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Posts by UpBForVictory
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Originally posted by Erik557
Ah, that looks better. Good job, altough maybe the clouds color can be changed to reflect that the level takes place in a sunset environment.

yeah, you're right, I'll tinker with that a bit


cloud cloud cloud cloud

another edit:

i made the bg actually look good

-quick update-

no longer 1-2, will be late world 1 or world 2, its a bit too difficult and doesn't really fit anywhere on the map :/
Originally posted by ThePat545

This level is called Carnival Commotions, filled with key-locked blocks and ON/OFF blocks along with Chucks and blue Koopas. Nothing too hard about it, I might add a power-up and maybe some coins too.

Click here for a FULL video on the level, and let me know what you think! #w{=3}

I really like how you use parts of Yoshi's House for the background, it just looks so cool!
Originally posted by Chillahbyte
Looks nice. Really nice. Makes my hack look like garbage. Just a few bad things. The palettes are great, but they do clash. Some palettes are really bright whereas some are darker. That's the clashing part. Also, try to add more obstacles; make it harder. Other than that, great job. Good luck, because I've had absolutely none. In fact, I might as well make my hack entirely out of palettes because that's the only thing everyone likes.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

Hey everybody, i'm back for another update. I'm gonna try to do this stuff daily if I can, but it might not always go as planned. So last night I finally threw together an Overworld, it's unfinished but I really like how it's turning out!

world 1 music:

This is world 1 (without the castle) and it's actually pretty long! It has 7 levels! Two of those being THE BEAUTIFUL and SKY CRUSHER (which has been moved to 1-6) I'm also working on a brand new level for 1-2, it's placeholder name is WEIRD DOME 7 (or final name maybe???)

weird dome 7 music:

It's the first level in the hack with an super enforced gimmick, the level is slightly puzzled based, but most of these puzzles are completely optional and just reward you with a power-up, or in this case, Yoshi.

In Super Mario World, these red blocks are sprites (Duh right) but much like platforms, Mario can stand on them but NPCs and other sprites cannot. This allows for some interesting level design and puzzles, such as in this screenshot with the turnblock and throwblock. You have to aim the throwblock just right to hit it, it's sure to be challenge!

Speaking of which, this level is a bit of a challenge without Yoshi, he makes things ALOT easier and get you to a few places you can't access with Luigi alone.

Now back to SKY CRUSHER.

The second half of SKY CRUSHER is at night, I thought it would be a cool idea since the whole first part's palette revolves around a sunset, so it's like you're progressing through the day.

This sections a bit more tricky than the first one, but it makes up for that by being shorter and more rewarding to the player. Speaking of rewarding..

Did you remember to bring the P-switch?

That's all for now everybody, please give me some feedback!


i'm attempting to make a boss with lunar magic alone, wish me luck!
Originally posted by Chillahbyte
My first question that I have is:
how do you make animated leaves? I see them in many hacks. They're kind of little leaves floating through the air.
My second is:
how do you edit the "No Yoshi Entrance" sequence? You know, at the start of a castle? Also, it'll be helpful if I'm reminded on how to disable it. I've done it before, but I've forgotten. I've also been hopelessly searching for a button, so yeah.
Another question I have is:
how do you make certain layers transparent? I'd really like to know so I can make a crystally cave-like level.
Thanks for reading.

you click the little picture of the fishes

as for the flowing leaves, pretty sure that's a custom sprite, i have one much like it in my level

lost the motivation to work on this for awhile, i'm currently working on a level for a future collab/contest i'll be participating in and kinda have no ideas for any new levels soooo lol

just to clarify; this isn't dead, just on hiatus
Originally posted by Undertaker
This looks pretty nice overall, but what are you taking your screenshots with? Most of them (with the exception of the last one in your most recent update) are huge. You should use screenshot capture tool that your emulator provides.

i use prtscr on my keyboard then try to make them a bit smaller with paint. can ZSNES take screenshots?
Originally posted by yoshiatom
Originally posted by UpBForVictory

First, ZSNES is an outdated emulator with security flaws (You could get a virus from a malicious ROM) SNES9X 1.53, Bsnes or ZMZ (all in the tools section!) are recommended nowadays.

As for your question, most emulators can take screenshots; the hotkey tends to be F12.

ah yeah, i've been hearing that for awhile, just never took the time to get around to downloading SNES9X
Originally posted by Undertaker from Dailymotion
I miss Carol mannn

carol is still around (just not here)

pretty sure he's still working on Brutal Mario

look im not dead wow!!!!!!!

this is 1-3, ORANGE SODA BEACH. i made some sand tiles out of the moving rock platforms and stuff so theres that

i've made almost half the level and i don't want to spoil the surprise it hides :^)

sorry for the short as heck update but i dont want people to think i'm dead lol


i'll try to throw together a one world demo soon!!! ;w;

(update: weird dome 7 has been completely omitted from the hack, this is now 1-2)
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
The layout is nice, but the ground looks more fitting for a sky level. I recommend you use something that looks more like sand.

does this look any better? i think the top of the foreground looks fine, so i assume the bumpy walls made it look like a cloud or something
why do some of the tiles glitch when i make mario enter a sublevel from the second screen

Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
That's better. But at lease have it a bit bumpy on the sides.

alright, i'll try to make it vary
why do some of the tiles glitch when i make mario come out of the pipe on screen 01 and onward
Originally posted by RussianMan
You need to install bugfix patch by alcaro:

welp now i gotta learn how to do that lol

thanks for the help #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by Luigi_master1
It might also be because of the graphics you inserted, they could be too big.

nah, i'm using pure vanilla
I've decided to scrap alot of my older concepts because I know I can do way better now. I'll be keeping the Overworld I made and a few of the levels I started on but they will most likely go through heavy changes and updates OR be removed entirely

With all that being said, I've made an entirely new first level! I wasn't a big fan of my old one and I thought the structure and difficulty curve was really awful, not to mention the strange palette choices.

As you can see I've applied a few patches and even added some rad custom music! I'll probably put up a video of this level on my channel once i'm done sprucing it up.

It's name is A MOLESOME WELCOME! It's littered with tons of moles and there are even some cave segments where you run into Mega Moles as well.

Other than that though it's honestly just a typical first level. You've got your Koopas, Goombas and Pirahana Plants! ( no banzai bills though :( )

All that being said though, I still tried to make the layout and structure pretty complex, but in a way thats easy to take in and open up with! While the path is pretty straight forward and set in stone, there are a few secrets hidden beyond the screen boundaries!

(im so sorry i really wanted to release a demo soon but i'm just not happy with most of my levels :( )

new ow palette ok bye

yahoo here we go spaghetti thank you so for much playing
a pikmin layout with red yellow and blue i guess
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UpBForVictory's Profile - Posts by UpBForVictory

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