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Here is mine!
There is only one exit.
How do I insert the wings sprite directly into a level? I know they are a special form of sprite 7E, but how do I insert them straight into a level without putting in a wings block?
I'm trying to insert wings directly into a level without the wings block, but I can't figure out how. I know they are a special form of sprite 7E but I can't get them to go in the level as wings instead of a red coin.
Originally posted by MarkD
I think there is a custom sprite for it, If I remember right.

Where? I cannot find one.
Thanks for the help, I've figured it out now.
I had a super awesome creative idea but I got too tired to make it work. Here's my entry:
I'm trying to insert the sign from the unused no yoshi intro, and I heard you have to use a custom sprite to do this. If anyone could tell me a way to do it without a custom sprite or direct me to this sprite that would be greatly appreciated ^.^
I don't know if this is in the list (hard to ctrl+f for because of wording) but if you drop a yoshi from the item box with it's mouth full, it will have slot 0 in it's mouth. If nothing has spawned in slot 0 in the level yet, spitting it out will make a glitched koopa with a strange palette.
This is probably a really stupid question, but I've always been "pallet inept" lol. How do you make Mario use a different pallet instead of pallet 8? I want mario to use pallet D instead.
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