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Just a suggestion, but maybe you could use the Paper Mario player GFX from the graphics section? This is a Paper Mario hack after all :p
I love the design of this guy! Looks like a very original protagonist indeed, especially for a Mario game/hack!
...really? no response? oh well lol

i was waiting for a response on my current stuff until i updated again.. but i guess thats not going to happen lol. here's some new graphical related stuff!

here's a goomba, ported straight from SML2. I added a bit of detail to the sprite to make it look in line with the rest of the SMW enemies.

new bullet bill, also ported from SML2. definitely going to tweak the palette on this one a bit, but its a good indicator of whats to come.

new power-up, text box and key graphics. they're based off the paper mario sprites (for the feather i had to improvise a bit, the key is from yoshi's island)

thinking about adding a skin palette to the mushroom to make it look a bit less weird.

heres a new world 2 level, p-switch purgatory

spot any new gfx? this is a simple ghost house level, the length of the level kind of depends on how fast you figure out the puzzle. i won't show whats inside the door, because i want to leave some surprises for the final release lol.

thats about all i have to say, i hope i actually get some feedback this time. so i can improve.
I can't really tell much from the screenshots, but the palettes in the second screenshot are a bit weird. The green forest ground just doesn't look right to me.


(idk what this is yet ahahahaha)

everything here is made by me except for the obvious vanilla smw gfx
Originally posted by Conal
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
Impressive job on the import.

Thanks man, I've finally finished the first part of the foreground now; now I only have the entire rest of the level to do, and the tile animations and background and some other palette edit.

This is going to take a long time.

So far it uses just 1 palette row, 1 animation slot and 1 GFX file.

would the rest of the angel island tiles even fit? i believe you did green hill zone before aswell (correct me if i'm wrong), but to my knowledge angel island has alot more to port aesthetically compared to GHZ. may be a strange question to ask considering you're not done yet.

regardless, looks like it came straight out of Sonic 3, excellent work with this! And keep up the great work.
i made all the FG and enemy gfx

mario and the koopas/shells are made by some other guy, i think the sprites appear in mario flashback. (though i did have to tweak them a bit to fit into SMW)

like it??????????
Originally posted by StrikeForcer
blah blah

The BGs are still WIP! (Especially the cave) Probably should have said that in the initial post! What you see in the cave is probably what the Layer 3 is going to look like, I'm going to have more detailed rocks/stalactites in front of that. (Though it probably still needs some work regardless.. heh.. ) as for the forest, i'm gonna add layer 3 trees in the front for some paralax scrolling action!!!

The lack of things in the FG was a stylistic choice (albeit, maybe not a very good one) I'll work on that one, maybe add some spots in the dirt ala the original SMW.

The orange blob guy may be placeholder?? idk yet, i've kind of taken a liking to him. I'm probably going to make him look more inline with the foreground.. maybe lighten his outline and make the shading a little more harsh.

Thanks for the feedback! I've really been trying to get some answers about these graphics, because I don't really know how good they are..

(Also about Mario, I know that the GFX weren't really made for SMW, but I didn't really plan on including all the original frames.. I knew I was gonna have to take some creative liberties i.e. combine some frames of Vanilla SMW Mario and Mit's Mario.)

polluted night level with castle enemies?? its not as hard as it may look, but i cant really prove that until i release it can i?

palettes and general theme are still up in the air but the gimmicks are there this is probably bad, i'm considering reworking it entirely..
Everybody seems to have the same suggestion of making the bg darker.. So im probably gonna get on that. As for the munchers I may just replace them with saw blades instead, itll probably look more intimidating and fit better with the theme and such
so heres some new palettes and stuff, the bg is p much the same as some of the SMW night levels (went with the greenish one) and i removed the gradient. i tried a few different things with the gradient (like the orange ivy suggested, though i probably misinterpreted what they meant now that im reading it again..) but i couldn't really get it to look that good (ill probably give it another shot soon) i also replaced the munchers with grinders.
this level is being scrapped, i am not happy working on it or with how it is turning out at all.. sorry to dissappoint..

i'm still going to enter VLDCX but not with this level
this level was for vldc9, kinda.. i pretty much just took the palettes and first two screens and made something out of it. this is my first vldc entry and second contest entry overall.. hope its good enough. sorry in advance for the huge screenshots, i was kinda in a rush to get this thread made so i could head to bed.

another update

some of the screenshots are outdated but #smw{-_-Z} im too lazy to update them
not much else to say besides this is already shaping up to be one of my favorite levels of the contest. keep up the good work cypher! #smw{:peace:}
I did not intend for the player to spin jump off those podobos.. a fire ball that bounces against the walls is supposed to spawn there??? that's really weird.. i never had any trouble with it spawning during testing. Also the fire ball under the grabbable blocks is meant to be used for the moon, i guess its not very obvious though. Anyway, i'm gonna heavily rework the second half and maybe make the level a little longer?

dunno if i wanna use this entry anymore and i feel like a shit head because of it because i started two levels and didn't enter them....

can an admin close this thread???? i promise my next level will actually be an entry...

this level was a bunch of ideas that could have been good but ended up like shit because im a dummy, ill try better next time
oh ok, thats probably a better idea! thanks for suggesting that, dunno why i thought to do otherwise..
have you ever wondered to yourself: "i wonder if ill ever finish a hack man i must be a fucking loser" well if you go through my forum post history, you'll probably feel alot better about yourself AND your lack of progress. its been over 5 months without any update on this hack, but somehow, some way, i got myself to say "hey, why the fuck do i keep starting hacks and never finish them?!?!?!?" so here we are. i've pretty much gathered up all the levels ive been working on for fun or for older hacks and put them towards this project, and surprisingly enough, i got quite a bit! today im gonna show a new level and some other minor changes, hope you enjoy random person reading this update. (i apologize for low quality screenshots, i'm making this hack on a potato rn so i think you can understand why they may look the way they do)

didn't really realize till before posting but the images are kinda big and im sorry rip

here's cherry secret. it's a secret level in cherry confusion (wow would you imagine that) it leads to the star road replacement, from which you can get to the special world (which isn't based around memes anymore, but i'll show that at a later date)

this level is all about climbing and precise platforming. the level eases you into climbing ropes with a few simple challenges but before you know it you're dangling above pits and dodging swooper bats and shiz. it's about 90% done, i gotta finish the last few screens and tweak the secret exit a bit, but expect to see a more updated and finalized version soon.

wip star road layout, i'm trying to make a megaman stage select sort of deal where you can do the levels in any order you want but to reach the special world (or for the sake of the example, wily's castle) you gotta beat all the levels first, not sure if i can even do something like that with smw's event system, but i'm gonna try none the less. if it comes down to it, i could just try to pull off something like that with asm and the like, though i'm not very experienced in that field.

anyway, i'm really sorry for the short update, especially after not posting for like over 5 months but i really wanna keep everything else a surprise. feedback is appreciated, and thank you for reading.
the weird name of the thread intrigued me and i was not dissappointed. this looks pretty promising already! those submaps are pretty neat, i love the variety in elevation and color. this new protagonist is interesting to say the least, though i feel you could just have mario there instead and the hack wouldnt feel any different. the levels don't really strike me as anything special right now, but that's mostly because i personally can't infer much from the screenshots, the palettes are great though and i like the tileset choices. those crystals are especially cool, though i believe ive seen them in a few vldc levels before? regardless, they fit splendidly. keep up the good work, Mauls.
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