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Im terrible sorry about what im going to do but...Quizler, you will be disqualified if you dont fight. You have until tomorrow to figth. Im aware that you already talked with Ivan but while he is waiting for you everyday on the IRC you dont even seem to care or you´re way to busy to pay attention...

Be aware that if you get disqualified you wont be ableplay the 3rd/4th Place Battle, this means Lui37 gets the 3rd Place and you will get the 4th Place.

Also, if you guys didnt noticed it:

First Post.
"Posted on 2015-11-25 10:02:49 PM"

This means it has been a month since the signups were opened and at least 3 weeks since the tour itself started. This is my fault, i know, because i didnt wanted to put deadlines and thus Vinyl and Kiseki made Round of 16 and Quarterfinals last longer than they should.

For the next tournament there WILL BE Deadlines for each phase so this dont happen again. Sorry.


Quizler 2-1 IvanSword54


Not sure about the order but meh...

FINALS: Impetus vs Quizler
3rd/4th Place: Lui37 vs IvanSword

Good Luck. Deadline will be moved to Sat 23. Fight ASAP.


*Sigh* Sunday 31, last deadline...


3RD PLACE BATTLE: IvanSword54 (2-1) Lui37





Table A
Table B

7.Vinyl Scratch
8.Kiseki (Disqualified)

Congratulations to Quizler for winning the 2nd SMWC Pokémon Showdown Tournament. Congrats to Impetus, the runner-up as well.

Before i finish this i want to advice that the next tournament is likely going to take place in May and it will be UU (Underused). Later in August i will make another OU tournament.


Holy shit, recien veo que esto existe aca.

EDIT: Post 50 mio aca.
--[00:23:39]DarkMenthoL: Respuestas de calidad, 2016---


Manu puto, estuvo hace dos horas aquí pero no entra a Reznor.


El Shitposting lel.

Este es un Buen Momento para decir que me cortare las venas.


Hello and welcome to the third Pokemon Showdown mini-tournment here in SMW Central. This tour will be UU, unlike the previous ones.

Read Everything before joining.

Current Champion: Quizler
Current Runner-up: Impetus

Site: http://pokemonshowdown.com/
Showdown SMWC Channel: #Pokiman

It would be nice to see users from Talkhaus, the SMBX Forums and Fortaleza Reznor join this tournament too since users from both forums come here quite often.

That beign said, lets start with the rules:

Teams Rules

-Level 100 Pokemons

-6 Pokemons

-Players cannot use Pokémon from the Uber tier, OU, or BL.

-Bad Teams are inmediatly disqualified.Ex: Magikarp with Splash

-There is no restriction to Legendary Pokemons,except that they cant belong to the banned tiers, in this case Uber, OU and BL.

-Uber, OU, BL, NFE, LC, CAP and Unreleased tiers Pokemon (the last two for obvious reasons) are not allowed.

(This was really annoying on battles due to Confuse Ray almost never missing (Tested in Fortaleza Reznor))

General Game Rules

-The player is disqualified if he/she doesnt obey the rules,if after beign advised they still disobey the rules or when they forfeit a battle without reason.

-Battles have to be in the UU format. Any other format is invalid.

-Battles should be posted as a replay, otherwise they wont be valid.

-You cant change your team during the tournament (Save your team in a .txt file so you dont lose it)

-In case of 4,8 or 16 players,the tournament will only have 4/3/2 phases (R. of 16/ Quarterfinals/ Semifinals / Finals). In case of a irregular number of players (Ex: 14), there will be a elimination phase before the first round starts.

-Players have to win 2 of 3 matches in order to advance to the next phase (Best of 3 System).

-Users have to set a time for the Battle,for example using the Smwc IRC channel (Use #Pokiman, the official channel for SMWC Tours).

UnderUsed Game Rules (UU)

Players must abide by the following clauses:

-Smogon-wide Clauses. See: http://www.smogon.com/xy/articles/clauses

-Baton Pass Clause: Players cannot have more than one Pokémon with the move Baton Pass. Furthermore, a Pokémon cannot have Baton Pass while also a move that boosts Speed and a move that boosts another stat.

Items banned by the tier:

Charizardite X
Charizardite Y

Abilities banned by the tier:

Shadow Tag

Signups (At least 16 users must join, more than 16 users can join, through)

-Super-Toad 65
-a hick
-Agent Q

Good Luck, Have Fun


Originally posted by Impetus
Join (but for clarification we can still use nfe pokemon that are in other tiers right? UU has a couple of not fully evolved pokemon like doublade so I wanna be sure if those are allowed)

Yes, that rule,alongside the level 100 pokemons rule are to prevent the use of low-leveled nfe/lc Showderp Pokemon like Mastermite (Low Level - Berry Juice - Recyle - Sturdy Magnemite)


Originally posted by Super-toad 65

Edit:have i to train my pokemon?

No. There is a value on the teambuilder for the level of the Pokemons but its set to 100 by default.


Originally posted by Asphalt
Join please. (I hope it doesn't matter that this is only my second post I'm lucky you have a Pokemon tournament to join right when I join the site.)

It doesn`t matter tbh, just dont disappear when the tournament starts.


Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
sweet 16 if i counted right.

EDIT: why cant LC be used?

The same thing that i said about non-PU/NU/RU/UU NFE Pokemon, this rule alongside the level 100 Pokemons Rule are to avoid Pokemons that can make infinite battles like Berry Juice - Recycle - Study Magnemite (Known as Mastermite).

Anyway, now there will be a 4 days countdown until we start the tournament. Anybody who wants to join on that time lapse can do it through, as i said that from now on, tours can have more than 16 users.


Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
well, ok i guess. i can understand keeping levels consistent.

for clarification to make sure i dont have to rework more than a couple of my team. eviolite is a nogo?

EDIT: when you say BL, does this include BL2 and BL3?

Eviolite is allowed, even in more than one Pokemon.

And no, only BL Pokemon are banned from UU . (Those Pokemon are too powerfull for UU but weak or not frequently used to be in OU)


Originally posted by nestorvelasquez
I´ll join too (isn too late for it?)

Its not late my friend ;)

Edit: Added to the list.
To everyone: the tournament starts on saturday, signups will be opened until that day. If you want to join then do it, the more users play the more fun the tournament is. SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED.

EDIT: I added a rule i forgot to add to the rules list about confuse ray stalling, sorry for that. (CONFUSE RAY IS NOW BANNED)
(Reason: Confuse ray almost never missed, even when its not 100% accurate and thus turned into a really annoying way to destroy teams) (This was tested more than twice in Fortaleza Reznor tours almost always giving the victory to the one who used CR.)



I had to move it two days because of some personal reasons. Sorry about this.


(Reason: Confuse ray almost never missed, even when its not 100% accurate and thus turned into a really annoying way to destroy teams) (This was seen a lot of times in Fortaleza Reznor tours almost always giving the victory to the one who used CR.)

If your team uses confuse ray you can change it now during the preeliminar phase / round of 16.

2.Remeber to play using the UU Format and saving all the replays after fighting, otherwise the battles are not valid. Remember that the tournament use the best of 3 system so you will have fight at least two battles before advancing to the next round.

3.You will have a week and a half to fight, in case of the ones fighting the preeliiminar phase they will have two weeks to fight. If you need an extention for some reason PM me, i have no problem about giving extentions.

4.Remember that you cant fight for the next round until
All the battles from the previous round are over. (EX: You can fight your quarterfinals battle before preeliminar round and Round of 16 are over)

Good Luck, have Fun.


Originally posted by ThePat545
Do we even know each other's usernames on Pokemon Showdown?

I for one, have a body that's ready.

But I don't know K3fka's username. #w{=|}

Ask him when he can fight and what username he use. In k3fka case its.... K3fka.


Originally posted by Super-toad 65
.....in my name, toad is not written with capital letter, please solve

Thats... just a detail. Fixed anyway.


Originally posted by Super-toad 65
What do you intend for "bad team"? #lm{expsha}

Originally posted by Rules
-Bad Teams are inmediatly disqualified.Ex: Magikarp with Splash

Joke Teams like the example.
Another Ex: Magikarp (Moves: Splash) - Metapod (Moves:Harden) - Kakuna (Moves: Harden)

NFE-LC tier Pokemons are banned through, so you cant use those Pokemon.

A good example would be a team that can only throw stealth rock to the opponent (Since his/her Pokemons doesnt have any other move other than Stealth Rock) and since SR is limited to one layer, the move will always fail after the first one unless the rival uses Rapid Spin / Defog. That kind of team is banned.


Originally posted by Mariotag1
Well, I just remembered this.

Is it acceptable to set the EVs?

Yes, actually if you dont set the EVs your pokemon are gonna be quite weak in comparison to those who have the EVs set.


Won 2-0 against good guy omegazeroINFI

http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/uu-378725216 1-0
http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/uu-378728953 2-0

gg, good battles.


Won 2-0 vs mariotag.


You still have a lot of things to learn pal. Keep trying ;)


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