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I wasn't sure whether I would make a thread or not, but it's 2am and I've gone 36 hours without sleep and my decisions are beyond my control at this point

Not really sure what exactly to do or say here, so let me just throw some screenshots at this thing and that'll probably do

The good news: it's a literal cakewalk
The bad news: it is not a figurative cakewalk

It's not that hard, though, I'm not here to make people suffer

Oh boy, a pipe
why did I take this screenshot, it doesn't even show off anything much

ah well

Mysterious moon
trust me, it's not worth your time, I'm probably gonna be docked points just for having it there because getting it is kind of dumb

Why did I leave it in, then? because yeah


okay, that's all, I'll submit the level and all the files now, go have fun or maybe not, this is definitely not my best work from a gameplay perspective, I just liked how it looked and don't have any more time to change things much

oh well

~follow for more soft mario~
I swear I made my level before looking at anyone else's and it's just a weird coincidence that we have at least two levels involving mario inside of baked goods this year

oh yeah, it has two exits (I had it written in one of the files in that download, but I figure I should say so here)
Originally posted by Wormer21
Also, I don't think the moon is badly hidden. I guess you have to jump on the bouncing balls to get there. If it seems too easy, you can still replace it with a 1-UP.

I think that's technically possible, but you would need to bait the ball out from the other side and then hope it bounces just right, and with their random nature, that's probably not gonna happen

The real answer involves
throwing a springboard up instead of using it to get up to this area, then instead jumping on a buzzy beetle in mid-air as it falls

To be honest, I didn't really even "design" that, I just saw that it was possible and was like, "okay, if anyone bothers to do this, I'll put a moon up here, why not"

Originally posted by Falconpunch
Perhaps you could also make the theme a bit icy? I think it would fit the theme well.

Do you mean to make the level icy, or by "theme" do you mean music? The level's already done, so I'm not gonna make it look or feel icy now, and as for the music... well, I like the music I chose for the outside area, but to be honest, I had a really hard time finding something to suit the actual cave part, which is most of the level

I think what I went with is okay, but anyway, I guess this isn't the "choose good level music" contest in the first place

In any case, thanks for the early feedback, everyone!! I'm glad it at least looks nice
I like how the palette's come along, though I can't help noticing that in the last screenshot, the koopa shell has an edited palette, but in all the others, sprites seem unedited

Are you still working on that, or is there a reason for only that koopa to have an edited palette? I don't think it would be good to edit only some and not others, though it's not like I'm an expert on color or anything

overall the palette work is looking nice, though, I think
This level looks pretty busy, but in the good way

The thing with the light from the windows in the background is really neat, too

Though I'm not sure how you transition from that grassy area to a desert or vice versa, but maybe it's just from not having played it yet
Originally posted by Proto Stratos
Eh, I don't really mind even if your level was inspired my mine. It may actually a shame more people didn't design dessert-based levels. There could be an entire world based on that theme.

It would be a pretty unique and fun theme, yeah, I'd be all for that

And happy birthday!! I hope it's good to ya (don't eat my submission, please)
Considering what the time limit should be is also a part of the level design, so it would be weird for them to be taken out of a contest about level design, yeah

I mean, a reasonable time limit will go pretty much unnoticed because it's just assumed that you would have enough time to beat the level, but an unreasonable time limit would be reason to lose points (unless it was an intentional gotta-go-fast kind of level, but even then it should be beatable without requiring perfection), so it should still be something that's taken into consideration
woo, 31st, around where I was expecting and not at all terrible

I am more than satisfied and I completely agree with all of the judges' criticisms about the second half of my level, I more or less knew I'd lose points there, but I just wanted to push it out and be done with it, I guess

congrats to the winners and generally everyone who feels satisfied, can't wait to play the thing and see the mess we've all made
Originally posted by SpicySeafood

Any hints for this part of Cakewalk Cavern?

I'm only quoting this for the sake of the screenshot, but I suppose it's worth mentioning that the hud is not supposed to be changed like this, and I'm guessing it's due to one of the patches that was added afterward

considering it's probably only changeable by actually rearranging the palette within my level itself, and the fact that it's still totally legible anyway, I'm not really asking for it to be fixed

I'm just pointing out that I did not choose those colors on purpose
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Kerkec's Profile - Posts by Kerkec

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