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Oh, wow! Already looks alot better than the original, i'm loving the palettes and ExGFX you used! Keep up the great work!
Quick update! Here's some unfinished (but new) submaps!


This ones a bit unfinished, I might have to make ExGFX for a jungle map or something because thats what I intend on this world being.


Obviously unfinished, not much to look at, nor is there much aesthetic, but I intend on adding dead trees etc to spruce it up.


Here's a bit of a fixed up Parmesan Cave, i'm still working on the palette and touching up the layout but I think it looks alot better now.



*cutoff in third screenshot has been fixed*

this level is based around yoshi and dino rhinos, i also have a planned gimmick where dino torches are under the ground and shoot up their fire or something <<<

also when i put yoshi in a level i usually try to relate yoshi and the yoshi coins somehow, i.e. the yoshi coin on the munchers and in turn requiring yoshi to get it, so expect to see that more when yoshi appears in levels later in this hack

i'm also definitely going to change up the dino rhino palette

( also thanks to pixel-gon gamer for the sma2 mario ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

thats all for today, expect another update tomorrow or in the coming week!

and honestly i dont know why the submap gifs are going sanic speed???????????????
Is that a glitch, or intended? Cuz it reminds me of that weird Luigi level from Mario's Strange Quest.. :v
You should make the bg darker, the brightness of it makes it look like foreground. Other than that, looks great so far.
Originally posted by OmegaYoshi
Intentional. Yes, this level is inspired by that one level from Mario's Strange Quest.

I figured, the palette kinda looked too good to be glitched lmao
Honestly, i'm just gonna cut to the chase and say I don't have much to show, I lost motivation to hack for like a week and have gotten absolutely no progress, so i'm just going to show levels I haven't shown yet.


Highly unfinished level, I just kind of made a base layout I could work off of, it's backstory is pretty interesting though, I guess. It's a desert submerged deep within a mountain. ( thats all really, sorry it wasn't actually interesting at all lmao)


This level is highly fleshed out but not quite done, unfortunately. Takes place above Parmesan Cave and is your typical Athletic/Mountain level. Not much else to say, really, the screenshots speak for themselves.

That's literally all I have, I told myself I wasn't going to force myself to update if I didn't have anything to show, but I did have stuff to show. I really wanted to get some major progress on this hack before school started up again, but looks like that's not happening. ;~;

I promise the next update won't be so forced like this lmao

(also i finished my SLDC level, check it out here or here)
link 1

link 2

Here's my entry! Either one of these should work, I put two links because my friend was having trouble patching, so just try the other if one doesn't work for you.
Request name: pipe dwelling pitchin chuck
Type: sprite
Short description: a charging chuck that sticks it's head out of a pipe (much like a pipe dwelling lakitu) and throws a few baseballs, then goes back inside
Resources: vanilla smw chuck sprites
other stuff: maybe make an alternate version that throws footballs or something? (footballs are awful tho lol)

been trying to do a full resprite of smw, and this is what i consider my best so far

i feel like ill never finish mario tho because im too lazy ;w;
im done with hacking for a long time, i cant stay committed to something, i'm sorry

i wrecked the rom and although i have back ups, it just kind of destroyed my motivation to continue.

i'll probably come back to this hack someday but i dont count on it, for now i'm just going to make some levels and stuff for fun because i can't stay committed to hack, even if i had all the time in the world to work on it
I'm really liking the looks of this so far! The graphics are really nice and not only that, but I dont see many puzzle hacks anymore (most of the previous ones where pit-kaizo difficulty, but whateverr lol) also i dont know if taking a hit to progress should be necessary, even if you can never get stuck, its frowned upon and it's honestly easy to change and/or workaround. Other than that, this looks golden so far!



level is pretty athletic and has alot of moles in scary places that will make you die, it's a bit more on the difficult side as i plan for this hack to have a high difficulty curve

not gonna force myself to update if i dont have much to show, so updates on the hack may be months apart, as i work at a very slow pace. sorry in advance.

title screen!!!!


and.... oh..

Uh-oh.. looks like Mario has gotten himself into some trouble again.. falling down a hole in the ground isn't the best way to start your morning! But hey, atleast uh.. 'Paech' left some cake for Mario in that Monty Mole tunnel! What a nice lady!

Alright, time for some delicious-- hey, wait a second! There's no cake here, what's the big idea?!


i decided to make a vanilla-ish mini boss, where you're ambushed by a group of rowdy moles and forced to defeat them quickly! this is its own level, it's an interlude of sorts. i plan to have atleast two of these in each world. it's basically like a little mini-boss/minigame with a bit of exposition each time. while i don't plan to give this hack a heavy story, i do plan to have a bit of dialogue and possibly cutscenes!

also ill try to do something to tomato grove's palette lol
Hey guys, UpBforVictory here back for another update. I got some work done on the submaps and second level!


This level may look like a simple "Stop & Go" level, but it's so much more than that. While you're pressured to stay still by Volcano Lotuses, Moles will ambush you and make things super tricky, all the while you're trying to make some pretty hard jumps.

I just started this level last night, as I spent most of the day working on submaps and other neato things, which I'll show right here.

I haven't arranged most of the levels or anything, but the general design and layout of each one is done. I haven't even started on the main map (though I might just get the extra submap patch, as I really don't want to make a huge main map when I already have like 5 other worlds to add in) World 1 is Tomato Grove, World 2 is Cherry Confusion and World 8 is Choco Volcano! I also have a rather unfinished Special World and Star Road, though I may just keep them that why if it's not against the rules or something lol

also the special world is memes instead of random slang for "cool". I was gonna do modern slang I hear at school and stuff like 'lit' but I couldn't find enough words (or remember hearing enough for that matter) to fit a whole world, so I just went with memes instead.

(on a side note I might start giving all the levels unique names, I think it fits the atmosphere of this hack lol)
Originally posted by AlanJacobs
I noticed you're naming the worlds after food, much like the original!!

I know you already had a critique on the pics of your first post but, my opinion, I love the bold colors of your palette. Gives the level a unique character even with vanilla graphics. The other palettes are interesting. The underground level is okay. Tomato Grove 2 I like the brown colors. The red dirt wouldn't be my first choice but it wouldn't scare me away either. Keep it going!

Thanks! A bit of the palettes are placeholder but I think I did a pretty good job on them, and don't think the red is overbearing or eye searing in the slightest. Glad to see someone agree with me!

And yeah, naming the worlds after food. Just think it's kind of a Mario staple at this point, even NSMBU does it.

Anyhow, here's some new stuff!!

I've decided to stray away from vanilla a bit.

New BG on 1-1 and 1-2, and a new palette for 1-2 (mario's palettes have been tweaked as well) working on some finding some new graphics for the cave sublevels

here's a new level, 2-1, CHERRY CONFUSION 1

i'm not sure if i'm totally satisfied with the level on the graphical side of things, but the layout is definitely done. it has hammer bros and chucks as the main threat throughout the level.

new mario ow gfx and new cartoony text gfx for ow and text boxes!

working on finding new gfx for ow tiles or may just slighty tweak original smw ones or make my own from scratch idk yet
when you have a way better idea for a new hack and put this one on hiatus lol

sorry guys this one is gonna slow down for awhile, im going to experiment with something a little different for the time being ;w;
Hey guys, i've been working on something for the past few days, and i really like how its shaping up.

This hack is a very untraditional by Mario standards. Whenever i'm designing a level, I feel like i'm forced to put down blocks and coins.. so i'm not going to force myself to do it any longer.. while blocks still appear in this hack, they are way less common then in most other Mario games/hacks. Instead, power-ups are found by exploration or just stumbling across one in the open. You will mostly find Mushrooms throughout this hack, but if you get a bit exploratory, you can find fire flowers and even feathers!

But exploration isn't this biggest thing in this hack, difficult and precise platforming is the main theme of this hack! This may sound like a turn off, but with the addition of the wall-kick, things get a lot easier! It's not really that hard if you just use your head!

As the name of the hack implies, a mysterious, vile creature has kidnapped the Princess and threatened the Mushroom Kingdom and Badlands with an iron fist. He takes the Princess to Bowser's land and overruns the Koopa King, taking his army and fortress. Can you save the Princess, the Mushroom Kingdom AND Bowser?!

Sure you can! Here's some of the locations Mario will be travelling through to reach the vile creature's lair! I'm going to make some additional Super Mario Bros. Deluxe styled graphics such as trees and other stuff, but for now it's going to stay like this! I'm not sure how many worlds there will be yet, but that's besides the point. World 1 and World 2 have a misc theme, meaning they contain alot of varied level archetypes. World 3 is the cloud world, filled with tons of pits and other traps to keep you on your toes! The final world, world Bowser, is where the vile beast's lair resides.. Get there quickly before it's too late!!

Now, i'll show off a few levels.

BIG CEMENT PAD is the Yoshi's House level of this hack. You can do many things here, which include practice wall-jumping, activate the yellow-switch or even power-up! (albeit with only a mushroom) Theres not much else to say really, besides the fact that the golden climbing net acts like tile 1F0, putting sprites in an infinite falling state. But you probably already figured that.

It may look like you can die in this level, but you cant, all pits have noteblocks at the bottom, which bounce you back up. You're lucky this time!

Here it is! 1-1, SPRING!!! BREEZE. I've applied the patch where enemies interact with platforms and other objects, so I decided to make a level based around enemies bouncing off springs! You can snatch springs from enemies to reach higher places and find cool secrets.. other than that.. it's a pretty standard Mario fare.. so there isn't much else to say.

Now lets jump forward in the hack a bit, I started on a generic castle level awhile back.. but it kind of turned into a sky-castle-thing-a-ma-jig so its now the fortress of World 3.. Take a look!

paths split here, theres a bottom one and a top one, for the purpose of this update, i'll be showing the top one, so i dont have to take 10000 screenshots lol

<paths join again here

So i've really discovered some crazy stuff with this "enemies on platforms patch" it's insane. Thwomps will be sent flying upwards if they slam down on wall springs, so I created a few short sections centered around it. Theres also alot of climbing vines in this level, that may change in the future, idk yet. It always feels a bit clunky to climb on vines when i'm testing this level, so i may make them wider (i.e. replace them with nets) or just remove them entirely. ( or just reduce how much they show up throughout)

this level is probably going to look the same in the final hack, i really like the simplicity of the aesthetics and palette.

anywho, i would show off some more stuff, but I don't want to run everything i have made out the door just yet. Hope you enjoy what I've shown!
i get off to good super mario world levels
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