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That hothead boss looks really cool but will the final boss room version be this way? It seems that the room itself would kill the player more than the sparkies and blue hot head because getting to that shell would be pretty annoying to get to. Also that fact that sparkies keep spawning and it appears you have to be tiny does not help.
Duck jumping over pits like how you have to do in the image is not my cup of tea but the fact you get power ups is good.
Note: I edit posts too much so I need someone to slap me.
At this time I know I am going to die a horrible death because my first hack that is uploaded on SMWC is a kaizo hack...
As you can see from the title you rocket barrel through levels.
Either way I need to go to hell because this is my second post on SMWC and it is a thread about a kaizo hack I made.

Story: Mario wanted his game to become a shooter game but before he could convert the game, he first must learn how to fly before shooting. So he must go through a monocrome world, a chocolate castle, and a mysterious final third level.... SPOOKY

Download: Rocket Barrel Adventure


So you are making the difficulty scaled? Sadly that is a unique thing in kaizo. So I am guessing the first level would be a kaizo light level and the final ones get into harder than kaizo 3 territory. How many levels do you plan on making? I recommend you do only 3 to 5 levels since it is your first kaizo hack and hack in general it seems.
You're welcome! I hope you have a good time hacking SMW and have a good time being on this site!
This is a mostly vanilla hack I am creating that goes by the name of SMW 2-1+1. I am pretty sure most of you don't get the title so it is a bad title but it means pretty much: "What if instead of Yoshi's Island we got a rehash of SMW for a sequel?" So it's pretty much subtracting YI from a sequel of SMW

Edit: This part is out dated
What if this game were official? Well I think this would be the reasoning: After SMW Mario was to be casted in SMW2 Yoshi's Island, but knowing that the only action he would get were those "Powerful Mario" segments so instead he decided to allow SEGA to make a sequel to SMW. Much like Sonic 2 is in comparison to Sonic 1, SMW 2 by SEGA adds a few little things but is still extremely similar to the original game.
Edit: End of out dated part.
The plot in game involves a light blue Yoshi and his seven friends getting lost and needing the help of Mario to find their way home but Yoshi's seven friends have been captured and must be rescued.

For anyone who is going to play the demo which is just all of World 1 (5 actual levels, Yoshi's House, and Green Switch Palace) I would like suggestions on how to improve this hack.

Edit: I decided to alter the Spring Hills' sub level and Iggy's Castle a bit because I decided that they were not really world one difficulty despite being quite short, I also made Iggy's castle palette a standard castle instead because I thought the gimmick of having castles rainbow colored was not particularly fitting. I also fixed some cases of cut off that I did not originally spot.

Download: SMW 2-1+1


I don't really get what makes it kaizo like, you are just jumping on mega moles to cross? Also tell me what palette is bad? I think green and red of the cavern look quite nice together because green is a compliment to red? It makes me think of ruby and emerald? I can get why you would not appreciate the palette of the cave but the overworld palette is very similar to the original game and the top level palette is not all that too upsetting to the eye compared to the first level of SMW.
Yeah, I admit the sub map of the first level is kind of a boring box with munchers, a clapping chuck, and mr. grey mega mole of extreme awesome-ness. With this hack (Which is my first non-kaizo hack) I am trying to keep it in vanilla territory with a some chocolate sprinkles because my philosophy in hacking a game is you should be able to make something good out of what there was when you got the rom. I know a tiny bit of asm and I know all the other stuff perfectly but just because I have some custom sprites, graphics, and music does not mean it is going to be any good, if I can't create something good with very basic building blocks, then everything I would try to do would be considerably worse.

Edit: You meant yoshi's island, not the sub level of the first level, I suck so please slap me. Either way the over world is now not a secluded square but now this:

Five Nights at Freddy's

With this game I just don't under stand why it is so popular AS a horror game, I know people create theories that tie the plot together which does make it pretty deep but if we remove theory the plot is not much, but story does not make a game good, the game play does, and this game is not good in what it tries to be...
The game is all about locking doors which take energy to lock (Just to ask, why could he not just close the door and just not give it more energy, there you go, no death.) and checking where your enemies are at the current time.

The game play is not particularly bad, it is just uninteresting, the first time playing I bet someone would become tense if a enemy is near but on later playthroughs I just get annoyed by the RNG.

But it seems recent horror games ignore game play and focuses on horror so what does this game have, a jump scare, with a scream that is not even scary and a goofy animation of the animitronic the caught you.
So what could they have done better? ANYTHING! They could of had a graphic scene where your stuffed into a Freddy suit but nothing.
After going through a few failed playthroughs failing is not scary anymore but it is now frustrating, which for horror is just awful.
Also Five Nights at Freddy's 2, is this DLC or is it a new game so that he could charge it for more money? Well it is the ladder.

The sad thing is the fan reaction is far more disturbing than the game itself because some have some sort of Chica fetish. Really. I am not kidding. I am sorry to be not kidding.
I think like very high ranking 1st Party Nintendo games will get remakes but something like Earthbound will probably only be re-released so I think it is nothing to worry about.
Although a cool concept, I think the levels should have more sonic assets, from what I see peach is exploring mario worlds, The title is Peach vs Sonic.exe so you should have sonic themed levels as well.
This looks pretty darn good, I did not see any cutoff! Although looking at some of the images the land looks pretty flat and I think it should be spruced up, but thankfully that is not a enormously big problem.
His palette is different because he is now temporarily owned by SEGA until Yoshi's Island.
If you want I can help you with testing.

The parts that look flat to me are the images at the top post, it looks like you just kinda put some of that walk through land on some flat land, I think the land it self should be made less flat. The other images looks just fine though so you are doing pretty good.
Oh ok, good, will the enemies in green hill be custom ones that are based of ones from sonic, or will they be redone sprites of enemies in SMW? That or will they just be mario enemies?
I call this hack (What if they rehashed SMW for a sequel) Like SMB2 Japan and just said that Mario turned down the chance to be in Yoshi's Island because he wanted to be the main character and instead let SEGA make the sequel, and they decided to recycle the original SMW into a new game.
I set my posts per page to 255

Here are the images:

In these two images not much is going on in the ground except there is a platform in the second image on the ground but there is not much going in that image in general.
Well I can't find a later image that looks like it was edited from the images I showed so you are doing good with the level design.

I just realized this thread was started on my birthday, that is the most un-important piece of information ever and I hope it haunts you forever.
Nintendo did not allow them to make the game, Mario did because he wanted to be the main character in SMW2 and he did not like Yoshi's Island because he was not the main character. (Yeah I know I am weird treating a video game character like a real person) But because you made that post I need to change all things that refer to Mario in the game to Somari.
Update: The hack has been given a better title and the most bestest of all stories.

Plot: After Somari the adventurer defeated the evil Dr. Robotnik, he returned to his home in the mushroom kingdom, but when he arrived, he was welcomed with a plead to save a light green Yoshi's friends.

Screen Shots:

The new title screen which does not block as much of the actual level

The edited hud for Somari the adventurer

The beginning of the first world 2 level (Which is the water world)

Plant life does not seem too friendly to Somari...

A bonus room of the above level with a Silver P-Switch
Edit: The palette is changed to a softer blue for both foreground and background because before it just bled into a big mess.
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