way to get back to previous worlds, or I am "SOL" with 3 missing exits?
Originally posted by Maruhai
Originally posted by Alucard648
I seemigly got stuck in this part of the overworld:

I got warped here after
beating Battle of The Mages, which has been found by pure accident
. Is there a way to get back to previous worlds, or I am "SOL" with 3 missing exits?

You came through a portal, you can surely get out by using one as well.

Thanks! Found the warp portal.
Originally posted by Wormer21
You can easily run away from the falling block generator if you're sprint-running, but these blocks are just forcing the player to slowdown. You can keep it, but by removing some of the wall obstacles, so the player would have more space to rush and jump towards the end. Getting the powerups is also quite pointless, because if you slow down, you're going to get hurt/die. An alternative would be to put one or two mushrooms before the collapsing room.

Just a suggestion, though. :P

I have tested that falling block generator in my cancelled ancient ROM hack, and found out that it`s outright impossible to avoid getting hit at all, even with completely flat room.
I would want to see Caslevania-themed level/world as hidden/postgame/bonus content. I am remembering your old 1-level hack named "Dracula blocks out the sun" and it was great despite being rejected due to high difficulty. Also long ago I was enjoying Anikiti`s SMW hacks mostly due to various CV referenses both in graphics and level design.
A sample hack featuring 7-8 levels generated by this tool will be nice.
Thanks for demo. Played trough all the levels and found a pair of issues, not related to layer 2:
1. Some pipes are two-colored. Left half has one palette and right has another.
2. Goal posts are missing in all levels, leaving the goal tape floating in midair.
VLDC 8, Matrix Mines. Any hints on finding secret exit?
Originally posted by Mirann
Originally posted by Alucard648
VLDC 8, Matrix Mines. Any hints on finding secret exit?

It's at the begin of the level. See below:

Get up there. It's a door.

Oh My Goodess! This was pretty mean secret! Thanks for help!
Rocket barrel ride section is extreme nightmare, especially for W4, thanks for unfair hitbox of barrel and volatile controls. Try to fit 3-4 tile-wide space with this. Lack of checkpoint prior to this section multiples frustration, if you try to beat this level w/o savestates. #smw{x_x} Can you score 50+ points in Flappy Bird?
P.S. I always find any level designed with Wiiqwertyuiop`s rocket barrel sprite to be an absolute hell to beat, thanks for volatile controls and inconsistent hitbox, that oftentimes registers crash into ceiling without even touching it.
Originally posted by levelengine
I hadn't done anything to the rocket barrel sections yet, as I noticed the game could crash somehow. This is what I found in my removal log, and I can't seem to replicate it.

Recently, I submitted the hack, which got rejected because of music-related issues, particularly the game crashing at some point after Artifact Temple.

I don't have much information about it since I couldn't reproduce these myself (using ZMZ to try to find them), so did anyone else notice anything music-related, or would know how to replicate it?

Try to run the hack on bsnes, one of the most accurate SNES emulators.
Originally posted by levelengine
Originally posted by Alucard648
Game crashes right after entering Pumpkin Pipes 1. Black screen, music plays amd mothing else.
Snes9x 1.51

I caught that, so I think. It seems that one sprite in particular (the sideways piranha plant) got excluded from the inserted list of sprites, thus being a null sprite.
I'll still go check again before doing a second patch.
Was that the only crash you had up to this point?

So far, yes. But this one is a showstopper. #ab{:(}
Originally posted by StrikeForcer
Originally posted by Mario3andU
Wow. Your ROM hack is amazing. The graphics are really good. Better than Endgame. (Yes, I said it.) And your level design is difficult, but never unfair. Great work. #smw{^_^}

Never unfair? Hoho, I disagree with you on that. While yes, there are quite a number of legitimately challenging levels, but you do have a number of levels that go beyond challenging into unfair territory.

Examples I can point out: Clockwork Aerie, Sleepy Hollow, every World 9 and A level, because length alone. Other levels that aren't due to length is due to the way obstacles or placed or that the sprites are poorly coded. Its why I suggested to the hack author multiple midwaypoints because you get harshly penalized with your progress when you die.

Blockus Bastion is another example: fast-flicking disappearing blocks and nets are already difficult challenge, but add in randomly placed invincible enemies... If I would be designing such hellhole, I would replace all spikes from 8-Fortress and onwards with antimatter bombs and toss in Bullet Bill generator. And when resubmitting, change the difficulty to Kaizo (light).
Rescue of Rochie - Desert Shifting Sand. Any hints for secret exit?
Any way to get secret exit in Desert Shifting Sand? I have searched level in and out and nothing!
Originally posted by LX5

When you get hit by a sprite maybe I'll make it to explode like a bob-omb.

I am hoping it does not result in instant death for Mario, like rocket barrels.
Originally posted by levelengine

As for levels, I'm posting screenshots of those and also overall progress on how much is complete in my thread in the Works in Progress forum, because really, it is a work in progress.

I am hoping levels won`t be extremely nightmarish, like final levels in Colossus that are near impossible to beat w/o savestates.
Unable to advance in overworld after beating Tectonic Caverns.
Also the same level has 5th Yoshi coin on subscreen boundary.