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Yo, Happy Birthday to you. / /.n \/- (bad Kakashi txt...)

I'm back! And my life's more complicated with a job, college, and still paying off $5,000 from an accident involving my truck and a Budweiser utility truck in March of last year. The good news is I've been married for a year now wiht my sweetheart Rebecca.

Wow, another addmusic? I can hardly even work with the other versions I have on my PC. =P

When I read this, I just had to check out my old hack (which was turned into something else entirely). Wasn't all that great, but I do how I feel basically... hm, should do something about Jason Vorhees though...

Ripple Mansion

Hm, it has been awhile since I last had shown up here. I finally had that damned block-up in creation to resume work on this little creation of mine (that and watch videos of people play through my first Universe hack on AOL Video... *shake of head*). That, and working on fanfictions centered on anime/game, game/HP, anime/HP crossovers, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Okay, anyway... let's see... the title, how it looks on selection. Let's skip the beginning shot and go to showing what the map looks like...

Still works.

The scenario intro this time... is something of an afternoon sunset-like scene. You may have noticed something different with the colors... that's cause of below.

I'm still working on it... had to work around a nasty little problem when I did the intro screening above this image. But I live what I had fixed and kept workable for this hack to keep living.

The Submaps are still being finalized, but I think I may have done all I can... yes I've noticed Mario's position is at the Magma Fortress (all fortresses are themed on a certain element), but that was for some testing grounds I needed to do.

I'm also working on "extending" that little bridge gap in the Bowser Submap, and still going over just how warped up I can make those final levels (you'll especially get a kick what lies beyond the six doors somewhere in Bowser's Castle).


The good thing is that this is separate from Universe and Universe II, so... yeah. But trust me, once I am fully finished with this, you'll probably enjoy the full release coming soon (that and wonder how I can come up with s*** like this, my wife does if her interests are perked enough).

Note: Just a question, how many can do sprite inserts, and are good with the whole business? Icegoom (whom from what I know so far, hasn't returned back) was my last provider in sprite inserts, but I can use another for helping me insert more. If you want to take this offer (and are good), PM me. Thank you.

With that out of the way, I'll just post a few screenies of the first level before allowing some positive/negative/constructive criticism feedback. I may have done another thread and if I did, I either can't find it or overtime it was switched off and then the MODs of the site deleted it off the forums.

Now, last week my wife was on the computer, when she called me over to check out this mini art comic about Luigi, a list of groceries by Princess Daisy, and her asking at the bottom of the list to buy some Magic Balloon condoms. Ironic that at the end of the art, Bowser is buying the same brand as well thus weirding out our man in green overalls... and me at how this shot above is similar to that DA art Rebecca found.

Yes, I finally join the long list of custom sprite hackers, starting with this Ptooie (I also have his land lovin' version further in the level). Must be strong to keep that spike-studded weight in the air...

A trap (!), so now you must backtrack...

I also now have use of Teleport Blocks... they're so easy to use now, just like Geico (damn, that was a horrible pun). Take notice of the Hammer Bro.

Well, that sure was a quick and easy pass...

Also, like my last hack, I take advantage of extra sprite exgfx to create more interesting mix-up sprite enviroments, so you should keep a sharp eye for things of the non-normal. Also, since it keeps me busy, whatever gfx from other games I rip into keeps me busy with the hard manual labor (helps keeping me occupied form time to time... those that I don't see here on this site).

We'll have more news, and maybe Diane's weight, after this...

I've heard of what you're saying with AddMusic, but all of them don't work s*** with mine (copies anyway). Maybe with Universe IV I will... but for now, all I am looking at is completion of III, and get some more sprites inserted.

Of course, being busy with everything and in between college and family life, will keep me held back a bit (that and redo all Tile Events -_- *sigh*). Though, if anyone would like to help me with sprite inserts, please contact me via PM.

I listen to a wide selection...

Kagamine Rin - The Daughter of Evil
Kagamine Len - The Servant of Evil
Kagamine Rin - Regret Message
Kagamine Len - Re Birthday
Kagamine Len & Rin - Drowning Ourselves at the Cape
Kagamine Len & Rin - Adolescence (Cendrillon Kagamine ver.)
Kagamine Len & Rin - Paper Airplane
Hatsune Miku - Love is War

Those above you can also watch videos of the Vocaloid song titles on Youtube or Nico Nico Douga... and then recently I discovered Metroid Metal... only three I love the most.

Stemage (Super Metroid Metal) - Lower Norfair
Stemage (Metroid Prime 2 Metal) - Torvus Bog
Stemage (Metroid Prime 3 Metal) - Theme/Bryyo


Story of the Year - Just Close Your Eyes
Simple Plan - Me Against the World
Saliva - Hunt You Down
The Veer Union - Seasons
Rev Theory - Voices
My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay
Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock
Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy
3 Doors Down - Live For Today
Buckcherry - Rescue Me
Sick Puppies - You're Going Down
Kid Rock - So Hott

Does that make me weird...? o_o

So yeah, my love for Vocaloid also expands into fanfiction which I write on Most of the songs and videos also seen on Nico Nico Douga or Youtube are in Japanese, but I just love the characters, mainly Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, and Kagamine Rin.

Meh... boredom on weekends... :/ Nothing good to watch on cable television... and I have been in quite a lock on writing some of my fanfiction (mostly Naruto, Harry Potter, and Vocaloid).

Though, I AM writing a oneshot story for the Naruto section at only the idea behind it is that most of the Naruto girls are lolicon, and Naruto is a total perv with a loli complex. Already telling a few friends of mine, they said I must have been on crack to write such an idea down. Well...

I blame the video in the link above. :/

Yes.... it HAS been a long while since I last came back here. Probably a year or so since... Vocaloid has more or less taken over my life. :D

Much like my craze with the Rockman series (in my teenaged youth with the Rockman EXE series), Vocaloid had filled that gap (even though I am 23 years old). Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin got me hooked... I just love theem so much, and are my favorite Vocaloids aside from Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, Kamui Gakupo, and Yowane Haku.


And it's cuz of them that I had drifted away from SMW Hacking (I still played a few hacks, such as The Second Reality Project Reloaded). But, mostly, half my time when life doesn't drag me down is occupied with the Vocaloids and writing Vocaloid fanfiction.

If only I can change my name heere, but then again, I was mostly known as the guy who created a strange hack (Super Mario Universe) that people thought would never get popular.

Oh yes... that demo... well lost it, as well as the full hacks of Universe and Universe II. So, if somebody has 'em... let me know. Plus, even if I have nothing to show now, just a note here:


I'm aimming to fix up soem little errors I have recently discovered, as well as finish some final problems with GFX inserts before I worry about level work and tile map animations for when a level has been passed and such normal or secretive. Also pardon some of my spelling errors but when you write or type fast on a small laptop keyboard... :/

Although, due to Vocaloid, full completion of this hack will be set into next year or so (depends on how my life goes). That is all.

I now use a external USB-powered hard drive (that I nicknamed "Yowane Haku"). But beforethenn, yes, viruses and problem,s were once a cripple for me. My computer has gone throoughh a plauge of viruses, two complete wipes, and one time I nearly got an investigation by the FBI due to a hacker using my IPS to criminally hide his tracks.

On that time with the whole FBI investigation thing, by computer was so trashed up, that they offered me a new computer (even though at the end the officials caught the man who tried to hack into secured computers and all that).

Haku holds eeverything that I had on my desktop, and I don't go anywhere without it... it's space is 300GB (and it cost me quite a bit of money too). But' worth it! :D

*painting his fingernails a dark green color with wife's nail polish*

What? I always do this. Ever since I created my UTAUloid Ishtal Sekai... he wears dark green nail polishh, annd so do I. o_o

Now my FATHER's computer on the otherhand. His is a Dell-made PC. It has gone through more wipes than I know of. The last five times I tried to fix teh damn thing, and it (bleeps) the (bleep) up again.

I just got tired of it when the computer contracted the pedophile virus that has been spreading (google it up and you'll find the neews reports on that computer virus veeyr interesting and downright scary).

My father got a laptop instead after he got tired of fixing it as well, and as for the desktop... he just saved most of the good stufff suhc as ram cards, the drives, and stuff like that, befoore taking a hammer to what remained of the metal skeletoon of the PC in the backyard.

Oh, and I took his flatscreen monitor sincce he didn't qwannt ot keeep itt stored in the closet and stuff.

<object style="height: 344px; width: 425px"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="344"></object>

I found this while I was lurking Youtube for any Vocaloid PVs. I must say... it looks good. I wanted others to see this, but I don't know if I can post this here or not. But anyway... looks a bit good... graphics wise.

Note: Video is not mine... I can never come up with something THAT great.

The last time I had sleeepleess nigghts was during high school, in my junior year... really sucks when your body is physically exhausted...

A 1TB Hard Drive? DAMN! O.O

And Haku (my nicknamed external hard drive) is only at a capacity of 300GB... but 1TB? ... That had to cost you more money than what I spent (which was 40 some dollars plus tax at Bestbuy).

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