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Tip: Try sketching out ideas for overworlds and levels. Even if they don't manage to fit into Lunar Magic completely, at least you have a base to work from, instead of doing it all from scratch.
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Hey everybody, UP B here with a hack I've been working on for quite sometime.

Take note this hack ins't even relatively close to being finished and it still in beta, possibly even alpha, so take everything you see here with a grain of salt.

That being said, this hack doesn't have a name OR story yet, but I guess I'll put a placeholder name so nobody gripes about it not having one, and with that being said, i'm having trouble coming up with original ones, so that will have to wait till later, for now I'd like to talk about the most important thing; the levels.

Everything you see as of now is vanilla, which is going to change very soon, I plan on adding a plethora of custom gfx and backgrounds, etc etc, the hack already features custom music and custom bosses, but not many custom enemies besides the Blooper, which will soon change as well.

I have 9 worlds planned for this hack, but I don't want to spoil them all, as I have gone across most of the Mario games and picked and chose the best bits and even conjured up a few original worlds aswell, and i'm sure you'll enjoy the new and returning worlds introduced in this hack.

I'd like to talk a bit about water levels and how scarce they are in this hack, water levels along with forest levels rarely appear at all, only appearing about 4 times total, but like I said earlier, this is beta so this could obviously change later in development, the reason I did this is because I want every level to feel unique and new, not many level types reoccur throughout this hack and I'd like to keep it this way. .

. .With that being said, I guess you can dance on the Water level's grave now.

Let's talk a bit about Mario's trusty steed with an appetite, the green dino Yoshi! Unfortunately, he doesn't appear much this time around but he's still there to help and devour whatever dares to step in your way, just don't lose him, or you'll have to walk all the way back to those few levels he's actually in.

Also, be on the look out for different colored Yoshis, they're even more rare than the simple green Yoshi!

I'd also like to talk about how original alot of the levels are in this hack, not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I just think you guys would find this interesting and maybe get you hyped for the hack.

Two words; Ghost Athletic, it took me awhile to come up with this treat and finish it, but when I did, it felt so satisfying to me, the level is a part of World 2 which i'm still not going to spoil. .

. .yet.

That's actually all I got for now, sorry it was so short, i'm new to this whole thread thing, if you have any comments or concerns please don't be afraid to say something, I can take criticism.

I promise this thread will be updated in the near future!


Good news everyone!

I plan to release a Demo of the first 2 worlds so you can get a jist of what the hack is like, a lot of levels are unfinished aesthetic wise and some are even set to be completely changed, so if you don't like some of the levels or just the hack in general, don't worry, a lot is set to change in the future, oh and just a heads up, I barely know anything about the map besides designing one and making paths, so the demo may not have events or anything, unless I learn the map beforehand, and small glitches will be dealt with like the map 16 version of the walk-through dirt having that weird slide glitch, that will be fixed in the final.


Sorry about the lack of updates, while it hasn't been too long, a few days feels like forever sometimes, I've been practicing Project M for Aftershock and stuff aswell as trying to focus on school so bare with me.

But anyway, my apologizes aren't what you came for, you came for levels, yes?

This level is just another Ghost House, so i'm literally just going to type like 2 lines of text here, though it does have some interesting gimmicks, and if you noticed I also fixed some issues regarding Mario's face, so that's something.

Here's a castle level, just like the previous one, not much to say, besides that the boss is completely placeholder plus the castle is being completely redesigned as of now, as I really hated the previous design.

AND FINALLY, something interesting and original, I tried to make the Thwomps here look mossy by only editing the palettes and it turned out great, the level is based off DKC forests level as well as SMW, so expect some great level design.

Like I said in the first update, these levels don't appear much, so cherish them while they last, you'll only be playing 3 or 4. (of course this could be changed later in development so don't get to grumpy.)

And now, let's talk about something notorious in SMW hacking, something that'll will either make you scream, or is just kind of..there..


(drum roll please..?)

. . .

Munchers! (or piranha plants, but I think we can all agree on munchers.)

These little guys were pointed out to by a certain user, I think you can easily scroll down, I mean. .there's not many comments anyway, but the reason i'm making a whole section of this thread about munchers is because well. . .I actually don't know, I think I need to explain why the placement of alot of munchers seem random (which they are.) and why it's NOT a problem to me.

So first off, where they added for difficulty?

. . .Yes and no actually, my first initial thought was actually well, scenery, yes, I just called these monsters scenery.

These guys are well known for their appearances in kaizo hacks, but that's not what they're here for, you see, i'm actually making munchers prominent in cave and water levels, if they do appear above ground it's only 1 or 2 per level, I just feel they fit the darker atmosphere of water levels and caves, so you can either laugh at them or feel sorry for them, I honestly don't care.

I'm gonna end this briefly because I might write more today, I mean, it's 2:00 AM right now, so i'm heading to bed, goodnight everybody and remember to keep hacking!

. .And on a side note, i'm working on a trailer, but i'm having trouble finding music, if you could suggest some that'd be great, particularly something depressing or suspenseful, I also finally made a story for my hack, it's kind of dark too, so I feel the need to change GFX is imminent now.

Super Mario: Mario's Revenge is here.

3:00 AM

Unfortunately I couldn't get to sleep due to all these story concepts that suddenly flew into my mind, now i'm not trying to make my hack "gritty" or "edgy" I just think having a dark story would be interesting for Mario, I mean, just look at Super Paper Mario or Partners in Time, they had pretty disturbing concepts, and this hack will too, so i'm actually going to explain the story, so if you don't want to see it. . .


Basically Bowser finally steals Peaches heart power and uses it to kill her and take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi try to defeat him but they fail miserably, both almost dying, barely escaping the fray, they decide to take down Bowser once and for all and save the kingdom one last time.


I had to redesign the first world just to reflect the story, and I felt that it would be a bit cliche to kill off Luigi too, I mean, he's just as powerful as Mario, if not stronger, so why not let him survive too? I think both of them avenging Peach is a cool concept, and before you say anything, no, i'm not ripping off Mario Gives Up, that's something completely different.



I finally got a plethora of GFX (with more on the way may I add) in my hack, which is looking more solid than it already was, while I did have a strong urge to make a vanilla hack due to my newfound knowledge of map16, I think that'll have to wait, practicing with custom GFX is better in my opinion, besides, I have another secret project in the works, but that's besides the point.

Also on a side note i'm back to square one on the story, just so everyone knows, I want something light-hearted but unique.

But anyway, let's get this show on the road!

First off, I completely scrapped all the previous palettes I've had and replaced them with new ones or the original SMW ones, this is so editing it is easier and such, if that makes any sense.

I'm just gonna out and say it, this is the first level in the game, which has gone through about 4 versions already, but i'm confident this version will be in the final product, unlike all the previous versions, I can honestly see extreme improvement from myself each time I remade it. #smw{B)}

But without further ado. .

Here's a small portion of what the map will be like!

This is world 1, "A New Beginning."

As you can see, we've got it all here, your caves, your castles and Grassy feel, however, there are no events yet, so that will have to wait, i'm still a noob when it comes to the map, so bare with me.

I have 9 other worlds planned, 5 of them are scrunched together in the Overworld Map (tight, I know..), but it's not as bad as it sounds, I made it work. #smw{:peace:}

Here's something that was really fun to make, a "lava cave".

Sorry if that sounds weird, but I don't know any other way to put it, if I remember correctly, most caves were like this in SMW, so this should be a blast from the past. (don't worry, not all the caves will be infested with fire! #smw{;)} )

Next update I'll be sharing way more information, with a possible Demo coming soon! Have fun and keep hacking everyone!


It's been a good while hasn't it? No matter, I honestly have nothing new at the moment, just here to say i'm not dead.

I've been trying to perfect my characters in Project M and have been dealing with school and shit, so don't expect much out of me.
Originally posted by MrDeePay
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
(Also, expect staff to move this thread to the Works In Progress forum at some point. Just a heads up)

Right now sounds like a good time.

Sorry about that, i'm extremely new to this. xD
4/25/2015 2:02 PM

Hey everybody, UP B here.

I've put SMW : Star King's Wrath on hiatus in favor of another hack I've been working on, while this started out as a level entry for the next VLDC it skyrocketed into it's own thing and became a full length hack. Vanilla levels are probably one of the most interesting and even charming (if thats what you want to call it) things I've ever made regarding Super Mario World hacking, the limited choice of tiles, if you even want to say limited, I'd personally say unlimited, force you to be creative with your level design and scenery, now put all that and stuff it into a full length hack, not that i'm saying i'm the first one that's done this, i'm just saying if you haven't played a vanilla hack, go play one.

Most of these levels are heavily inspired by levels from VLDC 7 or Super Mario World, as such, it features some of the original tracks from Super Mario World while mixing it with some nice custom music, I will show you two examples of this.

This level, Woodplank Way, is based off the many forest levels in VLDC 7, combining the Grassland, Forest, Ghost House and even some of the Athletic tiles, there's so many options for scenery.

This level, Bullet Bill Blast, was built off of and based off of Vanilla Dome 4, one of my personal favorite levels in the original Super Mario World, it adds several twist however, like the appearance of Banzai Bills and vice versa.

At that, I think we're done with levels for today and should move on to the map.

This is the first map design, as you can see, I still haven't learned events because i'm a scrublord, but I've got the tiles down and pact, so I have a fetish for making the second world Water/Ice and I don't know why, so you'll just have to deal with that but the first world is of course, a Grassland.

Now while it looks like a simple Grassland, do not be fooled, the level diversity is off the charts, you got your forests, your caves, your athletics and even your ghost houses and then of course the castle.

The second world is still in progress so I can't say much about it at the moment, so you'll just have to sit tight and wait for answers. ( if you even want answers.. ) So yeah, A Vanilla Adventure should be a fun experience when I finally release it! Expect updates soon!
Hey everybody, UpBforVictory here with a new update for TSKW! I decided to make another thread because my old one is pretty much dead and inactive, all updates for TSKW will be put on this thread from here on out. if you have any questions, criticism or concerns, don't be afraid to ask or enlighten me! If you want to get in on the development of this hack or just playtest, please PM me, I need all the help I can get, I need some serious help with the map as I cannot figure out how warps/events work even after watching several tutorials. I've made some major changes since the last update and barely any levels I've shown so far are the same as of now! I'm gonna try to make this update as long as I can, I have alot of stuff to say though before we begin, I haven't updated in a long while I'd like to point out a few things.

1. Though the hack features a ton of custom bgs and gfx, there are quite a few vanilla levels, this is either because I think the graphics are fine as is or just fit the current style, the majority of these levels are caves. 2. Almost every enemy in the game has been replaced with a brand new enemy designed by yours truly, items and blocks have also been redesigned! #smw{^_^} 3. Most map elements have been redesigned, such as the Forest Of Illusion trees looking more realistic, to the hills with eyes being turned into bushes. Though I've given away alot of the big stuff, there's still a ton to go over, so i'm not done yet!

There's several new pieces of scenery, can you spot them all?!

Here's a portion of the new and improved, but currently unfinished world map!

This is World 1, which is a forest/grassland mixture, it features fairly simple levels with no real gimmick, after all, it is the first world. It features a Switch Palace much like the original Super Mario World, the color of that Switch Palace is currently undecided however. It was heavily inspired by VLDC 8's Grass portion of the map and is by far my best map compared to the many map designs before this, which where genrally flat and kind of boring to look at, while this one is curvy and is covered in all sorts of great scenery, in other words, it's generally more appealing. I tried my best to make the overworld look like a forest world AND a grassland world at the same time, and honestly, I don't think it disappoints, but thats just me. On a side note, World 1 may be expanded in the future, but the design of it will generally stay the same, it will just be bigger and better.

With all that out of the way, I'd like to actually discuss and show off the new designs for various enemies and items. None of these names or anything like that are final and are subject to change in this distant future, so if you hate one of these, do not fear, it could change! #smw{:D} At that, i'm going to introduce the first enemy I designed for TSKW, Lil' Circlet, this enemies' behavior definitely is not final, but for now it acts as the Goomba of TSKW.

Lil' Circlets are often found in groups.

Lil' Circlet was honestly just a test of what I could do with yychr, as when I made this I hadn't used it in years and I kind of became fond of it and kept it as the goomba. I honestly think if I would've never made this thing we wouldn't have all these new designs in my hack, which would make it kind of bland in my opinion. Just like any other Goomba or Koopa, there is a flying variant of Lil' Circlet, a appropriately named, Winged Circlet.

As you can see here, the wings are completely redrawn!


What is this thing?!

That's a Marasu, based off the world missile, it shoots out of cannons much like a Bullet Bill but cannot be jumped on, making it much more of a threat. There are usually not many in level, only featuring about 1 or 2 of them per level, nonetheless they can still screw you over pretty bad! It's design was originally a SMW fireball with angry eyes, but it looked pretty bland, so it became this thing, this was also my second design after Lil' Circlet.


Hey, it's the Special World Pirahna Plant!

All Pirahna Plants have been replaced by their special world counterpart, what i'm dubbing the Pumpkin Plant! Their behavior and design will be tweaked a bit more but for now they're just like they are in Super Mario World, their vines are red now too!

Also, in the corner you can spot a redesigned Boo that snuck it's way into the picture!

At last! A power-up!

I've tweaked the mushrooms a bit to make them fit the style of the hack more, their spots have been removed and their eyes have been made bigger! This also applies for 1-ups.

And finally..


I'd just like to say not every enemy is getting changed or getting a new design, some of them will just get better shading than the original game, as you can see in the Marasu picture with the Koopa Shell Mario is holding.

Sorry if this update was too short! I tried to pack as much I could in while at the sametime trying not to spoil too many features!

This is UpBforVictory and I'll see you next update where we'll tackle the designs for some of the bosses and brand new levels!

Rise and shine everyone! It's time for a super early update, I got alot of progress done throughout the night, some levels have already been replaced or given a new coat of paint, it's crazy!! I finally took the time to add some more ExGFX to the rom, even though it's super easy I got to the point where I was to lazy to add new graphics. I remapped every tile due to adding a few of the VLDC 7 tiles such as the pipes, so I had to do some major work on the levels to make them the same as they where before, but it actually didn't take that long luckily! If you thought some of the levels looked bland in the close-ups from the last update, nearly every level has been given a fresh coat of paint or even scrapped altogether. So today, i'm gonna give you an overview of World 1 and the Story I've conjured up for this hack! I was going to talk about the bosses, but they're not ready yet, so you'll have to wait.

btw am i a liar cuz i lied twice in a row

world 1 has gimmicks lolololol

gee i wonder what this level is about

So 1-1, Monty's Meadow!

I don't think I mentioned this hack is going to be moderately difficult and expects you to at least know the basic premise of Super Mario World! (don't all hacks?) And right off the bat, you're tossed into a pretty challenging level, with Moles popping out at every corner, Monty's Meadow!

Mario about to toss a Lil' Circlet at Monty Mole.

So the gimmick of this level, if you hadn't already guessed, is that it's packed to the brim with Moles! Though they're not the only enemies who take center stage, this level also introduces two other enemies aswell!

You again!

The Koopa Troopa is introduced in this level and probably appears the most out of any other enemy from this level to the next.


And the aforementioned Lil' Circlet, which appears almost as much as the Koopa Troopa!

There's Moles everywhere!

Monty Moles in this level usually appear in groups of two to ambush Mario, however, they're not that hard to deal with and shouldn't be much of a problem.

1-2, What Goes Up..

What Goes Up features several things that rise and fall OR make you rise and fall, such as growing pipes or note blocks. It also features a certain enemy that rises and falls..

Mario carefully watches a Pumpkin Plant from down below.

The Pumpkin Plant is introduced in this level, it tries to get a chunk outta' Mario by going into a pipe and coming back out!


The Propeller Pumpkin is also introduced in this level, yes, it can fly!!

This level briefly introduces you to the premise of an athletic level, but not quite, as it still features quite a bit of ground and not too many pits to fall in, so i guess it's like.. a halfletic? *shot*

1-3, *UNNAMED*

This level is still in progress, I can't say much at the moment, you'll just have to wait and see what it is at a later date!

1-4, Don't Get Munched!

This level features a ton of Munchers that are out to devour your extra lives and even soul, but fear not! Trusty Disco Shells ( is that even their name..? ) will help you cross this perilous predicament.

Mario uses a Disco Shell to get across some Munchers.

In Don't Get Munched you have to run away from evil Disco Shells while jumping over Munchers, sometimes even having to jump on a Disco Shell to get across, it get's pretty tricky later on in the level and you actually have to have pretty good precision to make it across some of these gaps, but it's not too difficult.

D'oh I missed!

Here's the new design for the info box! It was kind of based of Yoshi's Island but at the same time, not really, I just thought a wink face would be very suitable for something giving a hint away.

1-5, White Dwarf!

Much like 1-3, this level is unfinished and doesn't have much going for it right now, so I can't really say much about it, sorry.

The Story

I'm not going to lie a third time, i'm going to briefly summarize the current plot of my hack, it's actually pretty long, so it should be a pretty decent read.

The Star King is the royalty of Star Haven, he is very formal and polite to visitors such as Mario, or Princess Toadstool, who were actually visiting on this very day! The Star King's chefs had cooked up a splendid assortment of treats for our hero and his friends. Mario and the Princess sat down to eat their meal, The Star King stared at the Princess, he stared at her for a good while, "what would it be like to be in power or two kingdoms? What would it be like if I took over?" He thought to himself. He knew this wasn't right, this wasn't okay at all. As Mario and his friends finished their meal, they waved goodbye to the king and shook hands with him, and set off back to the kingdom, little did they know, The Star King was power hungry, and for some strange reason, Princess Toadstool had set him off, was it seeing another royalty that made him so anxious, so. . different? The Star King looked his men, they weren't an army, they were just loyal subjects, but they could be an army. .they could help him gain power, they could help him be the one and only royalty. Mario and friends had finally reached the end of the long corridor when they suddenly heard from a familiar voice, "Guards, seize them!"

*That's where the game begins*

SO was it good? Sorry for being a bit convoluted with some of my reasonings, but it's a Mario story, come on. #w{:>}

At that, i'm gonna get some rest, this took me about 3 hours to write, so I think I deserve it.

Hey everybody! I'm gonna give you guys a quick update on some of the enemies, I've tweaked the behavior of some of the enemies to rise the difficulty a bit, you may enjoy or really hate these changes!

I gotcha now!


Koopa Troopas are now immune to fire attacks while in their shell, I mean, ins't a shell for defense?


Lil' Circlets are now killed in one hit like the traditional Mario Goomba, this can either be an annoyance or a helpful addition because while you can't use them as a weapon, they're easier to take care of. However, unlike a Paragoomba, Winged Circlets still die in one hit!

So that was a super quick update, see ya tomorrow guys!


i know what you're thinking

where the hell are the updates????????????????????

well my computer got fried and i got a new one

i still have the files

but i hate this hack

so ok its cancelled
Interesting concept, but why exactly is Waluigi helping Mario?
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Originally posted by UpBForVictory
I decided to make another thread because my old one is pretty much dead and inactive, all updates for TSKW will be put on this thread from here on out.

Not really sure that was necessary unless you're somehow taking the hack in a new direction.

That's exactly why.
Originally posted by Cascade
WHOOAAAAHHHH!!!! Slow down there, guy!!!

I clicked on your thread because it had been buried by others receiving new posts while your's was not. Typically, a thread without any responses is indicative of a lack of content, but in this case you've made an enormous intro post in text that is entirely too large. There are two reasons why this thread has been ignored (even though what you've posted is actually quite good) so I'll break down each issue individually:

1) Your post is too freaking long!!! I'm particularly flabbergasted that you felt it was necessary to make multiple updates in the same post within a two day span. I don't really understand why you would make several updates to a post that no one has responded too. By doing that, your initial post is so hideously long that people are discouraged from posting replies, but that is partly due to the other issue,

2) Your text is unnecessarily large. Honestly, everything you've written would be just fine in normal text. Also, purple against black doesn't look particularly good and defeats any intent to make the text stand out. The following block of text takes up slightly more than a screen on my computer in your formatting. See how compact it is in a normal size and color?

Originally posted by UpBForVictory
Hey everybody, UpBforVictory here with a new update for TSKW! I decided to make another thread because my old one is pretty much dead and inactive, all updates for TSKW will be put on this thread from here on out. if you have any questions, criticism or concerns, don't be afraid to ask or enlighten me! If you want to get in on the development of this hack or just playtest, please PM me, I need all the help I can get, I need some serious help with the map as I cannot figure out how warps/events work even after watching several tutorials. I've made some major changes since the last update and barely any levels I've shown so far are the same as of now! I'm gonna try to make this update as long as I can, I have alot of stuff to say though before we begin, I haven't updated in a long while I'd like to point out a few things.

1. Though the hack features a ton of custom bgs and gfx, there are quite a few vanilla levels, this is either because I think the graphics are fine as is or just fit the current style, the majority of these levels are caves. 2. Almost every enemy in the game has been replaced with a brand new enemy designed by yours truly, items and blocks have also been redesigned! #smw{^_^} 3. Most map elements have been redesigned, such as the Forest Of Illusion trees looking more realistic, to the hills with eyes being turned into bushes. Though I've given away alot of the big stuff, there's still a ton to go over, so i'm not done yet!

There's several new pieces of scenery, can you spot them all?!

Now, the content you have is quite good. Your custom graphics and sprites are actually very impressive and good looking (especially the overworld graphics.) Certain changes you've made to sprites such as the Koopa Troopas are also underused by a lot of hackers. Making them invulnerable to fireballs adds a tinge of challenge to the game that a lot of vanilla/choconilla hacks could benefit from (in my own hack, I've edited the Red Koopas to be invulnerable to fireballs while in their shell because, well, you know, their shells become Podobos when swallowed by Yoshi). The hack concept is also neat and I would be interested in playing this when a demo comes out.

Thanks for the positive feedback man, I really should've taken that into consideration when writing so much.
I thought I needed to throw this out there, after I just kind of threw 3-4 WIP hacks in the garbage, because I hate them and they're terrible (seriously, I do.)I am working on 2 hacks at the moment, but i'm only gonna show one of those hack today. ( I assure you these will not be cancelled like my others. )

This is literally all I have of the hack so far, there really is not much to talk about atm, I just wanted to clarify that i'm not dead and i'm still going to make hacks, no matter what.

See ya.
thinking about making an atheltic ghost house/ghost ship like level

or a koopa centered castle i guess
Originally posted by Agent Q
I've always laughed at the people who think Mario Maker would cause a huge migration away from Lunar Magic.
They're two completely different beasts. Hell, I'd argue Lunar Magic + the other tools available are far superior.

there's no argument, it IS better
some garbage kaizo level i made when i was like 8, but if it had to be more recent, i'd say my first level i made when i actually tried to get serious with lunar magic
So I made a level for fun and it kind of escalated into a mini-hack of sorts, possibly a full length hack if i'm willing to put in the extra effort. I finished the first level, THE BEAUTIFUL, in about two days and have been clamoring to make a thread about it ever since it's completion! It's a Athletic/Grassland hybrid with a TON of Koopas!

The level doesn't have many branching paths or areas to explore, but you might just find some interesting things if you go looking! Springs and other hidden goodies are just waiting to be found!

As you progress through the level you begin to venture up and down a steep mountainside filled with bottomless pits, steep hills and just all around BAD STUFF. But don't worry! Platforms are there to save you from a fall, just watch out for Bowser's baddies, they'll try to stop you at all costs!

Platforms become trickier and harder to navigate as the level goes on, with more enemies and other hindrances in your way, it's sure to be a challenge!


obviously extremely unfinished level, this will be 1-2, i am conflicted on what the theme will be

( i'll make videos soon )

level music:

im gonna body u all in vldc10 juST U WAIT
Originally posted by Gregor
Also the enemy palettes look too strong compared to the rest of everything, you might want to change that.

This look any better? (Also I changed the platform palette aswell)


the moving platforms and static ones are now identical in palette

(cloud palette in this screenshot has been addressed ^ )

i also tried to fix up the enemy palettes, thanks for your insight!
overworld shape looks sort of strange to me and while i like the look of the levels from what i'm seeing, you should probably add more decorations and such
i'm loving the look of this, keep up the great work!
This is some good stuff! Keep up the great work!
Thanks for the help everyone! 1-1 is finally finished! I've gotten quite a bit of progress on 1-2 since I last posted that screenshot, the theme, enemies and gimmick are now all decided! I even have a name! SKY CRUSHER! Despite it's name mentioning the sky, this level actually isn't all that athletic, is does feature a few bottomless pits here and there but most of the action takes place in a ruins like setting with Thwomps and Dry Bones littered all over the place.

This level uses Special Autoscroll 4, I never really see people use the Special Autoscroll sprites so I decided to put them to use.

As you progress through the ruins you get higher and higher into the sky, also making the level more treacherous and dangerous to navigate.

One of the first screens in the level. Kind of gives you a taste of what you're in for, it introduces the two types of Dry Bones right off the bat.

As you get deeper in the ruins, more and more enemies appear. Thwomps is one of those many enemies. ( and the most common one at that )

Wooden stakes also appear frequently, they block your path and can possibly put you into some nasty situations!


This jumps tricky.

level music:

Originally posted by Erik557
The green shade in the foreground needs more contrast. Other than that, looks nice.

:] fixed
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