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I've been listening to those while I was browsing through the C3 forum again just now and they are all very catchy! The game seems to have a very bouncy and nice soundtrack and you have captured that very well. Overall a bunch of very sweet and lovely ports! #smrpg{y}
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I go away for one evening to play Minecraft and there are so many replies suddenly. Apologies in advance for this late response! #w{x(}

Originally posted by Deeke
Is the unmasked Taijna a complete redraw of the hooded version, or are they two forms that can both be accessed?

Initially I have made the unmasked version to replace the old one, yes. But some people have said that they liked her more with the mask on so I decided to have it be an unlockable feature at some point in the game.

Originally posted by Koopster
If there's one criticism I can give, it's that the background of the level shown in the video looks a little barren in the top. I thought the level had a weird "empty" feeling, and I believe decorating that area somehow would make it feel a lot better.

Yeah the lack of decoration has been annoying be for a while too. I think when I find the time and motivation I will go on a big decoration spree because I definetly have the space to fit some.

Originally posted by Minish Yoshi
Although I do have to ask, why does the timer continue to decrease when the "Level Clear" message appears?

This is one of those bugs that is so harmless that you keep on unintentional procrastinating about fixing it and it never ends up happening lol. Ideally the timer would stop as soon as the transition to the Level Clear message happens.

Overall I am really overwhelmed with the sheer amount of feedback and impressions I have recieved with this hack reveal. I'd have never imagine that my little green girl would get as much attention as she has gotten now. A massive Thank you! to everyone who has left their thoughts on this here, it means the world to me.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


First off, I've been wanting to make a full drawing of Taijna to celebrate the proper hack reveal this C3.
It's a slightly bigger Image so

Secondly, I have uploaded a video of another level! Please take a look and let me know what you think about this level as well!

I have also added the drawing and the video to the original post.
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Originally posted by 1UPdudes

thats me, thank you very much
// Layout by Maxo
I am extremely glad I got to help you a bit with this project of yours. Having listened to the songs now I'm really impressed by these ports.
Really good work Ultima!
// Layout by Maxo
hmm well obviously I have player graphics of my character for my hack already, so what about another character of mine?


I would recommend using a 32x32 space just to have more area to play around in. Curious to see what you will end up with with my little boy Tomo!
// Layout by Maxo
Alright so I usually try getting some resources done between each C3 which I can release, but I've been too caught up in my hack this time and don't have any resources to release. However I didn't want my little C3 series to miss out in only its third iteration. And since this series also usually worked as a way for me to showcase random junk I've been putting together sometimes, I figured I could use this thread this time to showcase some Music I've made.

I began toying around in FL Studio since late 2019 and since early 2020 now I have actually shared some of my creations on Soundcloud! I have shown off the first 2 tracks at the very end of last C3 already but I'd like to post them here again just to have everything together.

- - - - - - - - - -

My first post on Soundcloud. There isn't much to say about this one. I've played a bunch of Yume Nikki and Fangames at the time and thats why I made a song reminiscent of those games save themes.

My first "full" track I have finished. I had no real goal with this song, I mostly wanted to mess around with Pokemon DPPT samples in an interesting way. It ended up sounding like a kind of mysterious and grand song for a really strange place..

First new song! This one actually has some background for once. Earlier this year in late spring I've went to a nearby lake with a friend and the feeling of "spending a nice evening on a lake with nice people" made me want to make a song fitting of that feeling. Also I just so happened to have watched a video on Bossa Nova music before and I was really wanting to make one myself. Two birds with one stone!

Alright this last one is a little different. I sometimes spend a full day messing around with random game soundfonts and the Crash Bandicoot samples really caught my attention. So after the usual bit of messing around I decided to turn this into a full track for an unused Crash 1 level. Specifically the Waterfall stage. This songs cover also comes from this exact unused level. I really hope I could capture the Crash Bandicoot-y feel nicely with this one!

- - - - - - - - - -

I know this is quite the unusual and messy thread for C3 but I hope some people can enjoy this still.
// Layout by Maxo
That's a lot more replies then I would've expected for some silly music. And a lot of kind replies at that! Even though I don't have a big goal with what I am composing currently (beside maybe some character motifs), I been really enjoying just coming up with stuff. I really appreciate the positive feedback on these!

Originally posted by Samantha
(Also deadass I'd be down to port one of your compositions if you're interested)

pick your poison and I can send you the FL files or whatever you may need!
// Layout by Maxo
This has to be by far one of the most ambitious and unique SMW hacks that I've seen show up recently. The dedication for this project is unlike anything I've seen before and I'm looking forward to all the new and interesting craziness that can be found in this hack.

The level you've shown here is very sweet imo. It's hard making water levels fun but I think you've definetly succeeded with that here.
Keep it up! #smrpg{y}
// Layout by Maxo
hey what did you have for breakfast?
// Layout by Maxo
Thank god Kirby ate the section so I don't have to moderate anything ever again.

Jokes aside these are all very nice and cute. Especially all the food! I can easily see an entire hack built around those.

// Layout by Maxo
I haven't seen that many SMK hacks before. But from the ones I have seen, this has to be the prettiest one by far. Those tracks look like straight out of a Super Mario Kart 2!

I don't know what to say beside that I am really impressed by this and that I can't wait to play an eventual Demo or full release of this!
Great work! #smrpg{y}
// Layout by Maxo
I was 100% sure I've made a post here but apperantly I forgot?

Pincito my friend I could listen to your music over and over and over. Your compositions hit just the right nerve for me. You're a perfect choice for Heragas BS SMW project. Through the Mountain sounds like a mid-game Kirby stage, I can imagine how itd look really well for some reason...

And Good Morning is just incredibly pleasant to listen to. It's like a mixture of SMW and Kirby Samples alongside some Genesis-y sounds and with a Sunsoft feel. And it's incredibly bouncy!

Really, really great work! I am always looking forward to new compositions you're making. #smrpg{<3}
// Layout by Maxo
idk hollow knight (i OWN it on steam i will play it some day I promise) but that aHiT and Celeste port are amazing and I will use them so much you cant believe it
// Layout by Maxo
I wanted to ask for a Seal but looks like someone got there ahead of me. #smrpg{gasp}

In that case I'd love to see you give my little Taijna a shot. Pose and all up to you to decide. Thanks!
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by Deeke

Look at her go! This is real nice and sweet. I especially dig the way you brought her hair in motion. Thank you very much!
// Layout by Maxo
Quality over Quantity strikes again! This is a really good and very versatile tileset. I can see this being used for many, many different types of levels.
Really stellar work on this tileset! #smrpg{<3}
// Layout by Maxo
INC $73

idk any asm but i wanna join in
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by LucasRCD

That is lovely! The pose is indeed very dynamic, I like it a lot. Great job and thank you!
// Layout by Maxo
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