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Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
I just noticed a spot on the bottom left of the screen. But everything is looking good. Another thing why isn't it Luigi anymore?

i wanted the story to be sort of a direct sequel to the original super mario world, so i decided to use mario
Originally posted by UpBForVictory
a pikmin layout with red yellow and blue i guess

Can you provide images and more details?</div></div>,800x800,075,t.u2.jpg

these guys

in a generic forest or somethin

i apologize for my vagueness lmao
i've secretly and silently been waiting for this for the longest time
link to my hacks thread

i'd like if it where based around one of these screen shots, but whatever works best for you is also fine

here you go, sorry, i guess the way ZSNES filters things makes it have alot of pixels
Hey there everybody, i'm proud to announce that World 1 is about a quarter done as of now! I have alot to show off, so I'll just let the screenshots speak for themselves for the most part!


I tried to make something interesting out of the default title screen tiles, and I quite like how it turned out!


I tried to make a story out of nothing. Pretty self explanatory.

I wrote indepth descriptions for the levels and then accidentally clicked backspace and everything i wrote disappeared, so im just gonna post some screen shots of the levels with a few words about them

1-1 a molesome welcome

showed this level off before, not much else to say

except now it has layer 3 shenanigans #wario{O_o}

1-2 flooded pipeline

sewer with lots of pipe dwelling lakitus and bomb-ombs, also features bomb bros as mini bosses of a sort

1-3 personal alarm clock

originally named rip van you, but that was stupid and i already have a level name with a massively dumb pun (a molesome welcome)

so i named it personal alarm clock (cuz the whistling chucks wake up the rip van fish wow wow WOWIE!!!!!! WHAT A COOL GIMMICK!!)

but yeah not much else to say other than that, besides the fact that this level is an autoscroller

1-4 better call saws

i'm actually very proud of this level name and i dont really know why

introduction to athletic levels and hammer bros, sounds like a fun time right

also theres like one or two saws on every screen, so yeah, have fun #wario{:peace:}

1-5 sunset sanctum

another autoscroller level, but this time with much more going on

this level takes place in ancient ruins in the sky or something also parallax scrolling layer 3 is so sexy omg

but yeah i made posts about this level too earlier in this thread so if you want to learn more about it you should probably check that out

and now its time FOR THE BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1-6 moonlit fortress

so i tried to add the moon from star road but it ended up looking really awful so you'll just have to settle for more layer 3 clouds instead my amigos

this is the first level in the hack with a heavily enforced gimmick --- going behind nets!! wow!! so mario goes behind sprites if hes behind the climbing net and this includes the red question blocks, so using that i was able to make a wall that mario can only pass if hes behind the net and bada boom bang you got your gimmick pepperonis

remember snns underwater net level thing

its basically that but in a castle (cool right)

well guys thats all from me for now guess ill just have to get back to slacking and staring at my level blankly for over an hour wondering what the fuck i can even add!!!!!

but even then!!! WE'RE NOT DONE YET LITTLE DUDES!!!!

here's the unfinished(?) world 1 island, i dont really know what else i can add at this point but if you guys think something looks shitty with it i'd love to know, im not very good at making submaps or OWs but I tried my best with this one

at that i guess im gonna end this update, i wanted to give you guys something big since i haven't updated in a pretty long time, im gonna leave a few bonus screenshots down here for you guys! hope you enjoy

(the glitched sprites obviously aren't going to be there in a demo or the final release, i was just testing things out)

peace guys and i apologize for my C3 absence, i got most of this stuff done late yesterday, i was trying so hard to grind for it tho #wario{:'(}
this project is on hiatus/cancelled till further notice

i'm not having fun making these levels anymore, just feels like a chore
i found out about it from SSoHPKC

its kind of funny because i watched one of his recent videos and they're way better than they used to be lmao

but yeah i dont honestly remember when i made my first level, but it was awhile back. i kind of got bored with hacking after awhile and met one of my now best pals on miiverse who also happened to hack smw in the past, he and i actually got back into hacking after that

(i came back to hacking like a year ago, but my first level was probably made around 2011)

another thing to note is that i was more wrapped up with Super Mario Bros. X for awhile but I finally decided that i'd either be dedicated to SMW or dedicated to SMBX (and you can guess which i chose)
add throw blocks or anything you can grab and it instantly becomes immensely fun (atleast for me lmao)
Originally posted by ThePat545
1) Cry after seeing let's plays of JUMP and VIP Mario 5
2) Make the most creative levels I possibly can
3) Make an overworld
4) Realize it's crap
5) Remake overworld

6) rinse and repeat
Originally posted by OmegaYoshi
That sucks, considering this hack looked like a lot of fun to play. :(

i'll probably reuse a few of the levels in my new hack which actually has a story and an overall gimmick to it ;)
I don't really have much to show off yet, but I really need feedback on what I HAVE done. I don't really know if it's good or not, as i'm trying some new stuff that i've never actually seen a hack do before!

The story goes as follows: Mario decides he needs a break from saving the Princess and the world almost daily, so he decides to take a vaction to a remote island known as Central, upon arrival he notices a massive fortress looming in the distance and lots of familliar faces that seemed to be Bowser's troops.. Looks like his vacation destination wasn't a paradise after all.. He decided that he was going to travel to the fortress and give them a piece of his mind for ruining his vacation!

Now in this hack, there will be 5-6 areas to explore, but they all have varying lengths and some don't have as many levels as the other. Not to mention there is only one fortress level in the whole hack (the final level to be exact)

( i apologize for the stuttery GIFS, future ones will be better)


AREA: Paremesan Cavern

(disclaimer: these submaps are not final, i am not very good at making maps yet and they will DEFINITELY be revamped in the future)

The goal of this hack is to find all 4 switch palaces scattered across the land. You start in a grassland area but once you reach 1-3, you can choose between two areas depending on which exit you get. In other areas it gets much more complex, one exit may lead you through 3 more levels then a new world, or a single level which leads to a ghost house (which all switches will be in) or a brand new world.

As I said the goal of the hack is to find all 4 switches (and it shouldn't be hard, as there will only be 4 ghost houses and in turn only 4 switches, so you don't have to blindly go into ghost houses and think theres a switch at the end when there wont be, there will always be a switch as the exit)

5-6 areas are planned, they aren't really ordered as you can pretty much get to any area from every submap in some way, you could probably even go straight to the final level, but you need all 4 switches activated to enter the fortress.

Now here's some screenshots of the first level: SALAD SEASIDE!

I only really use basic enemies in this level such as Koopas, Goombas and Propeller Plants.

Thats all for today! I'm going to try to update monthly at the very least, progress is slow, but i'm having a ton of fun making this!

Heres a userbar, if you're interested!:

Edit: Changed the name of SAND CAVE to DUNE BELOW.

(its a pun of down below, i know, i suck)

ANOTHER EDIT: DUNE BELOW Is now Parmesan Cavern, thanks for the idea Pixel-Gon Gamer
Originally posted by Chillah
Hey, this is really looking neat so far! I'm hopeful it won't go on hiatus like your previous one, because this catches my attention just as great as the previous hack, if not, even better. It's just an overworld preview, but it looks great! Just slightly adjust the quicksand palette in the sand area. It kind of blends in with the ground. Besides that, keep in mind I'm wishing you the best of luck! Great job!

I'm alot more determined to finish this project than my last one! Don't worry, and thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I'll try to fix up the sand cave palette somehow.
Originally posted by K.T.B.
Your idea sounds interesting (I like the whole concept of the final level being accessable from the start but you need to hit the switches to actually be able to do anything).

Your overworlds and levels look nice, but the second OW of yours looks a bit bland palette-wise. You should change it up a bit, add more colours and such.

Also it would help if you avoid exclusively using goombas, koopas, and plants. Your levels will be much more fun if there's a lot of variety.

Thanks for the feedback! I mostly meant they're prominently featured in the first level, I may have worded that a bit wrong lmao
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
Salad Seaside is looking good, although that green palette looks a bit off.

Sand Cave looks and sounds bit bland, and I noticed some perspective errors.

The levels, the 1st and 3rd screenshots looks good, but the 2nd and 4th looks like 105 edits.

Another thing, I'm tired of seeing SMW Mario everywhere, so for a suggestion would be to use an SMA2 Mario I made, just for something different.

P.S. It sucks that MARIO'S POINTLESS ADVENTURE got cancelled, it looked so good.

Appreciate the feedback! I might actually use your Mario, I really liked and actually used your SMA2 Luigi graphics in earlier versions of Mario's Pointless Adventure, and I actually fixed a few perspective errors in Sand Cave already and messed with the palette a bit (another funny thing is, sand cave is going to be bit of an abstract world, it's actually a desert beneath the earth, the name is sort of a placeholder, I couldn't think of a better name at the time! #smw{^_^;}). Anything looking like 105 is coincidental considering I started everything from scratch!

Again, thanks for the feedback! Anything and everything helps me improve this hack!

(and yeah, i should probably darken the green a bit in salad seaside)
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
I also love the name Salad Seaside. What I meant on the 105 similarities, were the slanted pipe, and the dragon coin trapped in turn blocks.

P.S. Am I the only one who finds it weird their called dragons coins, and that Nintendo never gave Mario an SMA2 graphics style?

Yeah I wanted to parody/continue the theme of naming the worlds after food like in the original SMW

Also I dont really mind the name 'Dragon Coins' but I usually always end up calling them Yoshi Coins instead.
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
It's weird because I'm both turned on and off with the food names. Because they can be creative (like yours), but they're cliché. I'm not saying to change the names, they're fine the way they are. But if that's case, I have a good name for Sand Cave, Parmesan Cave. Although I find it weird there's a desert world in a game called Mario's Seaside Adventure, I'd either change the name, or change the world.

P.S. I usually call them Yoshi Coins too.

I was thinking "Super Mario World: Journey on Central Island" but idk, I think the seaside name is fine as in most submaps you'll be able to see the ocean, so the island feels fairly small (besides obvious ones like cave and forest) i actually wanted to limit the amount of worlds so DUNE BELOW/Parmesan Cave is kind of a hybrid of deserts, mountains and caves which are already sort of similar level archetypes imo. I may change up the grassland submap and make it more tropical, maybe reskin the first level to look like a beach or something.
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
That's a good name DUNE BELOW, and idea, mixing up worlds. I've always thought of doing something like that, i.e. a cross of a desert and beach.

I think I should go with Parmesan Cave tho, to keep in the theme of worlds being named after food.
Originally posted by Chillah
Hey, I like that. Reminds me a bit of NSMBU. "Layer-Cake Desert", "Rock Candy Mountains"... Parmesan Cavern sounds good.

Man, I love NSMBU, such an underrated game :/ (just cuz its NSMB, mind you)

My favorite name from that game is definitely Meringue Clouds, trying to think of some names that are just as awesome for the forest world and ghost world.. and i'm kind of stuck on the latter.. #wario{>:|}
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