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Hi, i used to be here before the wipe but i changed my username so ha! You will never know who i was!

I hope i'm something with a funny name.

This is turning into a religion discussion thread.

Anyways, although i do not beleive in any religion, i do sometimes feel like there may be a god, but i do not beleive he should be worshipped. I mean, why would a holy being care if you worship him or not, he's there, and he has a job. Why would he curse innocent people for not beleiving in him. Why would he make people burn for all of eternity if they do one bad thing in their life. If there is a god, he should be respected, but not worshipped. Atheists can live good, happy lives. I should start my own religion, where you don't have to do anything to worship him, or study books about miracles or anything, you can just have people who help you out of problems, and help you lead a happy life. Going to church would be like getting help, and guidelines. That would make god happier than worship would.

Thats addicting. Very.

I would help petey pirhanna torture them and hope i get to play as him.

I'm vivian, and who the hell is she anyways? I'm gonna try again, and use this post.
Edit: Okay, now i'm doopliss, and i dunno who he is either. I'm gonna use this edit to choose a new one.
Edit: Okay, i got the same number as i did last time, i'm still doopliss, i'm trying again.
Edit: Now i'm a paratroopa, at least i know what that is. I'm gonna divebomb the next person to post.

Originally posted by internoob
Try me :P

Waluigi D:

Divebombed! Rooar! Smacky smack smack. Waluigi doesn't do anything in any real games, and never kills anything, so he can't stop me. He is a loser character.

You could start taking her with you on buisness trips, making it like a vacation during the times when you are free. If you spend to much time with her, your kids will get mad, if you spend to much time with your kids, your wife will get mad, so the best thing to do is to go on family outings. You can still hack, but do it less.

Another vote for super challenge world over here. I also nominate mystery of the seven orbs. Kiwisauce makes really good level design, and mystery of the seven orbs had some cool custom blocks.

Originally posted by Reading

Like I said on this game's previous thread: Not everyone who plays Mario wants a fun little happy quest to rescue the Princess. I, and several others, are glad to see that some recent Mario games have taken a more mature direction without going over the brink.

So true. Remember conker land for the gameboy? Cutesy action game. Conkers bad fur day for the n64? Extremely violent, full of scatological humour, sex, and drugs. It was an awesome game, still, but i don't want to see that happen to mario.

Just tetrify the original smw overworld.


Use digging chucks rock and give it green spiny egg graphics like in smb3.

I sort of beleive in god, but i do not follow any religion. A god would not care if we worship him or not. He would not care if you don't beleive him. If there is a holy being, he wouldn't punish people for a few sins by making them burn for all of eternity. You make a few mistakes in life, and you burn in hell forever once you die? That makes no sense. Worshipping god is like sucking up. "I acknowledge your mighty power, can i go to heaven even though i'm a racist bastard who tried to kill all blacks?" My idea of being religious is beleiving god. Not worshipping him, and not doing weird ceremonies on holidays, and not having to go through a huge ceremony just so its considered right to have sex with your girlfriend. That ceremony is called marriage. It has no point anyways. It's just a formality, and it makes you have to go through this big court thing just to break up with your girlfriend. I am sort of an atheist, because i am not a member of any religion, but i do beleive in god.

Originally posted by Xgor
let´s see

Divebomb roooarrrrr! Boom, boom boom!

Vergetarianism is a bit stupid, becuase animals eat other animals. The only ones that don't eat meat are the ones that are either to small to or have no way of killing the animal. Besides, protein comes from meat and fish, and humans need protein to live. Its the circle of life.

What exactly is so extreme about it?

Tweak the physics to make mario go faster. Although you would have to fix the castle ending seqences. Also, use angel island zone from sonic 3 as the first worlds song, i love that song.

Although it is a very short demo of a one level hack that hasn't been moderated yet, ghost mansion has some pretty cool puzzles, although i don't think it should be featured until its a lot longer.
But i nominate it anyways.

Sonic 3 and knuckles, and sonic cd are the greatest sonic games of all time. Sonic 2 was pretty good as well, and sonic 1 was the start of a great series, but all the sonic advance games sucked compared to the original 3 games, sonic and knuckles, and sonic cd. Sonic 3 just wasnt complete without sonic and knuckles locked on to it though.

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