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I've reached the end of this hack and i can say that it's very fun, creative and very challenging, you've made a great work!


No, because i like the unsampled version.


Hello, this is the first time that i'm participating in a VLDC. I remember when i saw this contest for the first time, in 2017 i've played VLDC9 and it made me want to participate at the time but i gave up because i didn't have the ability and the competence to make a decent level, anyway, here is my entry.


Download Here

Feel free to criticize and make suggestions.


I will change the entry's name to "Chainsaw.wav".


So, nobody (besides me) said anything after the first post, anyway, i've completely altered my level to make it's progression better and make a better use of the ideas that i've applied to the level. I've also updated the aesthetics of the level.


I've made new changes to the level (updated the OP's download link), here's some screenshots to show how the level looks currently:


Wow, I've made so many changes since the last time i posted here (since nobody was caring i didn't update the OP since them), so now i updated the post with the latest version.


This is my first VLDC entry.

Chainsaw Way 3.2


My hack "Mario - The Mysterious Gem" was rejected for the second time and i am trying to fix the errors pointed out by the moderator. My question is, if i send it again and it is rejected for the third time because the moderator found more problems, i will be section banned?


Hello, here's the second demo of my hack "Mario - The Mysterious Gem", it needs currently a playtesting.

Exits: 28




That looks wonderful, TheMorganah, the ambiance of the levels you presented is looking gorgeous, you seem to be doing a very good job, congratulations, looking forward to more updates on the remaster/remake of your hack.


Fine, i think i've fixed everything pointed by Kilo and Ninja Boy (also i removed completly the level "This Crazy Desert...").


1. Introduction

Welcome to the topic of my hack, here i want to tell you about my hack and my motivations that led me to start doing it.

I've been wanting to create a SMB3 styled hack for a long time (since when i was creating MTMG (Mario - The Mysterious Gem) (so if you've played it you will notice that are several things from SMB3(like enemies, music and other things)),
and now i'm finally having the opportunity to create one.

This hack currently doesn't have a history.

My idea is that unlike most SMB3 Styled hacks i've seen that are mostly generic, the idea here is for each level have something memorable and some kind of consistency, so don't expect "your average smb3 styled hack",
i also want to tell you that i don't intend to follow completly the SMB3 style , so you will probably see some SMW stuff (like some tilesets) mixed together in the hack's levels.

2. Screenshots

Here i'll show you the levels that are done (and also one that is not) and talk a little about them.

1-1 - Lemon Plains:

Here it's the good and old 1-1, in this first level the main enemy is the flying koopa, there are flying koopas everywhere! You will find the sprite-only blocks (which I have only used in 1-1 so far).

1-2 - Jumpin' Goombas:

Now there are bouncin' goombas everywhere and also... bouncin' goomba towers! In this level the main enemies are the bouncin' goombas and the flyin' piranha plants, i also introduce in this level the "enemy jump block" that as the name says, it makes the enemies... jump!

1-3 - The Pierced Cave:

Now there are diggin' chucks digging many areas of the cave!
Here i use the idea of getting speed to advance using the slopes (you need to slide there without holding the forward button because otherwise you will lose speed and will not be able to advance), here's a video showing the level:

1-4 - Long Long Platforms:

Ah, one of my favorite levels, came up after i was observing SMW's "DONUT PLAINS 3" and decided that i would use it's spriteset, so, here is a video of it:

1-5 - Currently Unnamed (The Boss Bass Level):

As i promised, i'll show you the level that is currently W.I.P, which is this level, the "Boss Bass" level. This level includes something that i believe you will find interesting, that is layer 1 that rises and sinks (i got that from JUMP's resources (credit to worldpeace that have made the code)) while you have to run from boss bass!

World 1:

3. Conclusion

That's it for now, i plan to release this hack when i finish the first world (which probably won't be long if everything goes well).


Maybe even before that, if everything goes right.


Yeah, maybe it is, i have been doing some tests on the level and maybe i will cut it and create another level.


There are some problems with this level, but when i say that i will cut it (what I already did, i'm starting to make the castle), i mean removed it from the hack and saved it here for possible use in the future.


I've finally completed 1-Castle, i've still not decided what boss i will use on it.


So, here it is the first world's castle (it's a bit short, 0A screens), this level is focused on thwomps and the sprite solid blocks that i've in 1-1.


I've completly updated 1-castle to make it look better aesthetically.



I've also updated the position of some enemies.

Now it's a right thwomp (the top one) (i've also moved it by some blocks to make it more fair).


So, as promised, i'll provide a demo of my hack, note that this version is not completely polished yet so there may be some problems. Anyway, play and tell me what you think, i'll also take the opportunity to show you an image of world 2:

The theme of this world will be desert (i was thinking in mountains too, maybe some mix between them?), with the second level having a special theme of saltflat.

Download the bps here.


I'm working in 2-1, here's a video of it:


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