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Hi, I'm Pseudo-dino from the SMBX community.

I never know what to write in introductions, check out my user bio I guess.

I was a member of this site years ago on a different account, actually, but I'd prefer to leave all that behind. I was young and stupid back then, I'd like to get a fresh start if y'all don't mind.

So yeah, hi everyone. Nice to meet you.
my youtube channel
My SMBX project thread
Yeah, I always thought it was supposed to look like he was blushing, like he was embarrassed. That seems like the simplest explanation to me.

I do find it interesting that he doesn't look like that in any other game though.
my youtube channel
My SMBX project thread
Hi everyone.

The Great Goo Blaster is my SMBX2 project, which has been in development for over two years at this point. It contains the best of my work in SMBX, a game I've been involved with for well over a decade at this point. I'm not alone in developing it – my friend xtravisage is responsible for the world map as well as many technical improvements and support with the LunaLua extension, and my girlfriend underFlorence has provided additional technical support and music conversion, as well as playtesting the project prior to the release of this demo.

Currently, a demo is available that contains the first two worlds. This demo actually released almost a year ago on the SMBX forums, but it's in a much more releasable state than what we have at the moment. A demo that goes up to World 4 is planned for release in, hopefully, the relatively near future.

(the most important aspect of any Mario fangame)
Bowser has returned for revenge against the Mario brothers with his most dastardly plot yet! He's acquired a great goo blaster, with which he plans to goo up the Mario brothers' house, thereby drastically reducing its property value and rendering the Mario brothers penniless! If they want to challenge him, the brothers must travel to Happy Tree Island, but Happy Tree Island is widely known as a place of fear and horror, and who knows what dangers could await them?

Features in the current demo
- Over 15 levels
- 5 star coins in every level
- lots of secrets!
- heavy usage of smbx2 features and npcs
- a world map made with MrDoubleA's SMWMap
- Enjl's antizip.lua, which makes crushing mechanics much more generous to the player and makes the mechanics for Mario being stuck in a space he can't fit in more sensible
- puzzles
- achievements!
- switch palaces (only one at the moment)
- looped ogg music tracks courtesy of underFlorence and xtravisage

Upcoming features (for the next demo)
Mostly courtesy of xtravisage!
- pretty text boxes courtesy of MrDoubleA's littledialogue.lua
- rewards for collecting star coins: in the next demo, there will no longer be lives, and instead coins will be used as a currency to buy items at Peach's Castle, with items being unlocked depending on how many star coins you collect
- star coins that stay collected when Mario touches the ground after grabbing them, similar to Celeste
- a fast travel system, via linking to Peach's Castle
- restart from any checkpoint, or the start of the level, once checkpoints are unlocked.
- levels in world 2 that use the world's unique visual design instead of being regular desert levels; this isn't in the current demo because the concept for world 2 was reworked at xtravisage's suggestion close to the demo's release

Not currently featured
- a fancy page in the SMBX2 launcher (coming soon)

Design notes
- Levels in this are pretty long and fairly difficult, but the longest have multiple midpoints. I have assumed that anyone playing this has at least basic Mario knowledge, so that kind of low-level tutorializing is not here.
- Mario and Luigi are both available to be played, but levels are primarily designed and tested with Mario in mind, so if there are Luigi-specific issues, they will not likely be addressed.
- Similarly, there are start points for two players in each level, but levels are designed and tested with one player in mind, and many of SMBX2's new features do not support two players, so related issues will not be addressed.

Known issues
None right now.

- Level design, storyline, and world map planning by me, Julia Pseudo
- World map design, Lua support, and certain story elements by my friend xtravisage (Lexi)
- Playtesting and Lua assistance by my girlfriend underFlorence
- Story concept by my friend rilamon
- Uses graphics from the Ultimate SMBX Community Graphics Pack assembled by Red Yoshi and Squishy Rex
- and Valtteri's graphics pack along with his various Mario Maker graphics rips and edits (SMB1/SMB3 16-bit edits and SMW rips)
- Level-specific graphics, Lua, and music credits are found in "credits.txt" in the corresponding levels' folders, and these main credits and episode-wide asset credits can also be found in README.txt in the main episode folder
- credit also goes to the entire SMBX community for inspiration
- Wohlstand, for the Moondust editor
- Redigit for making the original game
- The SMBX2 team for making a lovely modern version of SMBX
- Axiom for getting SMBX to run on Mac OS X
- and nintendo something or other

Crediting me
Any graphics and such that I’ve made for this episode (those credited to Julia Pseudo) are totally ok for you to use in any of your projects, as long as you credit me, Julia Pseudo, as the creator. If you want to use anything made by other creators, ask them (most of it is taken from the community graphics pack though, available in the graphics forum on the SMBX Forums)!


Project co-creator xtravisage played the demo on her Youtube channel, with me co-commentating, shortly after it was released, and completed her playthrough the following week. There are some messy things here and bugs visible, as this was initially recorded right after the demo was released, making her an early playtester. Any bugs encountered in this video have been fixed in the demo you can download below, and many level design elements have been revised as well in response to feedback.

I hope you enjoy the project!

This is meant to be played on the current version of SMBX2 Beta 4, which you can download here.
World 2 Demo Download
my youtube channel
My SMBX project thread
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