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Esto esta mas muerto que mis ganas de ir a la Fortalza.


Anyone: How many more times are you gonna lose at first round?

Lloyd: Yes.

Jokes aside, I'm down for some RU (which i voted for) or Balanced Hackmons. OU is fine too.



Dejare esta imágen del Fic aqui y me alejaré lentamente (Porque me da weba ir a la Fortalza a publicarla x2)


Originally posted by Maxodex
Originally posted by Lloyd
Esto esta mas muerto que mis ganas de ir a la Fortalza.

a menos que pongamos fotos de la proxima junta.


estaria n0ice jugar munchers de nuevo (me vine enterando hace poco) pero mi pc exploto totalmente y que lata jugar por celu xd asi que quizas a la otra ronda.

F de Faxo.

Eran n0ice los munchers, pero ya me da weba. Últimamente prefiero dedicarle tiempo a mis proyectos personales. Se podría decir que ya no ando dando tantas vueltas por internet, ni tampoco juego tanto como antes.


Out (Just kidding, in)


First Loser's Bracket matchup
Won 2-0 against mariotag1.
I'm so sorry...

modedit:fixed links



Lost 2-0. Nothing i didn't expect, actually. Depression is a huge enemy to face itself.


I'm pretty sure i never used any numbers in my usernames. I used my last name twice though.

(Can we take a second to appreciate that this was Aja's 6666 post?)


I just realised i actually use numbers on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. Both didn't allow me to use one of my past usernames (Because reasons i guess), so i had to add a number to it.

Still that's technically an exception because it's related to the url rather than the username itself. Most of my usernames (either here, FR, SMBX, Discord, Steam, etc.) do not contain any numbers, again, not counting url/clash issues.

Originally posted by Flippn'Fences
Honestly, I also do think that numbers in usernames are mostly outdated thing. But I do think that numbers in usernames can be good if they are implemented properly. For example, 'lx5' would be a username that implements numbers well since it flows properly when you say it out loud. To illustrate, the written punctuation of 'lx5' would be 'ĕl · ex · five'. 'westslasher2' is also an example of a good username with numbers since the pronunciation here also flows smoothly.

Yeah, i totally agree with this. Some usernames actually pronounce, sound and look better with numbers. That's not the case for everyone though. I'm sure my username would sound weird if i added some random number to it.


Pokémon #tb{DX<}


Originally posted by xfix
Originally posted by KennyJ
As a DOU main, this should be EZ money.

Also why is there a team lock? In official Smogon tours you can use a new team every battle.

One reason I can think of is to make the tournament more accessible by not forcing people to create teams for every battle. Yes, I understand that somebody may choose to have the same team for every battle if teams weren't locked, but then they are setting themselves at a rather large disadvantage.

Literally this is the reason why. Honestly people may not be willing to change their team every round if they're allowed too since often it's too much work and time wasted on a team that's one-time use. Most of us have works or have to study and barely have free time to make one team, let alone change it every round to ensure no one tries to snipe and counter-team you.

Tho, if people really want it to change then you could open a poll and let them vote. Even if it's a rule that's been set since the first tournament it can be changed just like the format went from single to double elimination. (Whenever or not i liked that change.. well that's another story)

I really wanted to come back to Pokémon, but honestly i have a quite busy schedule nowadays and i just won't be able to make a good team in time.

Good luck to everyone who joined, tho!

(And i'm glad to see some familiar faces coming back to these type of events!)


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