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We definitely needed a wipe. Hopefully, they'll have stricter moderation and such so that the forums don't get flooded again. SMW Central restarted, what...4 times now? I sure hope this is the last incarnation.
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
I only thought that there was one other wipe. O_o

I've been here since July 2006, and I lurked for some time before then, so I've lived through a lot of the history of this site. The first version had forums similar to Acmlm's, and the site was seperate (first incarnation). Then they worked on a new system where you could register to submit stuff and integrated the forums more closely with the website (second incarnation). That was the incarnation I first registered at. After I left in August 2006, I continued to visit the site, and witnessed two forum wipes (third and fourth incarnations). I came back in January 2007, in the "fourth incarnation" most of you guys are familiar with. We're now in the fifth incarnation, and I hope it's the last one.
Originally posted by FirePhoenix0
Super Mario in Yoshi Heaven: wtfweb (can someone confirm?)

Originally posted by fabio
Besides the cave, the snow island where Castle 6 is found is pretty awful. The black edges on the island look wrong. >.>

It's not snow. It's...blankness.

Perhaps the outlines should be softened instead of being a thick black.
You can see my review of the game here.
Originally posted by Sparx
Is it supposed to be snow/ ice, or is it actually supposed to be a "blank" area?

I know that it's a blank area, because I'm the one who gave him the idea. :P
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
...and just isn't the same as Paper Mario and PM:TTYD.

Well, Super Mario 64 isn't the same as the Super Mario Bros. series, is it?

My point is, it doesn't matter if it's different, it's still fun.
Originally posted by internoob
when people play mario they want a nice bright colorful environment. this was dark, and black, with skull hands grabbing you :(

Like I said on this game's previous thread: Not everyone who plays Mario wants a fun little happy quest to rescue the Princess. I, and several others, are glad to see that some recent Mario games have taken a more mature direction without going over the brink.
Could I have the patch for Super Mario Infinity: Mystery of the Magic Wand replaced with this? It fixes the last remaining bugs, and changes the text at the end a bit to make a better setup for the sequel.
I had just finished comfirming that SMI2 was bugfree up to World 2. Suddenly, I remembered about the glitches that were still in SMI1. After you beat Bowser's Tower, some stuff gets screwed up, etc. So I set out to rid SMI1 of its bugs, once and for all.

As far as I can tell, I've fixed all or most of SMI1's glitches, and it also has a real credit roll now. I've also changed the text at the end of the game where Mario/Luigi is reflecting on the adventure, to make a better setup for the sequel. Right now I've put the request in "Hack Removal Requests" so it should be up soon.

But now, the real thing we've all been waiting for is here, and that's Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem. I just submitted it, and it's finally downloadable and playable. Also, note that both of these hacks are unlocked, but that is only because of a strange glitch where locking SMI1 would cause the Fire Flower to freeze the game (nothing like this happened with SMI2, but I'm too scared to try it. >_>). Also, the second area of Desert Dust 4 was messed up a bit, and when I tried to change it, it had the same effect as locking it. Previously, the credits of SMI1 were messed up a bit and changing that would cause the same effect (I ported everything to a new ROM), so my guess is that something relating to one of the patches I used (or something else) screws up a little something and uses it as code for the Fire Flower, and locking the hack modifies it, messing it up. This is a complete guess, but it's an educated one. And about DD4's second area, there wasn't much in it anyway, so I just replaced it with a standard come-out-of-pipe-get-the-goal area. And since I was forced to let the hacks remain unlocked, I don't condone looking at them in LM to look ahead or steal stuff.

SMI2 is here, and if you're one of those who saw its previous thread and was awaiting it, make sure you've played SMI1 first. SMI2 continues directly from where SMI1 left off, so playing SMI2 first will result in massive confusion.

Here's some tons of screenshots of SMI2.

Old Screenshots

New Screenshots:

A climbing level.

My attempt at a Sonic-style loop.


P-Blocks that enemies can hit make for some unique puzzles.

Watch out!

I'm a huge fan of Super Paper Mario.

Did I mention I'm a huge fan of Super Paper Mario?

Well, now that SMI2 is done, the SMI saga is complete, and I'm finished with ROM Hacking. I'm moving on to bigger things now, which have been delayed the entire summer by SMI2. In many ways, I'm glad this whole thing is over.

I might as well say it: I'm leaving SMW Central again, and I'm leaving it for good this time. I've provided two hacks for you all, and now that I'm finished, I don't really see a reason to be here any longer. I'm moving on to projects involved with my website, and I don't want to be distracted by ROM Hacking anymore.

I'm not leaving right away: I'll stick around for a while while SMI2 has its initial popularity buzz. When things quiet down, I'll leave, and never return. But don't treat this as a bad thing. Like I said, I'm moving on now, and I'll always be availible on my website (which I'm currently trying to get a forum for).

So have fun with the SMI saga. SMI2 is finally here, and how will the adventure finally end? Play, and find out!
Originally posted by Sparx
I've been waiting for this hack to come out for just about forever.

Seven months isn't forever. :P

Originally posted by Sparx
Also, does anyone know what that block with the yellow at the goals does?

Are you talking about the blocks blocking the goalpost that only allow you to get about 5-10 Goal Stars? Read the Message Block in Verdant Valley 4 to find out. ;)

Originally posted by Lotica
I like it, I just don't like playing it with two players.

Both of my hacks have an emphasis on Mario and Luigi working together. You don't like teamwork? D: (Just kidding...)

Originally posted by fire gernade

I made them myself, or got them from...various sources, such as the ExGFX section.

Originally posted by Bloodstar
If you think the hacking-specific boards may tempt you back into it, there are other boards here that aren't related to SMW hacking.

I'm not going to be tempted back into it no matter what I do-I'm saying that I don't want to be distracted by SMW Central while I'm doing something else.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
I hope you change your mind and decide to hang around SMW Central. If you don't, good luck with everything, and congratulations on everything you have accomplished :)

Well, if enough of you guys want me to stay...I might consider it. But don't count on it.

Originally posted by internoob
after you save a screenshot with F1 where on my computer those the screenshot go?

In the same folder as the hack. I think something's wrong with your ROM, since no one else has these problems...
Shouldn't an ideal religion thread consist of people talking about their beliefs and sharing some facts about them so that other people can learn about them? What happened to the peacefulness we had in the first religion thread?
Originally posted by Bad luck man
I niticed some few glitches, such as, in Glass Greens 3, some very steep slopes are walk-through, making me die... Overall, this is one great hack. I bet it'll get featured. ;)

In a hack that is modified from the original SMW as much as this one, some glitches are just unavoidable. Granted, the steep slope bug could probably be fixed, but only by removing the slopes, and the problem didn't happen very often to me, so it would be best to just leave it...

It already is featured, since Tatrion featured it as soon as he approved it (he was a tester).
Answer to Boingboingsplat's question:

You'll find out in the level right after Machine Ghost House.

Also, this, in my opinion, is a better way to hide spoilers (highlight the blank area; works only if you can view layouts).
Looks very good, nice new concept. I like how the hack is like Yoshi's Island rather than SMW. The Yoshi sprites are great as well.
It's SMI2 this time. I need the patch for Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem replaced with this. It fixes a bug involving a disappearing platform.
Originally posted by icegoom
I can't complete Desert Depths 3...

I've put a fixed version in Hack Removal Requests.

Originally posted by internoob
Reading, how come both of your smw infinity hacks have problems?

Some hacks, like Zycloboo's Challenge, just don't work with certain versions of ZSNES or have other strange problems, which I think is because they've been heavily modified from the original SMW and have lots of new code. I'm not a programmer or anything, so I have no clue exactly why.
Yes, the game is quite hard. It's much harder than SMI1, and SMI1 was pretty dang hard to begin with, so if you can't get passed the second level, you should try playing some easier hacks first.
It's my character. The animation was made by ZSoaYZ.
Originally posted by zuper mario
Does anyone know a level with a yoshi in it?

Get to Bowser's Tower and read a certain message block.
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