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I'm a new user and I'm looking to do either reviews or playthroughs of romhacks by users on here! If you have something you'd like to see me do, please send me a message or just post on here! Thank you!
I think Wario would be too ignorant to understand any form of politics. He isn't a libertarian or anything. He's just a selfish, unintelligent, greedy man.
I personally would never do any illegal drugs...but that's just me. I don't judge people who do them ^_^
I think that as people who play video games get older, the age bracket of people who play video games will continue to increase as well. Your age bracket is incorrect, it's more like 10-30 at least, maybe even older. People make millions off playing video games on Youtube, it's a job now. More and more people will get into gaming for the business aspect of it. That's partly why it's the top thing on Youtube right now.
I think it should be okay as long as no one is making a profit off of the hacks.
I really don't like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. I really, really hope the Wii U version lives up to the hype.
You're honestly joking, right?
How much time would it take to learn Game Maker enough to create a basic game with it?
Originally posted by Rextep
Originally posted by Mwauthzyx
You're honestly joking, right?

Would anybody joke about something as serious and important as this?

Anyway one time I read Wario said he wholeheartedly agreed with the proposition of dismantling the current welfare system. It might've been a fanfic or something though, so don't quote me (or him) on this

So I guess Wario is a Conservative Republican then?
Do you mean the Gamecube Adapter for the Wii U? I don't know of any drivers to make it work on the PC yet, I'm sure something will eventually come up though. I'm also sure Dolphin will support it very soon.
Ayeee. I'm new to the forums and hacking all together. If anyone could please give me ideas on what do to for my first hack, that'd be greatly appreciated. I know how to use Lunar Magic, are there any other tools I should learn? What video tutorials should I watch? Thank you!
Invisible coin block. Basic, poorly designed, thrown together vanilla hacks. That's about it.
Originally posted by Lightvayne
Besides the additional modes and stages, the WiiU version will play out pretty much like the 3DS version (or should in theory).
What problem do you have with the 3DS version?

I'm just more of a Melee player. The 3DS version just feels really slow. I didn't really like Brawl that much because it wasn't as fast as Melee(Project M :D) and the 3DS version feels even slower than Brawl sometimes. 4 stock matches take forever. Also the control is going to be horrible until the New 3DS comes out. It's a nice portable Smash game, I'll give it that.
Hey, I'm Mwauthzyx! I'm new to SMW Central(obviously) but I've made some (terrible) romhacks before and know how it (sort-of) works(not really)! I joined because I wanted to be part of this community and will probably post on the forums at LEAST once per day. I'd also like to do playthroughs/Let's Plays of user-made rom hacks off of this site. So if you have anything you'd like to see played or reviewed, send it my way. This honestly is not my first account on SMW Central, but this is my first SERIOUS attempt at being an active member. Thank you!
I have absolutely no coding experience haha xD
Or better yet, could the Super Mario World graphics be used in Super Mario RPG? Imagine a rom hack of Super Mario RPG that is a Super Mario World skin, allowing you to play Super Mario World in an isometric view.
My Skype username is Mwauthzyx
So what exactly is this? XD
Originally posted by Vinnyboiler
Originally posted by Mwauthzyx
I think it should be okay as long as no one is making a profit off of the hacks.

Has anyone ever done so? I only recall people selling bootleg of ROM's online but never heard of an "for profit" ROM hack.

I'm just saying, that's only when it should not be okay.
Originally posted by K3fka
I disagree with you on this one. Wario, while he certainly does have a tendency to be lazy, he managed to become a very wealthy businessman by developing and selling his own game (WarioWare). He clearly has at least some sort of grasp on economics and business sense if he is able to do that.

So while we have no evidence that supports him attending college, that doesn't mean he's not smart; he's able to makes games and run a business selling his games.

Nothing Wario does is out of any logic or reasoning. It's mostly because of immaturity and ignorance.
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