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Ah... nevermind.. I'm in. But please use all the possible ways to contact me when i have to fight.

Doing a casual team bc COMPETITIVE SUCC

As a matter of fact these were the positions for the past tournament for the ones currently repeating from the doubles ou tourney:

2.a hick
4.Lloyd Garcia

(out of 17 users)


I sent it several days ago and im still on italic lol.

Speaking of, my fav Pokemon is Ivysaur
(Fairly i dont feel like this should be a rule or something but eh)


Originally posted by Ivy
Reminder that tomorrow is the last day to officially send in your teams. My own team is just about ready to be PMd Soon(TM).

The rounds will also be one week each since this is double elimination, so the first deadline for that will be the tuesday after this one, 10/10.

I gotta say im not a big fan of double elimination. But i'll be ok as long as we don't see many people forfeiting :)
That definitively ruins tourneys and i know it by experience.

Really excited about this already!


Originally posted by Teyla
I can't help but notice I'm not in the bracket. I edited my post with my favorite pokemon and sent in my team yesterday and everything.

You can always unlock the bracket and then just put the result from your battle again so Teyla is not out of the tourney.

He should battle Tokiko, if im not wrong when you fix the bracket (if you do, its up to you).

EDIT: Lost 2-0


I didn't test my team beforehand :D
I literally made it and sent the pm. No testing.



Two things:

First, the time between the signup process and the start of the tourney was way too short. Futhermore i believe that the time to fight is short, too.
Second, i disagree with making team change mostly because of the reasons a hick already pointed out. Beign honest im not a fan either of sending teams for, literally the same reason as before, small time gap. Also i noticed that if you don't pressure users to make teams before the tourney starts they do better teams, or at least they dont seem to be pressured to finish it.

A tip Ivy, shorter is not always better, with a total time of a month or so users seemed to be okay with time (or most of them)



Originally posted by K3fka
Fought Lloyd
and won 2-0. Two pretty close matches. Definitely thought I was losing the second one.


For a team that i literally made in half an hour, with Pokémon i barely knew they competitive use and never tested before battling Ivy i feel that i did a good job. And hey, i had fun.

Good luck for everyone!

I'll keep an eye on this tournament to see who wins!


Its seems like a new champion will rise!

Good luck for the remaining users.
I'll give my personal vote to Orphen. But anyone can win!


Originally posted by Ivy
Everything was finished before the proposed deadline yaay!! Next round is for Tuesday November 21st 23:59 EST. Let'sa Go

It's all lower bracket time now. Orphen has essentially won but there's still a chance at a supreme upset from the losers side!
Remaining users:
Orphen Or.WaRM
a hick

Beign honest, just as i expected. Orphen has been on a ascendant curve since he first played PS. Hoping that he'll stand against the winner of the loser's bracket.

If i have to choose someone from the LB tho, i would pick Eevee.
Regardless, good luck for the remaining 6.


Originally posted by a hick

checkmate, lloyd

You're a formidable player, no doubt.

Now that's why Showdown Tourneys are funny. Looking foward for the other loser bracket fights.


Originally posted by Ivy

These were a thrill to watch. Looking forward to whenever Orphen feels ready to finish this!

Indeed, i totally expected a 2-0 for Orphen. Im wating for the last bracket and hopefully, a comeback for latin pal!


Being honest im still not convinced that double elimination is a good format for tourneys. For instance we had 16 users playing this tournament and it roughly lasted 3 months, which is a really long time for so few users, but anyway, this tournament was a good show.

And i gotta say im a bit dissapointed at Orphen's loss, but i saw it coming when Gloomier won the first bracket. Perhaps maybe this is not the time for him to win and he may do it later, who knows.

Congrats, Gloom(y)ier as well to Orphen and Teyla (and a hick i guess?)

And if i had to vote for a next tier maybe NU would be good. But i dunno who is going to host since it appeared out of nowhere in the SMWC 2018 calendar. If they didn't told me anything i guess it's going to be Ivy again. He did a good job as a hoster now, tho.

Originally posted by a hick
hey lloyd I was still right kinda technically



Originally posted by Ivy

Re: 3 months tour, the last month of it was only losers bracket catching up. The vast majority of the tour happens at the same rate as usual. At the very least, nobody tried any scummy forfeits as far as I can tell, so that's a good rap for double elim.

Gotta say, you're right with that.
And, again, i feel like you did a good job here.

I wanted to host the next one


I think by now its clear that NU won by far. @Ivy
Or at least it seems that it wont change that much.


Draw a very simplistic version of this website on Paint bc why not but with good level design and aesthetics


Originally posted by Gartore
well maybe somenting similar to this layout (the current) only the rigth image stand in the bottom if the post is long and the head to toes if the post dont show the all image

Gartore pls.

I want a simple layout please with this color (or maybe darker/brighter, its up to you) with this image please, Macó. o/



I want a layout with something really simple as the background, like this, using this image on the right side like my current one.
The color of the text boxes would be cyan (it can range from bright to dark depending on the background). I think a color like #3366FF would be okay.

The Layout would be split in two, using one space for post, and the other half for the signature (again, like my current)

On the top side of it i want a pokeball-like button that opens
a menu like in your layout with the following links:
SMBX Forums Profile (a mario mushroom would fit as icon)
Fortaleza Reznor Profile

Last but not least the font of the whole text could be "Palatino Linotype" or something similar


You madman, this looks interesting as hell lol. I'll keep track of it


MARGE! Who is this handsome man?


10/10 would play again.


Imo there are some good stuff out there. But CHUCK FUCKS would get all the categories if it could. :)

(I'll see if i vote)


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