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Ok guys here's a UNOFFICIAL contest. The Best-designed Fortress.

-Level must be a fortress
-Boss must be a Lakitu Boss
-Any ExGFX is allowed
-You can use themes like a ghost-castle, a undreground-palace or a outdoor fortress.
-You must post the link with the level.

i just lurk sometimes
Originally posted by shinyspheal
Oigan me podrian decir como insertar o que alguien pudiera crear un jefe como meta knight o master hand o algo parecido

Pues para eso necesitas saber acerca de lenguaje ASM y manejo del Spritetool

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I wanna more Megaman ExGFX

i just lurk sometimes
tengo un problema con el addmusic. Cada vez que intento insertar la musica sale un error de "Exception java unknown o algo asi", segui todos los pasos, puse el patch de java, tengo la ultima version de Java y hasta tengo Java, la ROM y addmusic en la misma carpeta. ¿Por que no funciona el addmusic?

i just lurk sometimes
No entiendo el addmusic de romi, primer me sale press x y le doy y no funciona. Ya solucione el problema de java, pero cada vez que inserto una musica con el addmusic original (usando cmd prompt) cuando entro al nivel me sale negro y no puedo ¿por que? Ademas, si uso el made easy sale "This rom does not have a 0 x 200 byte header"

i just lurk sometimes
Best Released Hack - FPI - The Second Reality Project Reloaded

Best Screenshots - S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N - Mario: the Fourth Sector

Best Trailer - Black Yoshi - The Bramble Invasion Trailer

Most Creative - SNN - Yoshi's Island: Forlorn Lands

Most Impressive - Carol - Brutal Mario

Best Level Design - Anitiki - Luigi's Adventure

Best Graphics: - Ghetto- Super Mario Bros 3 Redrawn

Best Sprite - Dispari Scuro - NPC's v3.0

Best ASM Hack - Carol - Brutal Mario

Best boss hack: - Carol - Brutal mario
Worst hack: - Lakitu - Mario in some strange land Best ghost house: Luigi - Luigi RPG (Luigi's mansion level)
Tag (span) was not closed.
Tag (span) was not closed.

i just lurk sometimes
Si uso el addmusic normal o el de romi, una vez que le doy a entrar al nivel de la musica no0 entra, y si uso el made easy no entra tampoco, el rom esta limpio ¿por que no funciona?

i just lurk sometimes
Lo intente todo, lo que pasa es que la musica se añade con exito, pero cada vez que entro al nivel sale la pantalla de "MARIO START" y asi se queda. No entra, no se porque. mejor olvido el addmusic.

i just lurk sometimes
Lo logre. ahora la `regunta del millon de dolares. Cada musica viene con 2 archivos, uno .txt que es la musica en si y otro PKCS. ¿Para que sirve el PKCS?

i just lurk sometimes
I have some pyramid level for the fortress/ghost house.

Done. Is here. Is a pyramid. Perfect as a castle/ghost house.


Wow. Dinomar's villain is awesome.

ExGFX: BG is the Super Mario Bros. Pyramid.

FG is the SMB3 Castle.

Music is Super mario land ruins theme for the level and Boss Bossanova for the boss.

The boss is a YI boo.

You see? Is a YI boo

Frozen Blocks. Or old blocks in this case.

The funny eerie minigame!

i just lurk sometimes
Necesito ayuda. Lo que pasa es que estoy creando un ExGFX para el castillo 5 en mi hack (es un castillo de granito). Pero no se crear Map16Pages y ademas cuando inserto el ExGFX me sale "ExGFX is too large!"

i just lurk sometimes
I want this song

Bowser's Keep

i just lurk sometimes

You're right.
World 1: Grassland or Island world.

World 2: Ruins/desert world.

World 3: Ocean or underwater world

World 4: Cave world

World 5:Forest or Sky world

World 6: Snow world

World 7: Pipe world

World 8 Space world

PD: This topic is dead xD

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Lo del transhextion esta listo, pero aun no se como poner las tiles en el Map16 editor.

i just lurk sometimes
Well. This is another order.

1: Grass World

Some plains level

A fortress

A ghost house

A castle

2: Desert World

Some desert levels

A fortress

A meteor crater

A ghost house

A castle

3: Creepy World

Some creepy levels and ghost houses

A ghost fortress

A ghost castle

4: Frozen World

Some icy levels

A frozen fortress

A frozen castle

5: Forest World

Some forest world

A tree level

A fortress

A tree castle

6: Factory World

Some industrial areas

A factory fortress

A factory caslte

7: Future World

Some future city levels

A high-tech fortress

A high-tech castle

8: Space World

Some space levels, ghost houses and fortresses.

The final level, a space station

i just lurk sometimes
Gracias lo intentare, mejor aun si no daña el ExGFX. Pero aun necesito ayuda para poder animar la lluvia, que ya consegui. Ademas, logre inseratr mis bloquesm, pero resulta que no son solidos.

i just lurk sometimes
Mas problemas con el addmusic. Esta vez son 2 musicas que no se insertan. Son: El pandemonium castle y el Crystal king. En el spc se escuchan bien pero si las inserto al juego no se escucha nada.

i just lurk sometimes
The ghost world's castle is a graveyard.

The factory world...

SMW and Nightfall rulez. Curses and Hacks rulez. Custom Blocks, Sprites, music, Spellbooks, Pixies, Magic?

i just lurk sometimes
Originally posted by imamelia
Is it too late for me to join? I would love to get involved in something like this. I think it would be fun; we could brainstorm ideas, offer suggestions, give each other input, maybe even make new friends! Of course, since I am nobody here, my part would probably have to wait at least a month, or at least until I have submitted some custom music and a fully functional demo.

As for the world layout, I'm not so sure I agree with either of the suggestions posed so far. I had trouble coming up with the right order for the worlds in my own hack, particularly 3, 5, 6, and 7, but I managed. I think we should just list as many different themes as we can and see which ones we like the best, then out of the ones we know will be in the hack, we should rate them based on the average difficulty level and range of a stage with that theme, on a scale of 1-10 (or should it be 0-F?). We could also include things that might naturally come with that theme. For example:

Forest: 1-5 (3)--Lakitu, vines/ropes, logs
Ice: 6-10 (8)--slippery level setting (duh), ice cave, frozen plains, possible opportunity for crystal-themed stage?
Cave: 2-8 (5)--lava, tricky jumps, Layer 2 moving ground, good opportunity for maze, possible opportunity for piranha-filled pipe labyrinth?
Mountain: 2-9 (5)--wide variety of stage themes: opportunity for themes that don't fit anywhere else, snowy peak, underground section
Water: 3-8 (4)--underwater stages, Layer 3 water, beach land, dolphins

Here are some ideas:

river/lake (could come with water)
ancient ruins
"special" (secret world with weird things found very few or no other places in the game)
island (would be a good "theme" for an unthemed world)
castle (not necessarily final world)
sewer (would probably be better for a select few stages, rather than an entire world)
nuclear power plant (might go nicely with the factory theme)
space age/techno
mill (would be better for only a few stages, instead of a full world)
bridge (ditto)
beehive (ditto)
circus/amusement park (ditto)
robot junkyard

I also think it might be a good idea to have 7 or 8 regular world, 3/4 to 1 1/2 "side-trip" worlds (ones that give you alternate routes through the game), and 1 or 2 secret worlds.

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot. I introduced my little brother to YY-CHR a few days ago and he's really liking it, so he might want to draw a few graphics for the project.

¿Longer than Demo World? Impossible.

i just lurk sometimes
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