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It defintely gives a factory mood but it's way too repetitive.


Also, I did some editing yet again. I hope you guys aren't mad at me yet...
It's a joke about Riddley's appearance.
When people still use montage parody speak. It's not funny, even when used in a sarcastic way.

E: Ok, here are the reasons. The collision detection is really screwed up. It is a matter of luck if a bullet manages to kill an enemy. You randomly fall through the floor. It seems impossible to go through the laser on the end of the second stage. And for such a simple game there are glitches everywhere and they are the only source of difficulty.
Yeah, some sort of dramatic strings would've helped in the section around 1:00. I'd also recommend moving the loop point there. Other than that, good job!
I must disagree with aj. I think SMW enemies are more or less on par with SMB3 ones. I really liked Chucks (now less because of being overused in many hacks) because of their complex behavior which was unlike other Mario enemies at the time. The Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bros., Dino-Rhinos, Rexes, Banzai Bills, Dolphins, Volcano Lotuses were cool too.

Another thing i don't agree with is that the empty fortress and the muncher run were bad. They were a nice change from the normal gameplay.
I nominate Return to Dinosaur Land. It shows that a hack doesn't have to use anything custom (not even MAP16) to be enjoyabe. The level design is really enjoyable, not too different in spirit from the original Super Mario World. Some levels have fun gimmicks and others nicely change the pace of the game. It is the best example of a vanilla hack.
It should also track if both exits were found.
Nice gimmick. Be sure to use it to the full potential. I bet if you press the switch in the water you die.

There is one problem though. You can be stuck in the area with turn blocks. Take the mushroom there, fall down through the turning blocks, take damage and go there again.
Very helpful! It really enlightened me about the direct offset stuff. Good job! (Also some of the effects (like the water level changing by itself) would be easier to make by asm hacking but whatever.)

Originally posted by MolSno
If you're using a different file, check out Section 4E. Otherwise, keep following along.

The link is broken. It leads to the new thread page.
^ He is right.
I even managed to find leaked Shrek portrait art:
The chords in that section still aren't powerful enough. Try adding some higher-pitched notes.
Also your remix has the loop point ( / ) at a different point than the original song which sounds a bit off.
It would be better if the secret exit mark was on all 2-exit levels, not only ghost houses and castles. That way completionists would have a way easier time tracking the exits.
Oh, sorry for confusion. Also, I just got an idea. Why don't you use a disabled secret exit mark when you are on a level tile with secret exit? That way things would be consistent.

- Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. While most are turned down by the insane difficulty, I think it's overall a better game than SMB1. The levels are not as flat and there are more, better hidden secrets. It also explores quite unconventional game mechanics like hurting yourself on purpose in order to have an easier time going through some sections and finding secrets to be able to progress further.
It looks like $7E:0DD5 is the 'you got the secret exit' indicator.
Edited version of WYE's patch. Now it tracks secret exits. Note that it's a bit glitchy since the icons reset when a level is beaten and don't change when a player goes on another level tile.

Here. Now it actually tracks the levels again. It's still WIP though (todo: graphics (and moving the icon per WYE's suggestion), saving and SA-1 integration).
In my opinion the billboard sign looks rather ugly and hard to read. I'd suggest making it much bigger. Or try again making the intro screen – maybe look for some MMF2 tutorials. I can't give you a tip since I have never used this program. Also thanks for using my Shrek fan-art as the avatar. I'm quite flattened :D
Ok, the patch is now SA-1 compatible. I also improved it a bit: you can now specify which levels have secret exits and the icon is drawn in a proper way. Unless there are bugs or you have some objections the only remaining feature to implement is saving. However, right now I'm clueless about it – but that doesn't mean I couldn't try.

E: Fixed the address Vitor Vilela pointed out.
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