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Ah man the song you picked works amazingly in this style. Turned out real nice, I like it a lot. Thanks for having done my request!
// Layout by Maxo
File Name: My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions - Flower Fields
Submitted: by DPBOX
Authors: DPBOX
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background, Foreground, Layer 3
Description: This is a rip of some of the graphics from World 5-S2: Flower Fields in the My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions DX: Director's Cut fan game. It's a great game and the only place you can download it is in my Discord server, which can be accessed from either my profile page or any of my forum posts.

This pack includes 2 sample levels, one using Horizontal Level Mode 0F and another using Horizontal Level Mode 00. If you wish to use these graphics in a different Horizontal Level Mode, you may have to tweak the background and the Layer 3 tile map so the backgrounds display properly. Also, in the My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions level these graphics appear in, all parallax layers move horizontally at different rates but vertically at the same rate, so try to configure the backgrounds like that as closely as possible.

If you're using the Layer 3 background, you'll need a patch so the Status Bar doesn't go behind the foreground.

I've included some flower platforms from My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions that you can use in your foreground, too. If you decide to use them, you can't use bushes, fences that you climb on, slanted pipes, or arch ledges.
Rejecting this again because even with the fixes this is still a mediocre rip of a very mediocre source material. The original's BG Flowers have coloured outlines while the ones in your rip are completely black. This is only worsened by the FG Flowers having coloured outlines, making them feel like a part of the background.
And speaking of the FG, the way you squeezed the (abnormaly large) flowers in there is really counterproductive. I know why you did it the way you did, and there is no real better way to do it with the BG taking up all 3 BG slots. However I would say that you would be best off just removing those flower platforms, because using 2 FG slots for one straight and flat platform is not a price worth paying in my opinion.
// Layout by Maxo
Apologies in advance again for having taken so long to reply. Haven't been feeling up to it that much lately (
and when I have I was busy playing FFXIV but shush
). Massive thanks for each and every one of you who has taken their time to look at my project! It really means a whole lot to me.

Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Are you also planning to replace the remainding sound effects?

I am yeah. The new SFX you can hear so far are all made by Wakana (huge thanks to him). But he's been pretty busy with all sorts of stuff for a while now, so I will probably look into SFX making myself some time soon for the remaining common sounds.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
Bronto Burt breaks the illusion of her being in her own universe, though.

When you compare the Owl's and Bronto Burts there are some clear differences. But I would lie if I were to say those guys werent an inspiration.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
Story-wise, does it get into the significance of the Mana Seeds and why someone would take them?

I didn't want to reveal too much about story because:
a) I can't explain too much of it on the fly without writing multiple paragraphs I believe? I will of course have feasable amounts of plot handed out in the gameplay though.
b) I don't want to reveal too much beforehand and have most story be experienced when playing the game.

and @ everyone who has pointed out the Jump SFX' volume. It's been taken care of now and it is a lot more pleasant to hear!

- - - - - - -

With C3 coming to a close very shortly I would like to mention that soon I will be getting to setting up a thread in the Works in Progress forum, where obviously I will be sharing future updates and level showcases and so on.
// Layout by Maxo

Hey everyone! I'm glad to finally have made enough progress on my current hack to see it warrant a WIP thread. Some people may have seen snippets of this hack on the SMWC Discord server already, I will of course keep posting smaller updates over there. This thread will serve as a general hub of information about my project.

What is this about?

In this hack you take control of Tajna. She is one of the last remaining people of the Floszilles Tribe and their sacred artifacts, the Mana Seeds, have been stolen! It is now her duty to travel through the entire Hertrone Kingdom to bring back the Mana Seeds and stop whomever stole them.

According to my current planning the hack will have 5 worlds/chapters with 4-5 levels each. While this won't add up to an impressive amount of levels, I hope I can still manage to deliver a fun and original experience.
Mechanic-wise the key feature that differentiates this hack from SMW is its use of the Spinjump. My attempts for an original hack always had way too ambitious mechanics that required an immense load of custom ASM made, which is why this time I have decided to focus on an already existing SMW mechanic and expanding on it in ways SMW hasn't done.

Screenshots and Videos

Link to a Playlist containing gameplay videos

What's Next?

First and foremost, hopefully I can find the energy and motivation to eventually finish this lol. And I hope some people enjoy what I have planned with this project. A lot of effort went into this so far even with there still being a long way to go. I will keep posting bigger updates such as level videos here and I will update the screenshots when I have more as well.
// Layout by Maxo
Thanks to the nice replies so far! I know this thread doesnt have anything new from the Summer C3 post yet, but I will fix this now, believe me!

Originally posted by Polaris
or if a demo eventually happens! #smrpg{y}

A demo shouldnt be too far from reality actually. All that is left for the 1st Chapter are some levels which main assets I already made, and a custom boss. Maybe next C3?

Originally posted by Counterfeit
I wonder what the "time" is since it doesn't kill the player when it runs out like Mario games. Is it for a bonus, perhaps?

You are partially right there! At the end of each level you can find Time-Crates which you can only break when the timer has not hit zero yet. Think of it as a Timetrial.
Behind those crates there is a Timerelic:
Each level will have a Timerelic to collect alongside 3 hourglasses (which basically function as Dragon Coins).

New content!

I have 2 new .gif's here with me today. People on the discord may have seen them before, but I will go a little more in detail with each one here.

This gif shows all main assets done for one of the Chapter 2 levels. It takes place in a maybe-not-so-abandoned mineshaft and has Tajna use Minecarts to clear gaps and cross obstacles. Worth mentioning the leveldesign here is not final and only to give you a taste of what the level will roughly end up like.

This gif is a lot more basic, as it only shows off the base BG and FG of yet another Chapter 2 stage. I originally had a gimmick in mind that had Tajna roll down the snowy mountaintops, but I couldn't get it to work as smooth as I wanted it to so I need to figure out another gimmick for the stage. Whatever the gimmick ends up as, this level is located on the icey, cold peaks of the mountainous area that chapter 2 is taking place in.
// Layout by Maxo
File Name: Foreground Sprite Pack.
Submitted: by KaidenThelens
Authors: KaidenThelens
Type: Original
Purpose: Foreground
Description: This pack adds 9 Items (With or Without Color) embedded into the vanilla GrassLand Theme.

The 9 Items are: Mushroom, FireFlower, Cape, StarMan, SMB3 Leaf, SMB1 (All Stars) StarMan, Red Koopa Shell, P-Balloon and P-Switch.

Hope you like it! Have fun!
Rejecting this for a few reasons, but they can be summed up as this being a low quality submission.
- Most of those are just an edit of existing SMW tiles. And honestly even calling it an edit is stretching it because for most you only replaced some of the colours they use.
- The are stylized inconsistently. The mushroom and star have way less details. That makes them fit as decoration very well. The shell and p-switch have all their shading still present though. That makes them both inconsistent with the others, and makes them stick out in an uncanny way.
- Having the decoration look the same as the sprites is a very bad idea. It will only confuse the player and irritate them.
// Layout by Maxo
Thank you very much for the kind reply Miku!!!

Originally posted by Miku
Also just wondering but is there any reason that the ingame version of the main character doesnt have a face whereas the little gifs she does?

Not really honestly. Originally I wanted to replace the hooded version with the unhooded one, but then some people said that they really liked the hooded version so I been sticking to that one. I could probably turn it into some secret feature or something that you can unlock the unhooded Tajna GFX with a button combo, after finding a weird secret or something along those lines. Any other ideas for that are highly appreciated btw!

Powerup time!
> Part 1

I'm sorry for this being a very small update, but its an update nonetheless.
I was thinking of ways to rework the SMW powerups to work with my hacks flow and thanks to JamesD28 I can show off one of the two!

Let me get in detail with how this works for a bit, because it may not be immediately clear from just watching a gif:
When Tajna collects that Firegem she can unleash 2 fireballs when initiating a spin. Unlike SMW she will not be continously throwing new ones as she keeps on spinning. The standard throw with the Y button has also been disabled.

I want to be spending more time on refining things. Currently on my mind I am having some repositioning on the statusbar, trying to somehow figure out a pleasant OW border and hopefully somehow getting the cape powerup working according to what I am imagining as well. Basically: Many many things I want to do to make the game play, feel and look nicer. However that requires an effort in both GFX-making and ASM and I can only really do the former to some extend so we will need to see how that ends up going. I am trying to aim for a demo when the next C3 comes around! Theres only tiny bits of level assets needing to be done before I can get to that. The demo would be the entire first chapter/world.

I am very slowly starting to feel things coming together in this hack. Emphasis on very slowly, but still, things coming together and that is honestly a really great feeling even if it is so very faint.

The next time I post an update it will be of some actual new content I hope.
// Layout by Maxo
Thank you Anorakun and Counterfeit for the feedback! #w{=)}

Originally posted by Counterfeit
1) While something may be cool or even useful, it tends to shine best when the application holds gameplay significance. Is there anything you thought of that's going to take advantage of this feature? Was the implementation more or less initially to help further set Taijna apart from Mario?

I didnt really feel like having her just throw fireballs would have worked that well. Having fireballs shoot out while initiating a spin just feels a lot more natural in my opinion. Giving the X and Y buttons a use that would only be accessable in certain conditions would just be more confusing. Thats why I think fusing the fireballs and spin together works quite well.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
2) Are the fireballs always going to go in opposite directions or would you be able to influence them with the D-pad somehow to avoid vaporizing sprites you don't want to hit?

Yeah you always throw the fireballs by spinning when having that powerup. I think the whole vaporizing sprites thing can be dealt with by not the player to jump on many enemies and whatnot. Thinking about it, this could be a good trade off for some optional rewards in a level. That you gotta NOT burn an enemy to reach a 1up or something.

Oh, it'd also be worth mentioning that I changed the spelling of the character and the hack from Taijna to Tajna. I think her name is a lot nicer to both read and write without the i in it so that's what I will be going with from now on (for anyone curious the pronounciation would be either Tai-nah or Tah-nah, depending on where you're from). It's probably not a change many will even notice happening but I think mentioning it here wouldn't hurt either.
// Layout by Maxo
There is a Titlescreen in the videogame now
> and new Screenshots

Yeah titlescreen time! It was a bit of work to get this all working but I am happy with the result and I think a titlescreen is important enough to show here. It needed some asm to have the animations keep playing once entering the menu and for some reason nintendo decide to scatter the font across 3 gfx files lol

The hack is finally getting close to a playable state now. The opening scene needs a little more made to it but when that is done. I can go around to making some more levels and maaayyybe get Chapter 1 done in time for C3. I think the few levels that are currently finished I will have to remake, since in my opinion they have very tight sections for World 1 levels.

I have also updated the screenshots in the original post. So feel free to take a look! One of the main takeaways from them is the updated Statusbar and one or two differences in levels I think.
// Layout by Maxo
File Name: Super Mario World: Giant Land Styled Overworld Decorations
Submitted: by KaidenThelens
Authors: KaidenThelens
Type: Original
Purpose: Overworld
Description: Super Mario World overworld decorations, just x2 bigger.

PS: Make sure to have the last option in "Extra Options" selected.
This is a very lazy and simple. If anyone would want this in their hack it would take them no time to do this themself. If you want to do a proper Giant Land themed Overworld set I would advise reimagining the tiles in double their resolution instead of what you have done here.
// Layout by Maxo
File Name: Super Mario World: Giant Land Styled Overworld Decorations
Submitted: by KaidenThelens
Authors: KaidenThelens
Type: Original
Purpose: Overworld
Description: Giant Land Styled Overworld Decorations, Now with a more Original look, and not just resized sprites.
Rejecting this again. While you certainly put a bit more effort into this compared to the one from before, it still has quite a lot of issues:

- The outlines are double the thickness of vanilla SMW's assets, this makes this submission clash incredibly bad with the vanilla Overworld GFX.
- On top of above, the outlines arent flowering naturally at all. This is most notable in the little, diagonal, brown rock things. They jitter a lot instead of emphasizing the roundness from their original counterparts.
// Layout by Maxo
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Tob's Profile - Posts by Tob

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