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Judging by the screenshots, this hack will be very good. I liked the story, it looks original, because I had never seen Mario to join with waluigi, and also never thought he would betray Wario, it intrigued me. I hope you keep up the good work, because I want to see what still has to come.
Oh, this hack promise! it looks so different and distint from what i've seen on another hacks, and you got very good modeling skills!
The Hefty Honey Hollow level is good in any aspect, for his style well designed, and you chose a good song for this level, And I'm looking forward to play! hope you luck in this hack. (:
Looking Quotes.
We will have amiibos of the characters?
This hub seems very good!

something that seems a little strange is the texture that you used for the castle wall, they don't combine much with the environment, and you could also change the pictures, but the rest is very good, keep up the good work. : )
Rip in peace FLASH....

The head does not seem to match the rest of the body, it would be better if you change the rest of the body
Originally posted by Nerghray
I am using Level Importer 1.6 that desn't have that possibility. I tried with Level Importer version above but when I load my ROM i get an error message that says "Your ROM is not compatible with version 1.7s or later" and also I get another error message from Net framework that says "Root Element is missing".

If I cannot use updated versions of Level Importer I think is better to build more tiny levels ^^
Can you tell me what are the normal measures of the boundaries?

Just extend your rom with Mario 64 ROM Extender and open the extended rom with the newest importer, it will do the rest for you
Originally posted by BlackStone187
I am glad you are still on the ride as well. ^^

And it was indeed a WIP image. Here is how it looks right now:

Very glad to see that your project is back, Blackstone187!
Also, It looks like you came back with a better level design than before, and I Loved those mountains. Good luck with your project.
Try installing an new plugin, i recomend you Simlab OBJ importer, it works perfectly fine to me.
I really like the Sunshine references, i was hoping for an Mario Sunshine sequel. The water looks beautiful and it fits perfect with the enviroviment.

So much hype for this.
Just right-click and select reverse faces:

Also, when you export your model, select options, and make sure they look like this:

Yes. But if your model have grey parts, do the first step
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