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Hello Hippo! I'm stopping by in your thread to let you know that I am very interested with your project here, and I wish to see much more progress, and what your plans may be for this hack's future.

So far I am enjoying the look of this, and may consider actually fully playing it when there's perhaps a playable demo of some sort! I would recommend this to get yourself enough feedback on your current progress. Because I will give you enough to help you out on this hack of yours.

Good luck though! Make sure you keep me filled in with news on this hack. :P
I was looking for some help regarding a bit of ASM trickery and custom blocks. Would anyone be able to help me get around making a custom block that acts exactly like a coin (collect coin, glitter, make sound, add points), except it would add to the bonus star score by ONE. Thing is, I also want it to give you a 1-up as soon as you receive 100. Rinse and repeat.

I have not messed with ASM before, so I don't know how difficult this would be. I will appreciate any help given!
Originally posted by TheBiob
Something like


Hey, thanks for the help with this, it means so much! But there's a little problem with the block, it doesn't destroy itself so I am basically able to infinitely collect it. It also adds 100 coins to the regular coin counter so it's a bit wonky D:
It would also have to play a sound effect too ^^
Oh! Silly me. I should've done it like that :P Works just as intended! Thanks SO much.
Also one last question, would it be possible to make it play a regular coin sound? In my hack, I have the player collecting eggs instead of coins, so the regular coins make egg hatch sounds. Just thought I'd make the custom coins sound like regular coins as well.
Yeah, the sound effect of collecting a coin.
But it's alright. Thanks a lot~
Hello people of I am Tytus Arcanine. Or formally known as Marioman. This is a project that I used to work on 6 years ago back in 2010. 6 years later, a certain someone decided that I should get back into the hobby, and I picked this project right up and revived it. Starting over from scratch almost entirely to make sure everything works. So here I am, bringing you guys a very ambitious project I been working on for a bit now. I think you guys may like it.

Mario's Egg Hunt Peril. A Super Mario World ROM that tasks the player to collect a specific amount of Yoshi Eggs to proceed in non-linear levels. These levels are designed to be traversed in any order you wish, so you can hunt down those eggs a lot easier without having to backtrack too much. Puzzles will be involved, platforming, baddy stomping! All the good stuff you expect.

Here are some lovely screenshots that I am very proud to show you guys.

Vanilla backgrounds are subject to change. I may add more custom graphics here and there featuring my own artistic talent *Humble brag* I will post on this thread showing more updates whenever I can.

This hack is planned to have 6 worlds, including 1 special secret world containing the hardest levels in the game.
World 1 - Grass Themed - 6 levels, 1 secret level
World 2 - Beach themed - 6 levels, 1 secret level
World 3 - Desert - 7 levels, 2 secret levels
World 4 - Poison Forest - 7 levels, 1 secret level
World 5 - Skylands - 8 levels, 3 secret levels
World 6 - Volcanic Lands - 10 levels
World ??? - ??? - 11 levels

55 Exits total.

This ROM hack will be released whenever it's ready. I am considering making a demo featuring the first two worlds. So look forward to that. :3

Any thoughts you have, please mention them below. I'd appreciate the criticism.
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Originally posted by Grillollo
How many worlds and exits planned for This hack?

I have edited the bottom of the post and added my planned exits, and world themes :)
I got some more juicy content I want to share with you guys right here. Not gonna show too much or it'll spoil too much of the surprise when a demo releases!

Improved title screen!

Including a fancy intro cutscene!

And some extra screenies.

Any thoughts?
Okay I'm reviving this thread because I need a little more help (Sorry Biob, but I need this exactly how I want it.)

Okay so regarding the code for a custom block Biob posted a few replies up, I need it to do some other things exactly like an actual coin does. So far, the block does it's intended purpose; adds to the bonus star counter, and gives a 1up every 100.

Problem is, it does not play a 1-up sound when you get a life, and in my ROM hack, I have set it so regular coins have egg hatching sounds (since the hack is to collect eggs), so the custom coins Biob posted, are also making egg hatching sounds. I want it to sound exactly like a coin, because they're actually coins in my hack.

To clear up confusion, I mean I have eggs (edited graphics for vanilla coins.)
and I have coins as a secondary collectible (custom block which is Biob's code)

I'd appreciate the help fixing/adding to this code because it just seems weird to have actual coins making egg sounds.
Hmm, this seems to work fine, but didn't change much with the sound effect. If it acts as 2B, it works just fine. But it still plays the egg hatching sound. It does not play the coin sound.

However, if the block acts as 25, it DOES play the coin sound effect but it does the whole endless coins thing, and the block does not destroy itself :P

Any solutions? (Also sorry for bothering you so much with this but I DO appreciate all the help <3)
Ohhh it works perfectly! Thank you so much!

One thing. It doesn't have the coin glitter effect. That should be a simple add, right? After that, it will be perfect! :3
Oh god that screwed the code up entirely for some reason. lmao
Collecting the coin from underneath makes it turn into a ? block with a key inside, or P balloon. Yeah it got weird here.
Hello again! I am proud to announce that I have a demo for my hack in time for C3! This demo will contain two worlds, and should give you guys a good idea of what the gameplay will be like. The demo contains 12 exits, and 1 secret exit. I'll have to say, I am super proud of what I have done, and I am really happy to share my works to all of you. I really am hopeful you guys will enjoy it. I've worked hard on this, and I hope I have met the standards.
I'd like to apologize that World 2's Castle wasn't even started and abruptly stops there. I wanted to get this demo out in-time.

Download C3 Demo

This game features collectathon-like gameplay, where the player is tasked to collect a specific amount of eggs to proceed to the next level. The levels are non-linear, and the can be traversed in any order to collect eggs. There is no time limit at all, so you can take your time. Although, be warned as the levels are short in size, they are little to no checkpoints. (Due to technical reasons. If the player respawned, I don't think the game can remember what eggs were collected before the player hit the checkpoint.)

And here is the overworld I am super proud of!

I hope you guys enjoy it. The ZIP file has the credits and a read me for you all to read. Any issues you guys spot, please let me know on this thread.

I will gladly accept criticism!
I can totally say I am such a fan for this. :3 You better not drop this hack and keep working on it from the beginning to end.
I prevent thee from giving up. I MUST play this hack when it's completed!

Still a shame you haven't been able to throw a demo out in time for everyone, I can surely say people will really enjoy this hack.
Hot damn. These are one of those few SMW hacks that just look absolutely pleasing to the eye. I am totally looking forward to playing this one.
Time is stoppped huh? Seems like my kind of SMW hack!

Is it a-okay to revive old threads to add more content? Wew laddy, I haven't touched this in almost two years. I unfortunately have been neglecting my creative talent, and I want to punch myself for doing so... I will not allow myself to leave this project unfinished. I detest the fact that I've never completed any projects I've started. This time, I want to break that trend.

With that outta the way, I want to showcase some more progress for you guys that I been working on very slowly due to work and life getting in the way. Many things have changed, and some motivation from you guys could help me get that drive to get back into this hobby once more. So far, I've been pretty excited with these changes so far.

Here's the overworld, featuring world 1 and 2. Nice and simple, and this was featured in the C3 demo thread.

I've given World 2 some graphics to make it fully stand out beside using generic recolored grassland tilesets, so now it actually looks and feels more like a beach, featuring more custom visuals.

Some more additional changes include the removal of the originally planned Desert World for World 3. It's been scrapped entirely due to me finding the whole aesthetic boring, I'm still unsure what to do with the scrapped graphics and levels. I've changed world 3 to a Factory themed environment, which I will present to you.

These are graphics I have drawn all on my own with tons of inspiration from Donkey Kong Country's factory stages.

You may be wondering where that tunnel leads to in the Factory submap, it leads to the world 4 which is a poison forest themed area. This map is subject to get more snazzier visuals.

Another world I want to show off is the sky worlds, which is planned to be world 5. I'm still currently coming up with a tileset for this world. Stay tuned.

As for the other worlds, they are not ready to be shown off quite yet. I want the peeps that were looking forward to this project to know this project is not dead, nor am I. I will try my best to keep at it until this project sees the light of day, and is completed. All forms of critique and criticism is greatly appreciated, I want all the motivation I can get.

Thank you for viewing this post. Expect more progress when I get around it!
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