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Could someone please help me. I had an error while trying to insert the music text file: Super Mario RPG - Let's Go Down the Wine River.txt. It says that it Could not find opening brace in SPC command.

Thank you.
I'd enjoy it if it was created and styled like the 7th one. I played all the levels tons of times because they are so vanilla style. But I think custom map 16 that looks vanilla style as well as custom pallets is more creative and allows more details and types of levels.
Ive already started my level its called Meaningful Morning! Its no where near finished though but, heres a seak-peak picture:

Tahix edit: please consider lower resolutions.
Here you go, MT. Blazius i hope you enjoy it! :
It uses levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Wine is RIDICULOUSLY easier to use, im making hacks on my mac (a snow leapord) with addmusic working as well Lunar Magic LIPS YY-CHR and LOADS of other stuff the only two i cant get to work are BTSD and Spritetool #tb{:j}
Hi all! Im working on a hack that looks vanilla style but has custom stuff (made by me XD)
Screenshots! Include some of (unfinished) levels 1, 2, and 3 : Thats all i have for now! Thanks for coming!
Oh by the way, i got the idea for dem palm trees from him, so no i didnt come up with the idea and im not taking credit for the idea. Now i tried making blue and it turned out pretty ugly D: so for now im happy with it but i may eventually change it.
Hi everyone, this post will be vague at the beginning, because I'm working on a HUGE hack... I will only give you the title at the moment but will gradually add more. Title: (Name Pending) Yup, thats the name cuz its name is forever pending #tb{;)}

The community: #tb{:[)]} no pics no clicks

Me: There will soon be, plus I'm already making five levels and will post some screens later!
I do have them ready, in fact ill post some now #tb{^^} :

Thank you everyone for your support and criticism. Ill try out the given tools and will improve my level design a bit.
:( cluster sprite tool won’t work on my mac with Wine because its a command prompt thing that doesn’t run with terminal…
I do have a windows side on my computer, i just find windows annoying...