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Can you change the direction of an object in a simple way... I still can't figure this part by myself.
just blocks.
Thanks! Though I still can't understand very well! Thank you very much!
wait one minute... can i make like a 10 level rom hack with a ghost theme... would that be aloud? And could there be an award for best overworld theme...
I made a SMW hack that took me a month of planning for 8 levels and it got rejected...(Crying) It's not my falt I said it was like Kaizo but fun...(WAHH!!) Sigh... anyway how can I put up an image on this page...
I've acually found a way to make levels loop!!! The bad type of loop.
There are several ways to do it and it just might completely destroy the level from beyond repair...I found out the hard way... =(
1. The goal sphere is one of the dangerous sprites in the game. After making a level that is about 09 screens long, add a sphere at the front of the level. It causes sprites to disappear or become null! Near the end of the level, it should loop! I found this trick to best work with Yoshi's Island 3.
I will add another comment when I look up the rest on the rom I've been testing on.
(Note: The rom had screen scrolling pipes if that has anything to do with it...) =3
Well, I've been investigating the goal sphere and it causes some unwanted effects to the rom. About 45% on most levels, but for some weird reason, a 55% chance on Yoshi's Island 3... and whill I'm at it... I made a video of the null sprites but forgot to record the looping level. =(
2. Adding a low tide 3rd layer and screenscroll to about 0A screens. This however varies from about 20% - 45%.
(Note: I think same result with high and low tide 3rd layer)
How can you change the intro music? Can it be done with Addmusic 3.5 Made Easy?
Thank you. Now I need to learn how to use the program...=p
...that's desturbing...=S
The sad thing is that I only understood half of it...can you say it in english please...wait...random typing!!!!