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like Rekcah Kuskcoc(He's banned?), I have been here for a long time and decided to register now.#smw{:peace:}

I like reading books... and because of that I always(I hope) read tutorials,SMWiki,etc. before asking a question.

I can write in understandable english(It's not always correct, through).

I'm an average hacker.(Please correct me if not)I know how to make ExGFX,I know how to use hex editor, but not how to make patches and music.

Please also read my user bio, it contains more info.

Have a nice day/night!

Demo download
Hack Title: Super Mario World: The 7 Elemental Yoshies
This is my work-in-progress hack.

Except normal Yoshies, there are also very special Yoshies called "Elemental Yoshies". They control elements of Mushroom Kingdom.
But Bowser knew that they exist, and one day, he kidnapped them, which makes MK very weak to Bowser's attacks.
Now Mario and Luigi with assistence of normal Yoshies have to rescue them.
Peach did flee to prevent Bowser from kidnapping her, and
Mario and Luigi started wondering why Bowser is still alive.
What is preventing Bowser from being dead? Find out in this hack!

Yoshi's Island

Big, Big Desert

Haunted Caverns

???(Sea miniland)

Big Land

Very Long Bridge

Icy Mountains

Skyward Forest

Bowser's Valley

7(Bonus land)

WARNING: Lands may change, only first land is completed!

done, althrough improvements might still be made.
Land 1(Yoshi's Island):
4 levels done. Two in progress.
Land 2 (Big, Big Desert):
first level done, behaviors in it aren't, though.
second level not started.
fourth level in progress.
pyramid level (will replace castle) in progress.
Land 3 (No name yet):
first level done.
second level in progress.


You can wall jump

When you collect all Yoshi Coins in level, ALL text appear

Luigi's GFX looks better


Note: This hack will have only short levels.

This is my first REAL hack.
Real hack = Not little 105 edit.

Oh, and this hack won't include timer.

Any comments? Critisms? Sugestions?

Have a nice day/night!
Options>Restore Options>Uncheck everything.
That's easiest way to solve that.

And if Lunar Magic says that, your unmodified rom probably really has incorrect checksum...

Have a nice day/night!
Thank you for critism, Trollope. I fixed everything you mentioned.
Demo is ready! just one more test and I would post it!Edit:TESTING DONE!
The biggest thing I changed is overworld. Look
I will now review it.
Main Map: 6 or 7 /10
Great improvement! However, that little beach don't looks completely good...
Big, Big Desert: 5/10
Not good, but due to improvement it's also not bad.
Bowser's Land: 7/10
This one is my favorite.
I would wrote even better rating, but yet it don't have decorations...

Have a nice day/night!
(if you don't want to read this, then skip to next post)

Changelog not available any longer.
I hope these changes will improve hack's score(2.5#tb{:(})
That's changelog.
Now Big Big Desert's levels.
First level will be "Upside-down".
Everything in that level will be upside-down.

It's nearly completed.

Second level will be something quiz related.

There will be also optional "3-Up Challenge" Castle.
It will be harder than normal levels, but if you will complete it, you will receive 3-Up moon!!!

Oh, and do you want to look at improved overworld?
Fun Facts

This hack's filename is "testsprite.smc", but this hack is definitely NOT test. It's called like that because it WAS test and I was lazy to change filename.
And I still have old version: It's called "test.smc".

3-Up Challenge was originally Kaizo level. That Kaizo level is now deleted.

There's also automatic level that is still in hack. It's level number 108.

mod edit: watch the tables
RU46 edit: ok, sorry

Have a nice day/night!
Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker
your upsidedown level looks empty, try adding some more enemies.

Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker
The haunted cave map palette looks quite good


Bridge:I changed brown pallete to snow.Does anyone have any ideas how to make bridge brown without changing snow pallete?

Perpective error: I was trying to create slope-like(or staircase-like) effect.

Yellow thing:That's beach

Also I'm not sure, but I think I changed Yellow Koopa to spawn mushroom(or fire flower?) intead of coin.

Have a nice day/night!
Originally posted by Counterfeit
Big Big Desert: Perspective problems are evident along the left sides, and the right seems "taller" than the left despite again no inclines. It's also a strong yellow with an orange shade; aim for something a little more tan, and more contrasts between the two shades used around the edges. Turn that orange a little more toward the brown or mahogany side, too: a little hue fading makes a normally bland brown or yellow desert seem a lot more interesting.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
Big Big Desert: Damn that's a lot of yellow and with that bit of blue it looks like the Pokémon logo exploded! I'd experiment giving it a different BG color and a different fill-in dirt color. Try a pale sky - blue for day, peach for morning or sunset; switch out the hills for the mountain background and make it fade from like a slate grey to a sandy brown that's close to whatever hue you use for the sky in the background; make the grass a dead-looking yellow-green; tan for the dirt - just suggestions. Also, do you have gravity reversal in that level? I would hope that if you don't, I'm not gonna be walking on the inside of that dirt where the Koopa pops out or that I'm going to be off alignment with the arches.

Two "Big Big Desert:"
In second quote you probably mean "Upside-down

Originally posted by Counterfeit
Forest map: I think it should be a forest

I already have Skyward Forest, and I don't think it's good idea to have two forests in hack.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
That's a wide jump you need to use an enemy to clear since I'm not seeing any platform before that.

I fixed that before you even posted, I forgot to mention that in changelog, sorry.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
Iggy's Castle: Awful lot of blue going on here. How about a little less saturation, and making the walls brown instead? Blue and brown are natural tones, and when used together with lava, will have a subterranean flair which I think would be more suitable for your Yoshi of Nature in world 1. Right now the castle has kind of a fire and ice thing going on with those colors.

It's blue because Iggy is blue. But if you don't like that then I will follow your suggestion.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
Title screen: Good, but I'd remove the press start - it's gonna get eaten by

Actually, that's what I want to happen.
There will be "Press Start" and it will dissappear after you will press Start.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
or get stuck between menu text


Originally posted by Counterfeit


Edit:Yay, I got 7 posts!

Have a nice day/night!
In Land 2 - Big, Big Desert?
Yes, of course, because there aren't any desert-like music in original SMW.
Oh, and a list of what levels uses custom music in this hack.
Peach's Castle
Rex's Plains
Autumn Forest
NES Time
So 4 of 9 levels in this hack uses custom music.

Edit:Why everyone hates that little beach? Because it looks simple?

Have a nice day/night!
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Originally posted by RandomUser46
Edit:Why everyone hates that little beach? Because it looks simple?

It's a yellow blotch without any details at all, so I'd say so.

I'd recommend grabbing some custom graphics for the beach textures or disable the path fade and use some of the extra palette space that frees up.

Okay, does this one looks better?

For some reason Layer 1 Events don't work. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Hmm, I will look at SMWiki if it can help me.

Also I confirmed that yes, yellow koopa really gives you fire flower.
(I did that modification to make this hack easier.)

Have a nice day/night!
It's time to show new Events!#ab{;)}

Originally posted by Trollope
It looks a little better, but you're missing the point. All you can see is one single texture. Try adding some decoration or replacing the inside of the island with beach graphics. This way it looks strange.

I have no idead how should I decorate a beach, so I maked some random
"decorations". Which one of these looks GOOD???

Have a nice day/night!

This is Map with and without Layer 1 Paths.

Uh.. I don't deleted some original paths...
As you can see in changelog I started making another new map.
It looks weird... But it's supposed to be weird! Late edit: changed to be less weird.

So, what it will be? It will be some unlogical map full of paradoxes.

Unlogical? No I don't mean like in Cursed Garden, it will
be unlogical in other ways.

I probably won't change anything in this map.
I'll may fix pallete, through.

Please don't report any perspective errors on that map.

This is best GFX that I can draw for beach. Hmm.

Same for "vertical" bridge. Just rotating it don't look too good.

I hope here in this forums is some thread where I can reguest some GFX for it...
If not, then if you're interested in drawing GFX for that, then PM me,
or just post it here.(Remeber to add download, not just screenshot of it)

Fake Edit(because ninja protection):to SRH: Maybe, but even after that, I still need GFX for palm trees and logs.

Have a nice day/night!
Originally posted by Trollope

f=empty, for some reason, I can't use space

You can't use space because html don't allow multispace without using code shown below.
But you can allow multispace by using this code:
for example       this.

Well, I am going to release unoficial(if I may call it like that) demo.
This demo contains all changes mentioned in changelog.
This demo is unoficial because:

Layer 1 Events don't work.
BG in Autumn Forest is still bad.
I want to include decorations on OW in next oficial demo.
Land 2 is not done. Only first level is nearly completed.
Warning:Upsidedown is unfinished + bad behaviors.


Edit:Also I'd like to note that: 1. Now I won't include minor changes in changelog, only the big ones. 2. I will reset changelog when I will be done with changes to L1 and when I'll start making L2.

Have a nice day/night!
At this rate rate, it will take about 10 years to finish this hack.
The development should definitely speed up.

Okay, so now I know what the new land (I'm sure that you noticed that instead of normal World X system I'm implementing the SMB3 Land X system) will be. It will be additional land, while 7 will be bonus land.

Also I can't really get the Autumn Forest background color get right.
Problem is that I am using extended version of it, not the original.
Here is screenshot of colors:

Also Upsidedown is done. You must get the key(don't worry it's placed near the end and it's pretty easy to find, I even placed a coin guide here) and get it into keyhole.

Originally posted by Trollope
You should maybe start the overworld again from scratch.

I assume you mean overworld as whole, what issues does it exastly have? Name it and I'll fix it. If you mean lack of decoration, then well, I'm still waiting to get an overworld GFX designer...
I just can't design it myself, or else, the results will be terrible.

Have a nice day/night!
I have decided to work on this hack more, because at this rate...
It's really slow.
I also decided to post on SMWC more. So expect me to be more active now.

Because I will now post upgrades instead of mentioning them in changelog, changelog is pretty useless now.
Because of this, I will delete changelog.

Let's not talk about Big, Big Desert for while, and focus on that beach miniworld instead.

One level is done. It's "Hot Water".
As you might have guessed, it's about avoiding hot water.

Second level doesn't have any gimmick yet, but first part is done.

Third level will most likely be underwater stage,
Probably the only one in this hack.That's because underwater levels have bad psychics and I think they're boring.

Also, I changed the progress in first post to be more detailed.

Have a nice day/night!
Overworld progress now added.

Originally posted by ForthRightMC
How's the progress of this hack?

Have you readed the previous post?

Originally posted by RandomUser46
Also, I changed the progress in first post to be more detailed.

Originally posted by First post in this thread
done, althrough improvements might still be made.
Land 1(Yoshi's Island):
all levels done.
Land 2 (Big, Big Desert):
first level done, behaviors in it aren't, though.
second level not started.
Land 3 (No name yet):
first level done.
second level in progress.

Fakedit: Also, here's a screen of Hot Water.
Oh, and I forget to mention that the level uses cave enemies.

Have a nice day/night!
Originally posted by Berkay
Looking nice, but I'd add a few decorations here and there.

What about this?

Originally posted by Katerpie
I'm pretty sure that not every koopa is going to spawn the way you pasted them at the end; don't overpopulate the levels with enemies or it will cause extreme slowdown or even the disappearance of a few of them.

These koopas actually aren't for 1-Ups, but more for decoration.
I also removed some of them now.

Also,(I really think that I'm using this word way too much...) you can walk at the top of trees. Not that it's useful in this level, but you will use it in second one.

Have a nice day/night!
I have finally maked the final pallete of AF.
I just can't belive that it was THAT easy!
I did just need to make a gradient... and I definitely knew how to make a gradient before!
I feel like an idiot now.

Here's screen:
Might be too bright, but it's definitely an improvement.
Pallete download

Great... L1 improvements are finished. I can now focus on L2 and L3.

Have a nice day/night!
Great, I know what the complete story will be now.
I can't tell you yet, sorry.

I have an about a Big Big Desert level.
That idea is to use the new mole sprite, then change both "rock" and bomb GFX to the one of Paper Mario.
They will then sometimes throw rock, and sometimes explosive rocks.

I'd like to make player use the explosive rocks to break "bomb blocks".
However, apparently there aren't any bomb blocks.
Might be because no such event as bomb hit exists.
But I'm still positive about that it could be somehow done.
And if not, then I won't be them, but the idea will remain:
Rock and explosive rocks throwing moles in desert.

Here's the hot water pallete:
It's darker to distinguish it from the regular version.
Actually, this level wasn't intended to have hot water, but this how the lava's pallete turned out, so I decided to make this.

I should probably post in other topics, too.

Have a nice day/night!
Let me point out some issues.

1:01 The right goal bar is green, while left is in its original color, which looks pretty weird.

1:13 For underground, that pallete is too light.

1:17 Goombas should have their WHOLE body colored blue. Right now, only only their feet is blue.

1:40 You should not recolor star sparks.

2:24 Why not use original Piranha Plants? It is vanilla, because it does exist in SMW, it's just a bit... glitchy.
But there's a patch to fix that.

2:42 That message box pallete is quite unfitting. You should color it blue, like the rest of underground.

2:59 Why don't you use normal ground istead of cement blocks? You used it in start of this level, so why not here?

3:08 This pallete of bottoms of ledges might look well in SMB, it looks very weird in SMW.
Pallete of clouds should be improved as well.

3:59 Why is top of lava white?

4:03 Chains or whatever it's called should be attached to something, not just float in air.

4:16 Looks like sprite memory issues

4:55 This creature looks really weird.

SMB has been remaked a lot, so this isn't really anything special.

I hope that your other levels are better, and a maybe also a bit more original.

Have a nice day/night!
I'm still working on L2.

However, I am also still changing certain things in L1, which is why the progress is so slow.

Also, I had received no PM with the GFX, so I'll remove it from my signature and see what can I do on my own.

Edit: Oops, apparently I somehow corrupted the bob-omb explosion, making the mole sprite completely unusable.
Luckily enough, explosion was the only thing that was corrupted, so I should be able reinsert data to new rom without any problems.
Expect to get an update of the desert OW soon.

Have a nice day/night!
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