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In casually playing through YI I got so annoyed at the bonus games that I made a patch to skip them. This is my first hack!

Initially I tried to find where in RAM triggered the bonus game, which would be a much neater way to do this. I couldn't figure that out though, so instead I just patched the start of the bonus game to immediately enter the map game mode.

I'm on OSX and can't figure out how to make an IPS from my patched ROM. I tried used uips (via ipsXP on wine because the native OSX downloads are all too old) but the IPS it generated didn't seem to do anything.

> md5 yi-hacked.smc
MD5 = de3fc28197fe26932b81b1c5cc31b69c
> wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/ipsXP/uips.exe c test.ips yi-hacked.smc yi.smc
Creation test.ips...
081E46 000006
> md5 yi.smc
MD5 = 3e840beb108fbd2af884b6cd73d0d8e8
> wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/ipsXP/uips.exe a test.ips yi.smc
Application test.ips...
regulier  081E46 0006
> md5 yi.smc
MD5 = 3e840beb108fbd2af884b6cd73d0d8e8

Note the final MD5 sum hasn't changed :( Anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or have a better way of doing this?

EDIT: I just wrote my own IPS creator, turns out it's a simple format. Seems to work with Ruby IPS.

I'd been playing with the sound off ... testing again now I notice the bonus game music plays for half a second before this kicks in. I mean, that's fine if you're just playing casual (totes saved me on two games tonight) but it's kind of gross. Will have to have another look, I think the music has been located in the ROM so can probably breakpoint it.
Hooray I found the right branch (finding the disassembly helped...), so now the music is skipped properly. Much simpler too.

I also documented the bonus game selection routine:

It's kind of interesting - at any point you can only get one of a pair of bonus games. I haven't figured out exactly what sets this pair ($0218) but I'm guessing something to do with progress - the first level of the game always gives Flip Cards or Scratch and Match AFAICT.

Also, you can't get roulette if you only have a single life! You'll get Match Cards instead.
Originally posted by Lexie
You're more than welcome to fork our disassembly and add in the labels yourself. I'm not personally a fan of them, but that's just me.

hrm interesting, maybe the hex addresses start sticking if you look at them long enough :P
bringing this thread back from the dead coz I'm currently toying around with this idea as well. Does anyone know of any developments in the last year?
Just pushed up new version to github, with an IPS as well.

I sped up the yoshi exit, so now the flower select lands as soon as you hit it; no matter what is selected you don't get a bonus game; and as soon as baby mario lands on the new yoshi that yoshi exits screen immediately.

That's probably as quick as I'm going to get it without literally skipping the game sequence or putting it into turbo mode, either of which would disrupt the game flow.
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