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1. You are arrested for the possesion of meth.
2. They threw it so hard that the person died.
3. It blew up, however for some reason the solar system didn't.

I wish for:
1. this thread to be locked.
2. this thread to be moved to the trash can.
3. all video games to be removed. #tb{'U'}
No, you need to set it equal to #01. The letters indicate which bit(s) set(s) which property.

E: Wait, why wasn't there any message when I was ninja'd?
Download uberASM and put the code from the patch in level_code under the correct label (with the specific level number you want). In case of the peach ability patch put the other asm files (bomber, float, hijump) in the same folder. Remove all instances of "org (address)" from the patches.
When using roto_disc.asm edit the numbers in these lines:

And when using firebar.asm edit the numbers in this line:
CLOCK_SPEED         dcb $03,$FD
Maybe you edited one file and patched a different file.
Fun fact: My level's time limit was originally 200 (!). It turns out that even 300 – the time limit of the level from world 7 of SMB3 I was inspired by and also required a lot of exploration – was deemed too low. #tb{DX<} I need to be more careful with that in the future.

I'm looking forward to playing all the entries though – they seem very fun.
I bet they will be levels made by the judges.
You forgot to note that my level (doritos desert) also has a secret exit.
Why did you add fake screenshots?
Nope, pretty much all patches from here are incompatible with SA-1. Even if you edited it the sprite tool wouldn't properly insert it, I think.
It doen't look very interesting to me. It's a SMB1 remake where you can edit levels and export them as a separate executable file, right?
Well, it isn't a sprite but a patch so the tools won't work on it. I tried replacing "lowrom" with "sa1rom" but it will now spawn a koopa instead of the ball and chain/platform. It's weird because the patch doesn't seem to use any remapped addresses.
Try this!

!Freespace = $B697D0

!Scratch = $0D

org $02AF37
JML !Freespace+$08

org $2AF51

org !Freespace

db "STAR"
dw End-Start-$01
dw End-Start-$01^$FFFF


AND #$F0
STA $08
AND #$01
STA $09
AND #$04
LDA #$A3
LDA #$9E
STA !Scratch
JML $02AF41


!sprite_num_cache = $87

!num_sprites = $16
!sprite_num_pointer = $B4
!sprite_y_low_pointer = $CC
!sprite_x_low_pointer = $EE

    REP #$20
    AND #$00FF
    ADC #$3200
    STA !sprite_num_pointer
    ADC.w #!num_sprites
    STA !sprite_y_low_pointer
    ADC.w #!num_sprites
    STA !sprite_x_low_pointer
    SEP #$20
    LDA (!sprite_num_pointer)
    STA !sprite_num_cache

    LDA !Scratch
    STA $3200,x

It was more complicated than I thought. The sprite routine was changed in more_sprites.asm actually.
No icon is needed/key tile is needed as I have modified WYE's patch to show whether a level has a secret exit. I have posted a WIP here if you missed it.
Since the first Super Mario Bros. score has been completely useless in the main Mario games. It doesn't even serve as a good indicator of a player's skill because points can be easily grinded/farmed (kinda like 1-ups). In order to prevent score grinding you would have to reprogram the game so that you don't get points when you defeat respawned enemies and enemies spawned by generators or when you stomp on a shell again. I think it would require a lot of work to implement such a feature into Super Mario World.
Place the code before the "reset:" label but after the "BPL return" instruction as this code is only run when you jump mid-air. Don't place it before the "STA" and "BEQ" instructions the former relies on the value in the A register and the latter relies on the processors flag. The A register and the processor flags are both changed by the code you want to insert.
Hard level name, please. :)
I agree with Kaijyuu.
I really really loathe grinding/farming. Whoever thinks it's a good game mechanics needs to stay away from game development. It isn't fun, it isn't enjoyable and is boring as heck. Instead of testing the player's skill or creativity it tests the player's patience or how much time they are willing to waste on such a nonsense.
1) This is not a wish. Just a statement.
2) You don't have enough motivation to hack SMW/YI.
3) You get bored pretty quickly.

1. I wish I was wittier.
2. I wish for some users to take a short break from posting in this thread.
3. I wish for never to be ninja'd.
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Minimay's Profile - Posts by Minimay

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