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Tip: If you place a moon, midpoint, or dragon coin through Map16, it will always respawn whenever you reenter that sublevel. It will not respawn if you add it through the Add Objects/Extended Objects window.
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I put the Yoshi Coin block from the old version of Blocktool and it doesn't work. This is also my first post!
Thanks for the tip, but I actually have been working on my hack for several years. I put the Yoshi Coin block when BTSD was still kind of new. I was wondering if there is a similar block that I can still use with BTSD, or do I really have to use GPS?
I'm sorry. I'm new to SMW hacking, so I don't much about ASM and all that... I could try GPS. I'll see what I can do.
For some reason, some midway points don't work! Even if Mario passes through it, he is sent back to the start of the level. Does anyone know what can cause it?
Yes, I did.
So the midway point has to be in the starting level (overworld) not a sub-level?
I think I see what the problem is. The midway point entrance does have to be in the starting level. I tested some levels and it works! Thanks!

I was planning to put midway points in sublevels, not in starting levels, so I guess that was the problem. Does the multiple midway point patch help put them in sublevels? I already downloaded a later version, though...
For some reason, none of my Blocktool Super Deluxe blocks work! I know I said something about a Yoshi Coin block problem, but this is a different issue... Also, BTSD used to work, but now I get this message saying "This isn't a SMW ROM that hasn't been saved in Lunar Magic". I do save it, but it still says the same thing.

I have heard about GPS, but I was still planning to use BTSD.

I was using both the original Blocktool and BTSD at the time, and I was using BTSD when I had Blocktool in the same folder, so do you think that might have done something? I have heard about this kind of thing...

The blocks were working, but after using it at the same time with Blocktool, they don't anymore...

I was planning to go back to BTSD to fix some issues, but now I can't even use it. Do I fix this problem or stop using it and move to GPS? I want to be sure first...
Since BTSD wasn't working anymore, I was trying to use GPS (although I'm not too happy about it), and the blocks I put still don't work! I'm beginning to think that maybe the ROM has problems.

I tried to insert a Yoshi Coin block with the original Blocktool a long time ago, and I did find a similar block for GPS. I inserted that one and it still doesn't work. I did everything fine, but I don't understand why the blocks don't work!

I also tried to insert screen-scrolling pipes and the same thing happened, but I will talk more about that in a different post...

I don't know what to do... whether to keep trying GPS, go back to BTSD, or start my hack over and put everything over again. But I don't feel like starting all over and many of the files I had are old and I deleted many of them!
I understand I have to explain more. It's just that I'm going through some tough times right now... Sometimes trying to send these posts is just as hard...

Anyway, the Yoshi Coin Block is solid and I can't pass through it! I set it to getting 5 coins, I get them, and yeah, it's still solid.

For the screen-scrolling pipe blocks, they supposedly work (it makes the pipe sound), but Mario goes through them like if they were blank tiles! The file said something about using "uberASM". I have never used it before and I didn't think I would. It says to insert a code to a file called "gamemode_code.asm" in "gamemode_14". I do that, hopefully right, and the blocks act like blank tiles. At first, they are solid, but when I try to go inside the pipe, that's when they act blank. By the way, GPS says that blocks were inserted successfully, so I don't know what's wrong...

I know I said I would talk more about the screen-scrolling pipe blocks in another post, but I already said some information here!
I did put the "acts like" the same and they still act solid. I was thinking could it be a problem with Lunar Magic? Do I need to have a newer version if I use GPS because the most recent version I have been using was version 1.81.
Uh... I don't know much about using files and I actually have been using GHB's screen-scrolling pipe blocks (sorry). I found them in the blocks section. They are rather new.

I was talking about the Lunar Magic version.

This whole thing about the blocks is rather confusing... I don't want to pressure people to do so many things for me but I feel like I need to know more information about inserting blocks...
Wow, I think it's really cool that someone has the same issue as me and that my post was referenced!

I looked at the link and I found out that the issue was that I was supposed to put the code in the gamemode_init_code.asm and not gamemode_code.asm. I tried it and the screen-scrolling pipe blocks actually worked this time! I haven't tried the Yoshi Coin block yet but I will try to see what happens.

I'm glad the blocks work. I needed them for my hack to be completed, more like the player actually being able to pass the level and not get stuck.

There's also another issue, though... The pipes patch file says to include the "7E0071_fix.asm" patch. I tried it after trying to see if the pipe blocks work and it froze my hack! The "Nintendo Presents" screen is glitched and nothing happens from there.

I don't know if I should really include it or just leave it there... It doesn't seem too necessary...
Is there any way we can use the blocks from the old Blocktool without having to actually use the tool? I could use some of them...

What I mean is that the old Blocktool blocks aren't found in the blocks section.
How exactly do you convert the blocks? I don't have the .bin files or the original Blocktool anymore... so I don't know what to do.

I realize Blocktool is old, but I had the blocks in my hack for a long time and for some reason, they stopped working. I'm trying to get them back.
Well, thanks. I could try Blockreator.
I'm sorry. I tried Blockreator and I still found it too hard. It seems too hard to try to recreate every block. I really need the Blocktool blocks... If I can't do it using Blockreator, then I don't know what to do...
I'm trying to insert a song and it gives a message saying "Line 28: The specified sample was not included in this song" I don't know what to do!
Oh, it's called NSMBcastle. It says it's a sampled song and I'm not really familiar with them. Also, I used to use Romi's Addmusic, then I deleted it and now I'm trying to insert another song with a different Addmusic... I just want to see how the song sounds...
Yes! Sorry for not saying the exact name, though... So what exactly do I do?
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