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Hello everyone! I'm here to present my work in progress and first hack called "Divine Mario World". It is mostly vanilla with custom music and some custom SMW-styled graphics I made. I plan on having 7 or 8 worlds and a special world. So far, I've made up to half of World 2.

Custom Music
Custom Vanilla-Styled Graphics
Custom Overworld Map
Custom Levels
Custom Palettes

*Title Screen level will be redone.
*Overworld paths are supposed to be already filled out.
*Many things will be changed (obviously).

Mario and Princess Peach were having a picnic out in the plains. Mario went to go collect some berries to eat. When Mario came back to the picnic area, Peach was missing. Mario suspects this was an act of Bowser, so, he sets off to defeat him and rescue the Princess.



Remember to please give tips and tell me about bugs!

Click to download.
I just would like to know to determine should I put them in my hack. If I find a hack fun to play and its not to hard to find them than I would.
Originally posted by Ultimate SMW
Hi BlueSheep123,
I am the Ultimate, you're OK?

I liked the pictures ...
I liked the map and the purple stage ...

What will you work on Hack?
Agility? Speed? Puzzles?
Go to the right of the screen and end stage?

Your map is cool. Good job.
Success to you ...

The hack will mainly be "keep going right" with secrets and such. I'm getting my inspiration from the New Super Mario Bros. games and Super Mario 3D World.
I would like to know if there is any place here where we can request music. The reason is because I would like a SMW version of this.
Song : Super Mario 3D World: Mystery House Melee

I thought that this song would fit as a great P-Switch theme.

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01_4tidkDtQ

Addmusic : K

Sorry If I did something wrong in this request.
This is a hack that I've been working on (on and off a lot because of school) since about July 2014. This is my first hack and I've built up to 3 worlds so far. Here are some screenshots of how it is coming along so far. Please give me some advice on how I can improve it based upon the screenshots.

- All graphics were made by me.
- The hack contains custom music, palettes, graphics, overworld, levels, etc.
- The overworld paths are always visible.
- This is a semi-vanilla hack.

1. Grassland by Sunset
2. Plains
3. Crystals and Snow
4. Wasteland
5. ???
6. ???
7. City/Industrial
Special. A bunch of random ideas I get.


1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weuQTa8IWTU
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loOVICNNWqM
I was messing around with some Layer 3 image editor (TerraStripe) and I somehow corrupted some of the Layer 3 text and water. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Originally posted by Mindevous
Originally posted by BlueSheep123
Layer 3 image editor (TerraStripe)

There's your problem. Terra Stripe shouldn't be used for anything, as you can do most of editing in Lunar Magic.

The simplest thing to do is to replace GFX28, GFX29 and GFX2A.

Your suggestion worked, thank you!
Level Title:
Walljumping at 100 MPH



Description of Gameplay Elements:
In this level, you will have to keep walljumping on a bullet bill machine and dodge saws and other obstacles along your way.

Images / Video:

I'm currently designing a ROM hack that is pretty much linear with secret exits that lead to other levels that lead to switch palaces. There is also a special world that can be accessed by finding all of the switch palaces. There are also some extra goodies in it.

How do you guys feel about linearity?
Level Title:
Target Terror


This level is based on the level of the same name from DKC2. You hit the noteblocks from below to open the "doors" while riding a line-guided platform. There are also various obstacles along the path.


Sometimes I want to go to the home page and try clicking the banner but it doesn't work. Most websites do this.
Sometimes I get inspiration for level design from other platformer games like DKC1-3. Does anyone else find ideas from other games?
I believe that if you're new to SMW Hacking, it's okay for you to make a Nintendo-like hack since it would allow you to learn basic level design and what makes Mario levels fun.

If you're more experienced with hacking, I think it would be best to make a hack that deviates from the over-saturated "grass world > desert world > snow world > beach world...; faithful to Nintendo; SMW+NSMB design" hacks you see on this site. It's not necessary, but it would be more fun to play something that brings something at least a little bit unique or different to the table. Even Super Mario Odyssey is doing this with it's hat-possession mechanic and unique world themes.

You could try mixing themes together (desert+factory, sky+temples, etc.) to make an interesting theme for a world or the whole hack, getting inspiration from games besides Mario, or even mixing design from other games into Mario.
I always thought they had designed an athletic night level and didn't know where to put it so they just plopped it in the Vanilla Dome.

Now that I look at it, the green and sparkles could be the dome wall and the black could be a rocky ground.
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