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Please help. Im making a hack, and i want to add a custom foreground and a custom background to make it look nice. The palette im using is the one from the background, and the one that needs to be fixed is the foreground one.

Heres a picture:

edit: i can't believe my first post contained the word nice. nice
Originally posted by mario and luigi
so the background palette overwrites the foreground's?


Originally posted by mario and luigi
then you should change the palette row of the background's palette so the foreground palette won't get overwritten. change it to a palette row so it won't mess with anything else, including the layer 3 status bar.

Can you please help me how i can do that? Im not that great with Lunar Magic.
Originally posted by mario and luigi
first, go to the palette editor (#lm{pal}), and then go to where the background or foreground palette is. where this is i can't tell, because i do not know which palette row it is taking up. once you find it, read on.

second, the entire row of palettes (the colors going across 1 row) should go onto another row, one which will not overwrite the colors of anything else, presumably palette row 2. to do that, select each color in the row, click on "add to custom colors", and send it to another row in that exact place.

after all of that, remap the map16 so it can use that palette row. for example, if you used palette row 2, make the background or foreground use palette 2.

I don't understand most of the things you said. Should i post the palette im using?
Originally posted by mario and luigi
yes, that way i can take a closer look at which palette row you should change it to. an image would surely be helpful.
There you go. The red square is the foreground.
Originally posted by mario and luigi

now, about those 4 blue squares you highlighed: you need to place them in that exact order, only in a different row. i suggest palette row 5, which is right below the current one. take those colors, click "add to custom colors", and take them to palette 5.

Thank you #tb{^V^} I've fixed all the palettes to the tilesets and now they look what they are supposted to be #tb{^V^}
What the title says. I replaced GFX00 and GFX33 and i placed the Map16 tiles in the Map16 editor. But they still show up as normal tiles. Can someone help me?
I changed GFX00 and GFX33, saved the Map16 tiles. But they never show up. Earlier today i changed the font of the text box and it still shows as the SMW one.
Do i have to use the red poisonous mushroom?
The link is not working. It just says ''File not found'' and thats all. Can you please reupload it?
Rarely if theres not, you can also find the background and try to make it the same. #fim{:P}
I want the SMB2 Shy Guy to replace a Goomba. But i can't find the sprites anywhere on this website. Can i please have the link for the Shy Guy? Anyways, thanks #smw{:peace:}
I've found them, but are those the SMB2 variants? and do they both use shyguy.asm?

EDIT: Added the Red Shy Guy, but it shows up as a Monty Mole, what do i have to change?
Originally posted by Koopster
Yeah, checked them with notepad and they all seem to use the same .asm. They vary a bit, as you can see in their filenames.

It's showing up as a monty mole because you haven't inserted the correct graphics. The ones you want are in ST's "tilemaps" folder, under the name "mario2 (SP4).bin".

Thank you!
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Beating SMG2 100%. You would not believe how much that last star destroyed my sanity.

Screw the Perfect Run. It took me a while to get it, but it was worth it.
You should use custom tilesets to make your hack more nice #smw{:|}
All it had was a signature saying Hi. and something else. Why was it removed? #ab{>:}
Did you put cmd.exe in the folder where AddmusicK is?
I need a full tutorial and thats not outdated, please.
Originally posted by HackerOfTheLegend
Nobody's really made AMK tutorials since it's so easy to use. But if you really want one, you can read AMK's readme, included with it.

Download AMK and in its ZIP, drag the AddmusicK folder somewhere to your desktop. Now, just download some music. We have a very large collection of custom music, ready to be inserted with AMK, here. Now, if the music you downloaded was unsampled (meaning a song that does NOT use a BNK file or BRR files), drag the music TXT to the "music" folder in AddmusicK's folder. Then open up Addmusic_list.txt, and at the bottom, add your music to the list, starting at the number 29. So you'd add your music like this:
29  music.txt
2A  music2.txt
2B  music3.txt
(and so on)  

Now, take your ROM (it has to be at least 1MB) and run it through AMK. Congrats, you inserted music into your hack with AMK!

Now, for sampled music you got from our music section (meaning a song that DOES use either BRRs or a BNK file), drag the TXT into the music folder as usual, but if the song uses a BNK file or BRR files, drag whatever files it uses, the BNK file or BRR files, into the "samples" folder. Then add the sampled music's TXT to Addmusic_list.txt as usual, and run your ROM in AddmusicK.

Not so hard, is it?

THANK YOU!!! This can be closed now #ab{:LOL:}
Whats Ninj.txt supposted to be? Ninji.txt? Is it a typo in the name?
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