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Greetings and salutations my dear forumites, I have appeared before you all upon this fine day to gift you with my stylish and magnificent presence *hair flip* *dramatic pose*.

Well, enough of that. I've been lurking at this forum for a long time (since I was like, 7) and have just decided to get an account. My interests are video games, anime, philosophy and checkers. Please take care of me!#tb{:p}

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
Not sure if this is the right thread but whatevs.

In my spare time I've come up with fighting game style movesets for a few anime/manga characters which I'd like to show you all. Credit to the formatting goes to the peeps at forum who made movesets for their ocs and stuff. First one is Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill, Blazblue style. Note that this might contain spoilers for the anime (regarding Ryuko's abilities) so don't read unless you've either already watched Kill La Kill, don't plan on watching it (in which WTH are you doing not watching such an awesome show?) or just don't care about such things.

Ryuko Matoi:


And for her transformed state

Personality: Ryuko has a relatively simple personality: fierce and stubborn. She fears little, which is demonstrated when she directly and disrespectfully addresses Satsuki Kiryuin, demanding that her questions be answered, and when she fights Takaharu Fukuroda even though she is clearly overpowered. Later on she is shown to be quite embarrassed when she is forced to fight in Senketsu's very revealing alternate form, though she overcomes her embarrassment in Episode 3 showing that while she is not afraid of fighting to her death, she is somewhat self-conscious. She shows fierce determination in finding her father's killer.

History: Ryuko's mother is initially presumed to have died after she was born and her relationship with her father, Isshin Matoi, was strained and distant. Ryuko spent her early childhood living in the dorms of Ox Elementary School as her father focused solely on his studies. A lack of guidance and being bullied by others, Ryuko became a juvenile delinquent, constantly getting into fights and even going so far as to join a gang. Six months before enrolling at Honnoji Academy she received a message from her father and returned to her home only to find him bleeding to death with a red Scissor Blade plunged into his chest. Isshin told her up front that if she wanted to live a peaceful life, that she should get up and walk away, but if she wanted to 'fight' in his place she should take the blade, for as long as she had it she would surely be able to find his killer. Before Isshin could provide Ryuko with further information she caught sight of a shadowy female figure out of the corner of her eye wielding the other half of the Scissor Blade. Ryuko dashed outside the house but was unable to apprehend the fleeing woman. Before she could get back in an explosive device of some kind detonated and lit the house ablaze. Ryuko watched in horror, screaming for her father, but to no avail. Vowing revenge Ryuko became a wandering vagrant looking for clues behind the killer's identity and whereabouts.


Her first intro has her pull the latch on the red glove on her left hand, sliding it sharply across her wrist to draw her blood and allow her and Senketsu to perform Life Fiber Synchronization. Upon this happening, small flashes of light surround Ryuko before disappearing, revealing her in her transformed state. She then draws her scissor blade and enters her fighting stance.

Her second intro has her start off wearing a form-obscuring beige cloak before whipping it off and shredding it into confetti with her scissor blade.

Her intro (VS Satsuki) has her and Satsuki activating their Kamui's and lunging at each other from opposite ends of the screen, exchanging a flurry of slashes before repelling each other back to their starting positions, upon which they exchange lines.

Her intro (VS Mako) has Mako come flying from behind to tackle-hug Ryuko who leans out of the way, sending her careening to the opposite side of the screen. She gets up, Ryuko does her normal first intro and they exchange lines.

Her intro (Vs Nui) has her clench her gloved hand, popping the latch from sheer rage before transforming and lunging at Nui with a frenzied series of slashes, each effortlessly blocked by the other girl who then knocks her back to the opposite side of the screen where they exchange lines.

Her first victory animation shows her de-transform, stab the scissor blade into the ground and lean on it with a casual grin on her face.

Her second victory animation shows her de-transform and twirl the scissor blade around her finger as it folds into a more compact form upon which she puts it in her pocket.

Her loss animation has her fall backwards while dropping her scissor blade.

Her time-up loss animation has her de-transform and clench her fist while gritting her teeth in rage.

Her standing animation has her stand with her scissor blade across her shoulders.

Her dash animation has her propel herself forward with the thrusters on Senketsu's back.

Her blocking animation has her hold the scissor blade in front of her, blade facing down.

Her idle animation has her look at Senketsu and say something.

Her taunt animation has her pull out one of the Mankanshoku family's croquettes and pop it into her mouth.

Her Burst animation has her face the screen and activate Senjin form, countless blades and claws sprouting from Senketsu.

Battle Quotes: (Note: text in red is for Senketsu speaking, normal text is for Ryuko)

Match-Start Quotes:

"You ready Senketsu? "Ready, Ryuko."

"You must have some crappy luck, having to fight me."

(VS Satsuki) "I'm gonna make you tell me where the other half of this scissor is Kiryuin!"

(VS Mako) "How about when this is over I have some of your mom's croquettes huh Mako?"


(VS Tsumugu) "Stop trying to strip me you damn perv!"

(VS Uzu) "Time to finish what we started once and for all."

(VS Aikuro) "Stop being so damn cryptic!"

Victory Quotes:

"Don't get in my way."

"Hey Senketsu, I wonder if you can drink that guy's blood too..." "Ryuko!" "Just kidding yeesh..."

(VS Satsuki) "Now to get some answers out of you..."

(VS Mako) "I have to admit, that was fun Mako." "How did she...?" "It's Mako, don't even bother asking."

(VS Nui) "Dad... I've finally done it. You're avenged."

(VS Tsumugu) "Senketsu's not just clothes, he's my friend too you bastard."

(VS Uzu) "I guess those eyes of yours couldn't see your own defeat huh?"

(VS Aikuro) "Who does that guy think he is showing so much skin like that? "You're one to talk Ryuko." "Hey, cut it out! It's not like I choose to dress this way!"

Loss Quotes:

"It's... not... over...."

"Dad... I'm sorry..."

(VS Nui) "No... not when I'm this close..."

(VS Tsumugu) "Senketsu... don't go..."

(VS Aikuro) "What are you hiding from me...?"

Time Up Loss Quotes:

"Damn it, out of time?!"

"Don't think this is over!"

(VS Satsuki) "I'll take that ambition of yours, and grind it into the dirt!"

(VS Nui) "No! Not now Senketsu!" "I'm sorry, Ryuko."

(VS Uzu) "There's no way this counts as a loss!"

Taunt Quotes:

"Come on already, this is getting boring."

"I'm waiting."

(VS Satsuki) "I'll get my answers even if I have to rip them from your goddamned throat Kiryuin!"

(VS Mako) "Your mom makes the best croquettes!"


(VS Tsumugu) "If you want Senketsu you'll have to pry him off my corpse!"

(VS Uzu) "I'm not running away this time!"

(VS Aikuro) "Is this a fight, or a stripshow?"

Idle Quotes:

"Senketsu, can you hear my heartbeat?" "Yes, Ryuko."

"You’ve been eating too many of those croquettes, Ryuko.” "What the hell, I've told you get off my case about that!"

(VS Nui) "You're blood is boiling, Ryuko." "I DON'T FRIGGIN' CARE!"

(VS Tsumugu) "Don't worry Senketsu, I won't let that bastard get his hands on you."

Burst Quotes:

"Senketsu Senjin!"

"Hands off, jerk!"

(VS Mako) "Um, personal space please?"

(VS Satsuki) "You caterpillar eyebrow bitch!"

(VS Tsumugu) "I'm not letting you take Senketsu!"

(VS Nui) *Gutteral scream of rage*

(VS Aikuro) "What kind of name is Nudist freakin' Beach?!"

Drive: Shippu

Ryuko's Drive allows her to access Shippu, Senketsu's flight mode. Just holding D in the air will keep her hovering there at the expense of slowly draining her Heat. Pressing any direction + D will make her do a quick air-dash in that direction, this costs a bit more Heat than just hovering. Ryuko can use her air normals while flying, but cannot block.

Normal Moves:

5a: Ryuko grips the scissor by the blade and does a straight jab with the hilt.

5aa: Ryuko flips the scissor blade around, grips it by the hilt and smashes the flat against the opponent's side.

2a: Ryuko grips the scissor by the blade and does a straight jab with the hilt while crouching.

6a: Ryuko does an uppercut with the flat of the scissor blade. Launches.

j.5a: Ryuko grips the scissor by the blade and does a straight jab with the hilt in midair.

5b: Ryuko sucker punches the opponent.

2b: Ryuko does a low stab with the scissor blade.

6b: Ryuko twirls her scissor blade around her hand once hitting the opponent with the blade as it spins.

j.5b: Ryuko does a straight kick in midair.

5c: Ryuko slashes the scissor blade in a vertical arc.

2c: Ryuko grips the scissor blade in reverse and does a sweeping low slash at the opponent's ankles.

6c: Ryuko does a twirling hop forward in Senjin mode, attacking with the form's bladed skirt. Hits high.

j.5c: Ryuko slashes downwards with the scissor blade in a diagonal arc.


Forward Throw: Ryuko lifts up the opponent with one hand and activates her scissor blade's decapitation mode to pierce their chest.

Backward Throw: Ryuko hooks the opponent with the scissor blade and spins around before sending them flying away behind her. Causes wallbounce in the corner.

Aerial Throw: Ryuko grabs the opponent with one hand and hurls them to the ground.

Special Moves:

Scissor Blade- Josho Kiba (Eng. Scissor Blade- Rising Fang): SHORYUKEN! Ryuko does a rising upward slash, pulling her high into the air along with the opponent (on hit). Hits five times.

Ono Rakka (Eng. Axe Drop) (after Scissor Blade- Josho Kiba) (in air only): Ryuko follows with an axe kick that knocks the opponent back down to the ground.

Scissor Blade- Arai Hanasu (eng. Scissor Blade- Rough Divide): Ryuko runs forward with her scissor blade held at her side, blade pointing backward before doing a quick slash horizontally. The A version goes quarterscreen, the B version goes midscreen and the C version, fullscreen.

Scissor Blade- Decapitation Mode: Ryuko hops forward and fully extends her scissor blade for a sweeping downward slash that covers much of the area in front of her. Big slow overhead. Knocks down on ground hit and groundbounces on air hit.

Senjin (Eng. Blade Flash): Ryuko activates Senjin form, extending numerous blades diagonally upwards to pierce an airborne opponent before retracting and letting them fall to the ground. Anti-air that misses on grounded opponents.

Scissor Blade- Fukushu Yajirushi (Eng. Scissor Blade- Vengeful Arrow): Ryuko attaches a red thread to her scissor blade's handle, twirls it overhead and flings it forward blade-first before pulling it back along with the opponent (on hit). If whiffed or blocked she'll be left vulnerable for a moment while retracting the thread.

Scissor Blade- Sensui Kiba (Eng. Scissor Blade- Diving Fang) (in air only): Ryuko does a diving stab downwards with her scissor blade, hitting multiple times. Works like Ragna's Belial Edge move.

Distortion Drives:

Outta my way!: Ryuko gets on her motorbike and drives forward, ramming the opponent with it and hitting multiple times before braking into them, causing wallbounce.

Scissor Blade- Ketsueki Kyofu (Eng. Scissor Blade- Blood Gale): Ryuko twirls her scissor blade a few times before slashing a shockwave of red energy across the screen. Her only projectile, travelling the length of the screen and coming out relatively fast. Even if the move is blocked, the opponent is pushed back a little making this move good for putting some distance between you and the opponent.

Time to get even more reckless!: Senketsu's eye swells to enormous size before crashing down on the opponent, covering the whole screen in front of Ryuko. Fullscreen overhead that deals quite a bit of damage even on block, but has an extremely slow startup.

Astral Finish

Finishing Move- Sen i Soshitsu (Eng. Finishing Move- Stripped Of The Will To Fight): Ryuko shifts her scissor blade into decapitation mode and does a dashing stab forward, ending up behind the opponent who's inveloped in a pillar of yellow light which then dissipates to show them in the air with their clothing shredded to pieces as they fall to the ground. Instead of the usual ASTRAL FINISH! message the words Sen i Soshitsu appear in giant red kanji. Ryuko's instant kill. It has high priority, interupting most attacks and passing through all but the highest level projectiles. However it's easily telegraphed and is really only feasible if the opponent's been stunned first. Each character has a unique reaction to being Sen i Soshitsu'd (Ryuko herself will lie on her back in her underwear clutching tightly to a scrap of Senketsu, Gamagoori will try to commit seppuku out of shame, Sanageyama will try to keep fighting despite being naked, et cetera).

Y'all are welcome to post your own moveset ideas too (expecially if they're for Kill La Kill/Medaka Box).

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
My first anime (aside from catching a few episodes of Pokémon on TV now and again) was Soul Eater via the Funimation channel on Youtube. Looking back, it was a good, fun series with cool, eccentric characters, over the top fight scenes and a creative, gothic setting. A lot of fans hated the anime only "Gecko ending" but I liked it because A. I never read the manga to begin with (I know, I'm a filthy heathen) and B. I thought Maka dropping the Kishin with a COURGAGE PAAAWNCH! was badass and fit the tone of the series. My favourite character from that anime is probably Death The Kid because his obsession with symmetry is funny and his fighting style is really damn cool (he uses his guns as friggin tonfa for fig's sake).

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to introduce you the SMW central's dream thread. Got any crazy dreams you'd like to share with us my good forumites? I'll start off with a weird as heck dream I had a few days ago.

The dream was supposed to be about the Gospel of Mark but as you'll see it has very little in common with the real thing (my version's way more awesome#tb{^V^}) So at the beginning Jesus's girlfriend (apparently dream! Jesus had a girlfriend) Maria was chained up in some castle and some weird half-animal guy who looked like he'd put through an MS paint color inversion filter was talking with the devil (also with inverted colors) about how they planned to marry her off to a bunch of lesbian vampires in order to to revive the devil or something (even though the devil was already there talking? IDK).

So then we cut to Jesus about to be executed. Of course he isn't crucified (that'd make too much sense) instead he's put in a friggin guillotine (anachronistic? What are you talking about?) about to get his head cut off. But suddenly one of Jesus's disciples (presumably Mark) runs in, cuts off the heads of Jesus's would-be executioners and frees him! We then cut back to furry guy and Satan talking, giving the usual "this is all going according to plan" villainous speech and furry guy gives a really wide grin which was supposed to look creepy but just looked goofy as heck. Then I woke up. Also my dream self was watching this on TV from my grandma's house.

There were also other weird details like when Maria was chained up a narrator was describing how she'd just realized the difference between male and female and was saddened to discover that she and Jesus didn't share the "same body" (I know, WTH?).

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Not really a "genre" but here goes. Lately I've been listening to a lot of anime song fandubs by Jubyphonic, Leeandlie, Strawberrycreme and Geekyfandubs. These singers are good enough to be professional! More to the point my favourite genre is rock (more slow paced, soft songs tend to bore me) and my favorite singer is Nano because her voice is just so amazing and powerful and EMBRACE ME NANO-SAMA!!! *shot* (phew, I was worried I might turn into a fanboy there).

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
I love Jojo (got into it from the new anime) and often do Jojo-esque poses in real life (I don't really have a Stand though unfortunatly#tb{D:}). I like it for the hammy dialogue, FABULOUS characters, clever tactics in fights and increasingly bizarre and conceptual Stand abilities (expecially in part 4 and onward).

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
"Playing chess is like looking out over a limitless ocean; playing checkers is like looking into a bottomless well." – greatest checker player of all time Marion Tinsley

How many of you play checkers? A lot of people nowadays think of checkers as little more than a crude children's game but in fact it's a game of intellect and strategy on par with chess (technically chess is more complicated, but as the quote above illustrates, both are far too complex for any one person to fully comprehend). I've been playing it with my dad and 92 year old grandmother for the last year or so.


Ahem, I maaaaay gotten a bit carried away there. #tb{:p}

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My first hack was one I made a few years ago. As far as first hacks go it was maybe better than average (no blatant cutoff or floating munchers or anything like that, probably because I made it quite a while after I got lunar magic, my first "levels" were TERRIBLE). It used a lot of custom tilesets and had a custom overworld (albeit a rather bland and blocky one with no events because I couldn't get them to work). The levels as I recall were fairly short, repetitive and straightforward. Also all the castles were just single rooms with powerups and a boss door for some reason. I never released it to SMW central and it may have gotten accidentally erased when I switched computers.#ab{;_;}

I later tried to make a second hack which had a more complex plot involving Mario getting stuck in another world or something (it even had cutscenes!). I don't know what happened to it except I just sorta forgot about it and it disappeared.

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
People who ask me if I'm tired when I yawn (for the record, I'm generally not).

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
If Rob Ford had his way, there'd be a subway under major street in Toronto (and every minor one too).

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!

Whew, it took a while to make that text look right. Anyway I was surprised at the lack of KLK thread here so I decided to take the liberty of making one with my own two hands. I'm on episode 14 of the English dub currently. Ryuko is like my favorite anime heroine ever (actually scratch that, favorite Heroine ever), she just exudes that combination of laid-back coolness and hot-blooded badassery (practically her first scene in the show has her bite into a lemon as if it were an apple for fig's sake!). All the other characters are great too, from Mako's cloudcuckoolanderness to Aikuro's stripping habit and flare for the dramatic (NUUUUUUDISTO BEACH!) to Satsuki's drop-dead charisma to Nonon's mix of peppy cheerfulness with cutting snark. But enough talk have at you! I want to know what your opinions are on his amazing show.

P.S it just occurred to me that I made a thread about Kill La Kill, a show primarily about fabric AKA thread.

Sen i Soshitsu!

Sorry, that was a bad one even for me.

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
I also once had a dream where Nonon Jakazure from KLK got into a fight with the Incredible Hulk.

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
Nobody seems to be replying yet so HERE I GO! This one's Medaka Kurokami of Medaka Box.

Medaka Kurokami:


Personality: Medaka is an excellent academic student, placing first in the national test. In addition to her academic achievements, she has excelled in various other areas, such as calligraphy and sports, and obtained seemingly inhuman results. However, she is somewhat lacking in practical knowledge, as no one expects her to have the need to understand subjects "below her". Before Mogana Kikaijima's intervention, she did not know what the Baseball Club was for, nor had she ever been to an amusement park. Zenkichi even once describes her as being "so smart she crossed back into stupid".

Medaka is known to look down on people, but despite this, she sees the good in everyone. She believes everyone who seems to be a bad person to have "strayed from the right path", and that they used to be good people. So far, she has always been right about this assumption, even if the people themselves don't know it. Her personality is one of helping others, and she is determined to finish any task placed in the suggestion box. For every task she completes, Medaka buys a vase with flowers. She one day hopes to have completed so many suggestions that she fills the entire academy with blooming flowers.

As noted by several characters, Medaka's personality is overwhelming: her approval rating is proof of her ability to convert people to her followers. This force of personality often manifests itself in Medaka's Proof of One's Worth, also known as her trump cards. However, this overwhelming force of presence only works on humans; animals can only sense her power, and not the personality that accompanies it. Medaka loves animals, but they are utterly terrified of her, leading her into bouts of depression when an animal rejects her.

History: Medaka's biological mother died from a heart attack immediately after childbirth; members of the Kurokami Group coldly said Hato existed only to give birth to Medaka. Because of her abnormal abilities, she quickly matured, and soon was surpassing even adults in all fields. Because of this, Medaka began to wonder why she was even born. At the age of two, Medaka was sent to Hakoniwa General Hospital, which studied atypical children; it was a starting point for the Flask Plan. While waiting to get checked, Medaka ended up sitting beside a four-year-old Misogi Kumagawa. He was sorely unimpressed by what was going on, telling Medaka that people are born for no reason. As he was called in, Kumagawa left Medaka with the parting words that there was no point in being alive. These words left a strong impact on Medaka, and she lost interest in the world. Eventually, she grew bored with the constant examinations and tried to escape. Hiding from the hospital staff, she made her way into a nursery room for children of the doctors on call. Inside, she found only one other child, a two-year-old Zenkichi struggling with a toy puzzle. Not knowing how else to introduce herself, Medaka took the toy away from him and easily solved it herself. An impressed Zenkichi asked her to solve the rest of the puzzles in the room, which she accomplished without trouble, much to Zenkichi's delight. Medaka brushed him off, insisting that life has no meaning. When Zenkichi refuted her, she asked him for what reason she was born. He then pointed out how happy she had made him, and told her: "I'm sure you were born to make the people around you happy." Medaka took these words to heart, and the two became friends from that point onwards.

Medaka was in fact so smitten with Zenkichi for saving her, that she immediately asked him to marry her, though he shot her down just as quickly, a rejection she took quite hard. This was her first and last rejection. Zenkichi was the first person to deny Medaka anything so Medaka believed Zenkichi to be special. Subsequently, Medaka took Zenkichi hostage in the hospital nursery so that she could play with him. Hitomi tried to talk Medaka out of the "hostage" situation, but Medaka held her off with the promise of violence. For half a day, Medaka and Zenkichi played, but Zenkichi soon fell ill to high fever from exhaustion. At his bedside, Medaka tearfully apologized for forcing Zenkichi to go beyond his limits; even though she felt that their friendship was fate, still no one could keep up with her. Zenkichi took her hands and told her to stop crying. With a cheery smile, Zenkichi promised to catch up to Medaka even if they became separated or lost. Since then Medaka, believed there was no one special in the world, Zenkichi included, but that he was someone who stood beside her.

In her first year of primary school, Medaka was commissioned with looking after the class pet. However, neither rabbits nor carp would come near her. During the class trip to the zoo, not even the scariest animal would show itself in front of Medaka, all scared off by her overwhelming force of will. Medaka took the first kiss of all her classmates, but when she and Zenkichi got to elementary school, he had her stop. As a child, Medaka would spy on her sister Kujira with her brother Maguro when she would be having one of her temper tantrums. Medaka looked up to her sister for her stoicism, and would console her after her rages. She and her brother often chased their sister around.

During her time at Hakobune Middle School, she was constantly attacked by Kouki Akune at the behest of then Student Council President Kumagawa. Medaka ignored the beatings and continued with her school life as usual. It was at this time that Medaka began to make a name for herself as the diamond in the rough that the destroyer couldn't destroy, and how she earned the nickname "Heyday" in the seventh grade. At the same time, Akune's own reputation began to decline, leading to Zenkichi gathering together the other "Anti-Akune" students to gang up on him. It was at this time that Medaka finally attacked, not Akune but her childhood friend, admonishing him for trying to bully someone weaker than him, as well as telling him to switch back to his old hair-style. She also told Akune that she would continue to take his beatings until he regained the heart of a good person. Though he refuted her analysis, this lead to Akune pledging himself to Medaka, and this event became the precursor to Medaka's confrontation with Kumagawa.

The situation with Kumagawa came to a head when he viciously attacked another friend of Medaka's, Najimi Ajimu. This drove Medaka into a rage, and into War God Mode for the first time. Losing herself to her anger, she beat Kumagawa until he begged for her to stop. He left the school afterward. Medaka was left emotionally scarred by these events, and she still regrets being unable to do anything for Kumagawa. In her later years at middle school, she instructed her students at revision classes over the summer holidays. However, she only taught the students how to avoid confusing the graders, assuming that every student could get perfect marks by themselves. Akune eventually confessed to Medaka, but she told him to give up, telling him that she couldn't answer his feelings, as she wouldn't belong to a single person. Sometime during middle school, Medaka solved the Juggling Theorem, which earned her enough money to live alone, more in fact then she would ever spend in her life. When asked by Zenkichi why she applied for Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka told him she wanted to learn what one plus one is. Medaka and Kuudou Hinokage first met in April, when Medaka stopped him from finishing off a defeated delinquent. Medaka and Hinokage ended up fighting for three days and nights, and afterward, they would begin fighting whenever they met. Medaka would always interrupt Hinokage's fights. Hinokage eventually asked Medaka why she kept stopping him. Medaka explained to Hinokage that, if he protected the victims and she protected the assailants, together they could protect everyone. Hinokage decided to retire, and asked Medaka if she wanted to become Student Council president. Because Medaka was the only student who could find Hinokage, he recommended her as his successor as Student Council president.


Her first intro has her wave the fan in front of her face before closing it and putting it away in her cleavage.

Her second intro has start off in her lab coat before whipping it off to reveal her school uniform underneath.

Her intro (VS Zenkichi) has her lunge at Zenkichi and they exchange a flurry of kicks before Zenkichi does a diagonally upwards kick, making Medaka backflip out of the way and end up back in her starting position. They then exchange lines.

Her intro (VS Kumagawa) has she and Kumagawa both rush to the centre of the screen and exchange a flurry of blows before repelling each other back to their starting positions where they exchange lines.

Her intro (VS Unzen) has Unzen hop up to Medaka and grope her breasts, causing her to briefly enter War God Mode and knock him back to the opposite side of the screen. She then reverts back to normal and they exchange lines.

Her intro (VS Oudo) has Oudo force Medaka into a kneeling position with his Weighted Words ("Kneel before me!") only for her to resist the effect and get back up, a yellow kanji flashing on screen. They then exchange lines.

Her first victory animation has her point the fan at the defeated opponent and say "That's all she wrote!"

Her second victory animation has her whip off her uniform and pose in her white lingerie, saying "I'm bold, brave and beautiful!"

Her loss animation has her fall on her back, her skirt and sleeves torn.

Her standing animation has her stand confidently with one hand on her hip.

Her walking animation has her walk forward, her ahoge bobbing from side to side.

Her idle animation has her getting a wide grin on her face and start pulling at the corners of her cheeks curiously.

Her taunt animation has her point the folded up fan in the opponent's direction while grinning, saying "I'm enjoying our fight, no... I'm enjoying our communication!"

Battle Quotes:

Intro Quotes:

"I'm Hakoniwa Academy's student council president, Medaka Kurokami!"

"I'll reform you, by words or by force!"

(VS Zenkichi) "Let's see how far your skills have improved since we met, Zenkichi."

(VS Kumagawa) "The battle we've longed-for for three million years, let's settle this right now Kumagawa!"

(VS Naze) "The kuji-nee I knew would never force her unhappiness on others!"

(VS Oudo) "I'll shut the flask plan down here and now!"

Victory Quotes:

"That's all she wrote!"

"I'm bold, brave and beautiful!"

(VS Zenkichi) "That was enjoyable, Zenkichi. We should spar again sometime."

(VS Unzen) "People aren't made to follow rules, rather rules are made to protect the people."

(VS Kumagawa) "Crawl back up, Kumagawa. I look forward to the day when I get to save you!"

(VS Naze) "To think that you were my older sister..."

Drive: The End

Medaka's Drive allows her to record the opponent's special moves with her neutral D and use them herself. Only one special move can be copied at a time, with the latest overwriting the previous. Can't copy assist-type moves that involve summoning another character to attack.

Normal Moves:

5a: Medaka does a quick slap with her fan.

2a: a low strike with the fan while crouching.

6a: an uppercut. Launches.

j.5a: a quick slap with her fan in midair.

5b: Medaka puts the other hand on her hip too and front kicks the opponent.

2b: Medaka changes into her dog outfit and paws at the opponent's ankle.

6b: Medaka slides forward with an elbow strike.

j.5b: Medaka does a double upward kick in the air.

5c: Medaka does a wide horizontal swipe with her fan.

2c: Medaka throws her fan at a low angle letting it spin horizontally for five low hits.

6c: Medaka steps forward and does an overhead swipe with her fan. Hits high. Groundbounces on hit.

3c: Medaka plants her palm against the ground and does a double leg sweep, knocking the opponent down.

j.5c: Medaka does a vertical spin with her fan outstretched, resembling a wheel. Knocks down on ground hit and groundbounces on air hit.

j.2c: Medaka dives toward the ground hips-first, ground pound style while shouting "Kurokami hip drop!". On air hit, the opponent is forced to the ground with her.


Forward Throw: Medaka grabs the opponent's arm and throws them to the ground judo style. Causes groundbounce.

Backward Throw: Medaka flips the opponent over her shoulder and slams them against the ground behind her.

Aerial Throw: Medaka grabs the opponent's head with both hands and does a brain buster wrestling move from midair.


5d/2d: Medaka envelopes herself in a purple aura the same color as her hair (neon pink in War God Mode). If she gets hit by a special attack during this time, she'll copy it and add it to her reportoire, usable under "The End [Perfection]". She still takes the damage from the original attack.

j.5d: like her 5d, but in the air. Stops her air momentum.

Special Moves:

The End [Perfection] (in air okay): does nothing unless she's already copied a special move, in which case she uses it. Some of the copied move's properties may differ from the original version. The ground version is for ground-only special moves and the air version is for air-only ones.

Kurokami Rolling Savate: Medaka does a savate-style reverse figure kick. The A version has her remain standing, the B version brings her slightly into the air and the C version takes her higher and ends with a downward stomp that knocks the opponent back down to the ground.

Kurokami Clothesline (in air okay): Medaka rushes forward with her arm held to the side, clotheslining the opponent and dragging them along for up to six hits.

Overflowing Love: command throw. Medaka flies forward to tackle the opponent and kiss them on the lips. If it misses she falls flat on her face, putting her in OTG state. Unusable in War God Mode.

Preaching To The Lesser Mortals: Medaka gives one of her trademark speeches about how the opponent's misdeeds are do to some tragedy in their past and how she can redeem them. Her meter builds steadily during the speech. Works like Thor's Mighty Speech from Marvel VS Capcom. The content of the speech varies from character to character. Unusable in War God Mode.

Kurokami Open Palm: only usable in War God Mode. Medaka dashes forwards and delivers a palm strike to the opponent's gut, crumpling them. The A version goes quarterscreen, the B version goes midscreen and the C version, fullscreen.

Distortion Drives:

Kurokami Phantom: Medaka starts by jumping up and down, can be charged for more hits and more damage then when sound lag is at it's fullest, Medaka blows forward, producing a sonic boom that sends the opponent to the air taking multiple hits, ends at around 12 hits. Fully charged is at around 16 hits.
"Kurokami... PHANTOM!"
"And now... I'll disappear."
(VS Oudo) "I'd rather be a monster... THAN BE LIKE YOU!"

War God Mode: Medaka lets out a gutteral scream, her hair turning neon pink, her irises turning deep red and her pupils turning white like her sclera. While in this state her strength and speed are boosted considerably and she won't flinch from attacks. Lasts for about 10 seconds before she reverts back to normal. As a downside, she's unable to block while in this form, forcing her to either tank attacks or dodge.

Kurokami Special: Medaka does a short dash forward. If it connects, she follows with a barrage of punches and kicks, then uppercuts the opponent into the air, jumps up after them and does a front flip, kicking them back down again with her heel.

Astral Finish:

Kurokami Final: Medaka leans forward, legs spread apart and plants her hands against the ground, her hair turning jet black and increasing in volume drastically, billowing wildly behind her. She then springs forward to ram the opponent, inveloped in a spiralling cone of wind. If it connects she flies past the opponent before doing a U-turn and flying back in the vacuum created by the initial attack to deal the finishing blow, ending up back where she was at the start of the attack. Afterwards her hair reverts back to normal.
"My blood. My body. My heart. My darkness. I'll give you all of that and some more on top so make sure you're ready! End god mode! Kurokami... FINAL!"

Comments? Criticism? Anyone? Are you out there? AM I ALL ALONE IN THE WORLD?!?

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
Hi I haven't been on the forum for a while (getting over a bad cold) but I'M BAAA~AAACK! This one's another Medaka Box character, Kumagawa Misogi AKA naked apron senpai.

Kumagawa Misogi:


Personality: Kumagawa is a self-professed good-for-nothing with a bad personality; lacking innate talent, luck and drive. What he does have in his arsenal is a very intimate knowledge of weakness that allows him to handle things that would leave others in despair. He’s used to having his kindness trampled on, constant failure and being hated, so he lets it roll off his back in a cheerfully self-effacing way. He can also apply his expertise to achieving an objective: whether with fists or soul-shattering words, he goes straight for the jugular with zero hesitation. And he’ll do it with a smile on his face.

In fact, he smiles at everything, laughing in the face of misery and in spite of his own bitterness. He doesn’t care if he looks uncool or ends up playing the fool, and goes all-in when all the odds are stacked against him. Since he’s incapable of even visualizing himself winning, one more defeat would suck, but ultimately means nothing to him. He’ll just get back up and plow forward, smiling through it all. Which isn’t to suggest that he can’t achieve victory in some form: the way he ruthlessly targets weak points, lies and cheats make him terrifyingly effective, but he’ll never feel like he’s won. More often than not, his undoing is a concession made to please a cute girl. He shamelessly loves the ladies, openly declaring how he’d like to see them in their underwear or nothing but an apron.

He’s also fond of Shonen Jump, meta and has a very annoying speech quirk: everything he says is in Japanese quotation brackets. ⎡LIKE SO!⎦

History: As a child, Kumagawa went to Hakoniwa General Hospital to test for Abnormalities, and ended up sitting next to Medaka while waiting to get checked. He was sorely unimpressed by what was going on, telling Medaka that people are born for no reason. As he was called in, Kumagawa left Medaka with the parting words that there was no point in being alive. He then met with and was examined by Hitomi Hitoyoshi. Hitomi put on a smile and introduced herself, asking him if there was anything she could do for him. Kumagawa asked her to mark him down as a Normal, so as not to worry his parents. Kumagawa attempted to bribe her with information about two thousand Abnormals, though Hitomi refused even so, declaring it was her duty to make children like him happy. In face of Hitomi's constant refusal, Kumagawa instead revealed that he knew about her son, and asked if he could be his "friend" should he have to be hospitalized. Hitomi recognized the threat, but was left with no choice but to mark Kumagawa as having no problems.

While Student Council president at Hakobune Middle School, Kumagawa used Kouki Akune to get rid of students he didn't like. One of his targets was Medaka; he told Akune that a tomboy like her was not necessary in their little paradise. Medaka's subsequent conversion of Akune would be the spark that led to her fight with Kumagawa. The situation between Kumagawa and Medaka came to a head when he viciously attacked his vice-president Ajimu (the one responsible for making him president), ostensibly to confirm his feelings for her. Worried that he loved her only for her good looks, Kumagawa ripped off her face. This drove Medaka into a rage, and into War God Mode for the first time. Losing herself in anger, she beat Kumagawa until he begged her to stop. He left the school afterwards.


His first intro has him stand facing the opponent who is suddenly pinned to the far wall by multiple screws through their body. He then negates the action with All-Fiction, leaving the opponent standing where they were originally.

His second intro has him stand with his arms at his sides, palms pointed upward and his face framed in shadow so all you see is his eyes and impossibly wide grin. He then summons a pair of screws into his hands and enters his stance.

His intro (VS Medaka) has he and Medaka both rush to the center of the screen and exchange a flurry of blows before repelling each other back to their starting positions where they exchange lines.

His intro (VS Hinokage) has him start off right next to Hinokage who bombards him with punches, the last one sending him flying into the far side of the screen. He then slowly gets up, revealing himself to be completely unharmed and the two exchange lines.

His first victory animation has him turn around and walk off screen while scratching his head with one hand, the other one tucked in his pocket.

His second victory animation has him stab a sword-length screw into the ground and lean on it like a cane.

His perfect victory animation has him cry tears of joy while jumping up and down, overcome by the feeling of victory.

His standing animation has him stand with an innocent looking smile on his face, hands at his sides and a screw gripped in each.

His blocking animation has him block with two sword-length screws crossed in front of him in reverse grip. Like so.

His idle animation has him place his hand to his chin and a thought bubble appears showing him fantasize about naked aprons.

His dizzied animation has him wobble in place with his eyes replaced by cartoony spirals.

His taunt animation has him casually stab a screw through the side of his head. A unique thing about Kumagawa's Taunt is that it doesn't increase his own meter, instead lowering the opponent's meter.

His Burst animation has him turn toward the screen and hold his arms at his sides, palms pointed up and the grin on his face growing wider and more maniacal.

Drive: All-Fiction

Kumagawa's Drive allows him to regenerate lost health. As Kumagawa takes damage, a portion of his health bar will be solid red instead of filled up or empty (like in Marvel VS Capcom). This represents the amount he can restore with his Drive. Kumagawa has exceptionally low defense, so strategic use of his Drive is vital to staying alive during the match.

Normal Moves:

5a: a horizontal swipe with a screw.

2a: while crouching, turns around and does a reverse gripped stab with a screw at the opponent's ankle.

6a: a high kick. Launches.

j.5a: swipes a screw horizontally in midair.

5b: a forward stab with a screw.

2b: stabs a screw directly upward. Great anti-air.

6b: thrusts his knee forward and stabs a sword-length screw from the bottom of his foot, up his shin and through his knee.

j.5b: a downward angled stab with a screw in midair.

5c: turns his back to the opponent and stabs a sword-length screw through his torso.

2c: spins low to the ground with both screws outstretched. Hits 5 times.

6c: a vertical slash with a sword-length screw. Hits high.

3c: a stomping downward kick while standing. Hits OTG.

j.5c: a downward angled cross slash with both screws.


5d/2d: Kumagawa surrounds himself in a swirling dark aura, regenerating his red health. Can't be cancelled into anything. The regeneration only happens when the animation ends, so it can be prevented if he's hit out of it.

j.5d: like his 5d but in the air. Halts his air momentum.

Special Moves:

Screw Shot (in air okay): Kumagawa throws a screw at the opponent like a dart. The screw travels in a straight line across the screen and acts as a fairly ordinary projectile. Repeating the input will make him throw an another screw, up to a total of three consecutive screws. In the air the screws travel at a 45 degree downwards angle.

Screw Eruption: Kumagawa stabs a screw into the ground, causing countless long criss-crossing screws to shoot up right in front of him (A version), halfway across the screen (B version) or on the other side of the screen (C version).

Pinning Dash: Kumagawa does a short dash forward. If it connects, he dashes past the opponent who is suddenly pinned to the ground by multiple screws through their clothing. Does no damage but immobilizes the opponent for a few seconds and allows him to either heal himself with his Drive or get in some free hits with his 3c.

A Sword That Slays Magical Beasts: Kumagawa forms a large bizarre looking sword adorned with spikes and tiny black stains and hops forward with a vertical slash, slamming it against the ground. Hits high. Knocks down on ground hit and groundbounces on air hit.

⎡I Lied⎦: Kumagawa surrounds himself in a swirling dark aura like in his 5d, but doesn't regain any health. Seems useless right? Except unlike his actual 5d, this move can be cancelled into anything, normals, specials, supers, even his Astral. Use this to give a false sense of vulnerability and lure the opponent into attacking. Costs 25% Heat in order to use (the Heat will be drained after the animation is finished, to avoid giving away that it's the fake). This move's very existence can also serve to psyche out the opponent, for as long as Kumagawa has the required amount of Heat, they won't be sure whether he's using the real one or the fake.

Distortion Drives:

Book Maker: Kumagawa lengthens the screw in his hand until it's as long as a sword and then hurls it across the screen like a javelin. On hit it imbeds itself up to the head in the opponent's chest, bleaching their hair completely white. Does no damage, instead reducing the opponent's defense to Kumagawa's level and preventing them from using Drive moves, special moves, Distortion Drives or their Astral. Lasts for 20 seconds. As a bonus property, it's unblockable against Medaka Kurokami.

Leg Eating Forest: super version of Screw Eruption. Kumagawa stabs a screw into the ground, sending a shockwave of screws across the whole length of the screen.

⎡I changed my mind!⎦: A counter. Kumagawa turns his back to the opponent and puts a hand on his chin thoughtfully. If he recieves a melee attack during this time he says ⎡You have 5 seconds to leave before I change my mind.⎦ After a second passes the opponent is impaled from behind with a giant screw and Kumagawa says ⎡Sorry, but I changed my mind about the time limit.⎦

Astral Finish:

⎡It's not my fault!⎦: Kumagawa holds out his hand, a swirling dark vortex in his palm. On hit, the vortex slowly expands to consume the entire world, leaving only a black void. Kumagawa will then rip his way out of the dark background and look back at the mess he caused before shrugging his shoulders, saying ⎡It's not my fault!⎦ and walking away towards nowhere in particular while whistling a jaunty little tune. Hilarious instant kill. The hitbox for the initial attack is very small (just around Kumagawa's hand).

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
So I've been on a big Future Diary binge lately (Yuno is amazingly messed up. I don't whether to tell Yukki to give her a hug or to run like hell.) and I'm wondering what Future Diaries the denizens of this forum would pick for themselves if they were in a Survival Game of their own. If you haven't heard of the show, the plot is that the God of space and time, Deus Ex Machina, is dying so to choose a successor he gives 12 people diaries (mainly cell phones but a coloring book in one case and a scroll in another) that can predict the future in various ways and pits them in a fight to the death for the throne of God. All the diaries represent the user's personality or occupation in some way so for example a police officer has a diary that tells the future relating to his cases, a vigilante has a diary telling him of future acts of injustice, a serial killer has a diary that lets him track his victims and so on. Not all the diaries are this straightforward though for example Tenth (all the diary holders are numbered from 1 to 12) has one that allows him to give orders to his army of dogs and Sixth has one that records all the observations of her cult's members.

So now that that's out of the way I'm curious as to what diaries the people here would choose for themselves (just to make it clear, I'm asking you make up your own diary, not take one from the series that you think best represents you). Remember that the diaries are based on the owner's personality! Yes, you could just have a diary that passively reports everything around you but that would indicate that you have a fundamentally passive perspective and view yourself as a bystander to your own life (as is the case with series protagonist Yukki).

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
I have a wide range of acceptance when it comes to women: not just fallen female main characters but also foster sisters, foster mothers, foster daughters, twins, widows, senpais, kouhais, fellow classmates, teachers, childhood friends, ojousamas, blondes, brunettes, brown-haired, silver-haired, long-haired, medium-haired, short-haired, girls wearing bobby pins, wavy-haired, twintails, ponytails, one-sided ponytails, twin braids, ahoges, curly-haired, girls in sailor clothes, blazers, judogi, kyuudougi, kindergarten nurses, maids, policewomen, witches, shrine maidens, nuns, military women, secretaries, lolis, shotas, tsunderes, cheerleaders, stewardesses, waitresses, goth girls wearing black, goth girls wearing white, girls in China dresses, frail girls, albino girls, fantasists, girls with split personalities, queens, princesses, thigh-high socks, garterbelts, girls who cross-dress as guys, girls who wear glasses, girls who wear an eyepatch, girls who wear bandages, girls in school swimsuits, one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, V-shaped bikinis, bikinis that barely cover anything, youkai, ghosts, animal-eared girls, etc.- any female is within my area of acceptance.

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To become the God of the new world mwahaahahahaha!!!#tb{:DD}

Seriously though, the thing about wishes is that there are so many possible ways they could go wrong. I mean, take wishing for "happiness" or "world peace" for example, the hypothetical wish granting entity could grant those by hooking everyone up to a dopamine drip and extinguishing all of humanity respectively (humans can't wage war if there aren't any left). You could only be confident making a wish if you were sure that the entity in question shared human values in which case why don't they just use that power to make the world in accordance with their values anyway, wish or no wish. So the only possibilities left are either a being with human (or extrapolated human) values but that is unable to act on them of it's own accord or a being that fully understands and is obedient to the intent of the person making the wish but doesn't actually share their values. In the latter case the best wish would probably be something like "Sum up the Coherent Extrapolated Volition of humanity and implement that" or something to that effect.

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
Oudo Miyakonojou:


Personality: Oudo believes he was born a king and everyone else a servant to him. He compares watching the sun rise to the way other people look in the mirror each morning; the sun is the only thing on par with him. He shows a casual disregard for the feelings and safety of other people, even his fellow members of the Thirteen Party. Oudo takes a special interest in Medaka Kurokami after meeting her for the first time and decides to make her his wife. Oudo's appreciation for Medaka extends only so far as her abilities and appearance however; when given the chance to rewrite her personality, he decides to fill her mind with evil intent, so that she will submit to no one but him. Oudo's superiority complex is a result of his own abilities; they are too great for him to control, and over time they steadily warped his sense of self. Because of this, Oudo quickly loses his composure when he finds himself losing a fight, and is aghast at the thought that there might be an Abnormality greater than his own.

History: Between the ages of six and twelve, Oudo lived alone on the streets. By that point, he had already started considering himself a king. Oudo abandoned his parents because he was worried what they would do if they found out about his Abnormality. He lived on the streets for seven years, looked after by the local police, trying to master his ability and not let it take control of him. He thought of mastering his ability as a test to see if he was capable of being king. At the end of those seven years, he was chosen as a representative to speak to the freshmen body of the middle school he was attending. Though he meant to tell the students to live life to the fullest, the first words that came out of his mouth was the order to bow before him. Oudo realized that in seven years, he had never once gained control of his ability; instead, he was the one being controlled. After three years, Oudo enrolled in Hakoniwa Academy. There isn't a soul alive who knows what he did in those three years. As a part of the Flask Plan, Oudo was paired with Maguro Kurokami, who was fascinated by Oudo's abilities. Sometime after Maguro left the Flask Plan, Oudo approached Mizou Yukuhashi, and ordered his fellow student to read his mind. Because Oudo's Abnormality cancelled out Yukuhashi's, the two became partners from then onwards.


His intro has him with his hands raised at either side, his collar billowing and streams of electricity emitting from his body before entering his stance.

His intro (VS Medaka) has him force Medaka into a kneeling position with his Weighted Words ("Kneel before me!") only for her to resist the effect and get back up, a yellow kanji flashing on screen. They then exchange lines.

His victory animation has him touch the tips of his left hand's fingers against his forehead while pointing his right hand toward the fallen opponent. Like this basically.

His victory animation (VS Medaka) has him walk up to the fallen Medaka, lift her up by her hair and forcefully kiss her.

His standing animation has him stand with his arms crossed.

His idle animation has him release a few stray sparks of electricity.

His taunt animation has him form a small orb of electricity in his hand before enclosing his fist around it.

His burst animation has turn toward the screen and raise his arms on either side, a field of electricity sparking around him like in his intro animation.

Battle Quotes:

Match-Start Quotes:

"A king shouldn't have to dirty his hands in a fight with a mere commoner, but for you I'll have to make an exception."
"So the commoner's starting up a revolution I see? In that case, prepare to be quashed without mercy!"
(VS Medaka) "I would prefer not to use violence to subjugate a women but if you're not open to discussion, I suppose I have no other choice."
(VS Kikaijima) "Don't worry, I'll be sure to leave your vocal cords intact, swimsuit girl."
(VS himself) "Pay close attention imposter, for I'm about to show you how a true king conducts himself."

Victory Quotes:

"How does it feel, to be defeated by a superior being?"
"This world is far too small for me."
"You should know your place before a king."
(VS Medaka) "Now to make you into a proper bride."
(VS Zenkichi) "A peasant has no business interfering in the romantic affairs of a king, Hitokichi."
(VS Kikaijima) "When I make Kurokami my bride, you can sing for us at our wedding, swimsuit girl."
(VS himself) "There can be only one true king, impostor, and it is I."

Loss Quotes:

"A king cannot lose to a mere commoner...?"
(VS Medaka) "Defying me until the bitter end... you truly are a beast woman, Kurokami."

Drive: Weighted Words

Oudo's Drive allows him to send out a lightning orb projectile which he can then control by inputting directions + D. Only 5 directions can be inputted per orb.

Normal Moves:

5a: a quick punch.

2a: a crouching low punch.

6a: a diagonally upwards spinning kick. Launches.

j.5a: a midair punch.

5b: a knee strike.

2b: a crouching low kick.

6b: steps forward and does an elbow strike.

j.5b: a midair headbutt.

5c: a slower electricity coated forward punch.

2c: shoots a quick jolt of electricity at the opponent's feet.

6c: lifts up his elbow and brings it down on the opponent as it's coated with electricity. Hits high.

3c: does a low roundhouse kick, leaving a circular trail of electricity in it's wake. Knocks down on hit.

j.5c: a double fisted electricity coated punch at a downwards angle.


Forward Throw: Oudo grabs the opponent's face, lifts them up and shocks with electricity before dropping them unceremoniously to the ground.

Backward Throw: like his forward throw only he turns around before dropping them.

Aerial Throw: grabs his opponent in midair and kicks them to the ground with both legs.


5d/j.5d: Oudo produces a lightning orb which just kinda hangs in the air for a bit before disappearing unless it recieves an additional input.

6d/j.6d/4d/j.4d/2d/j.2d/8d/j.8d: makes the lightning orb go three character lengths in the respective direction.

Special Moves:

Kneel before me!: a short stream of electricity emanates from Oudo's front. On hit, causes the opponent to crumple to the ground. Technically a command throw. Doesn't do any damage.

Royal Slide: Oudo slides forward along the ground, an electrical trail sparking in his wake. Hits multiple times and needs to be blocked low. Goes under most mid attacks and projectiles.

Subjugating Heel (in air okay): Oudo jumps up and does an axe kick with his foot coated in electricity. Hits high. Knocks down on ground hit and groundbounces on air hit.

Yukahashi Slam: Oudo's servant Mizou appears, jumping up into the air to grab the opponent and suplex them to the ground. Not a command throw.

Yukahashi Barrage: Mizou appears and waves his scarf in front of him, hitting multiple times and nullifying projectiles upon contact.

Distortion Drives:

Eternal King: Oudo sends out a short stream of electricity like in his "Kneel before me!" move. If it connects, the opponent crumples to the ground and a cinematic insues where Oudo telekinetically lifts dozens of giant computers over the opponent before dropping them, burying his foe under the pile which then explodes as a coup de grace.
"The punishment for disobeying a king... IS EXECUTION!"
(VS Medaka)"I will make you... MY BRIDE KUROKAMI!"

Unreasonable Taxation: Oudo raises his arm before suddenly piercing the opponent's chest with it. On hit, a cinematic insues where his hand incloses around a spark in the opponent's chest. They then crumple to the ground. Despite appearances, this super actually does relatively little damage, instead it's true purpose is to steal one of opponent's Distortion Drives. The last super used by the opponent will be the one stolen. If the opponent hasn't used any supers yet, one is just selected randomly. Once stolen, the opponent will be unable to use that move and repeating the input for Unreasonable Taxation will instead have him use the stolen super. Can't copy assist-type supers that involve summoning another character to attack. If used against Medaka Kurokami a different cinematic will ensue showing Oudo in a black void that's slowly melting away his arm, gazing upon the terrifying visage of Medaka herself, naked and with her long hair covering her face ala "The Ring". Afterwards the cinematic ends and Oudo ends up on his knees in front of Medaka, pathetically begging her for forgiveness as the "ASTRAL FINISH!" message displays on screen.
"A king taxes his subjects at 100 percent!"

Tyrant Thunder: Oudo does a bigger, more powerful version of his Burst animation which hits 16 times and wallbounces on the last hit.
"Tyrant thunder! Witness the power of the king!"

Astral Finish:

Active & Passive: Oudo fires a thin beam of electricity across the screen. If it connects, he summons Mizou and points his index finger at the opponent, bracing with his other hand. At the same time Mizou holds up his hands and touches both of Oudo's arms. The two then combine their powers to fire a giant blast of electricity at the opponent, finishing them.

Seriously, why does nobody comment on this thread? Does anybody even know it exists? Is nobody interested in fighting game movesets? Lemme ask Oudo-kun for some help here.

"I command you commoners to post in this thread honoring my brilliance!!!"

There, that's better.

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
Funny story, the reason I signed up to this forum in the first place was to share these movesets with the world as opposed to just keeping them in a folder on my computer that nobody would ever look at (don't get me wrong, now that I'm here I'll probably stick around for a while and allow you to partake in my glorious presence#tb{^V^}). I'm really into fighting games and even considered making my own with original characters and movesets (not posting them here because I might make the game someday and I don't want my account here to be so easily tracable to my RL identity). I could try providing illustrations but A. I doubt they'd be intelligible and B. I don't know how to post images. I was actually thinking of posting these movesets on Blazblue.Com but you need an email address to sign up there and I don't have one (I only picked this forum because I didn't need an email address to sign up LOL). But if the people here aren't interested than I guess I might go and try to find somewhere else to post these. I guess I overestimated the percentage of people here that are into fighting games.#ab{;_;}

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
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