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I guess I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm RanAS. I found this place through Jul/The Cutting Room Floor.

I currently know a little bit on how to make a vanilla SMW hack, as I've already used Lunar Magic for a while before I registered here, mostly the overworld though. I plan on making a SMW hack someday, hopefully soon.

I'm also a quiet person, I may say something here and there, but, I'm not really the type of person that talks much.

And...that's it I guess. #ab{>_>}
Well, one can learn a lot from games, not only that but they are also interpreted as "another world"/"a fantastic world", just like in movies, books, etc. But I feel like games can influence someone's dreams even more than those things I just mentioned due to you controlling one of the characters in the game (generally), rather than just watching things happen around you.

That said, I sometimes have dreams that were influenced by gaming in some way. Its mostly "random game I saw today or yesterday" + Super Mario 64/"another random game I saw today or yesterday", for some weird reason.
I wanted to buy a new game but I can't even buy a Wii U or a 3DS right now. #ab{:(}

Even still, the next game on my list that wouldn't include buying a console would be Mario Party 9. Yes. THAT IS TOTALLY A NEW GAME WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

...Holy crap it was released in March 2012, that was 3 years ago! Geeez...
Memes? "One does not have time for such affairs."
Have a really organized desktop.

Just FYI: I don't use ZSNES, it is actually ZMZ with the bsnes core, if only it got freakin' updated, that'd be awesome. I do use Jnes and VirtuaNES though, which I don't care if they're ancient, because I don't see any issues with NES emulators.

And no, I'm not letting you know what my real name is.
Originally posted by Minimay
Blurred letters are often reversible. (I believe there are even tools to do so.) So if you really don't want to let anyone know your name I suggest erasing it completely.

I didn't blur it once, in fact, I made sure to blur it as many times as possible. But whatever. "Better be safe than sorry." I've erased it now.
The "Timezone offset" thing on the Edit Profile page is 7 hours after the actual time on the server, evidently.

I don't know what is happening with the server but I'm sure that page is not displaying the right time.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the way I know this is because I actually put my timezone offset compared to the server...it didn't work that well. Instead, I have to put a value compared with the time that's on the top of the page. That was quite confusing.
I'd say... 9/10 I think?

The style that layout has is very good looking. I don't know how to describe it so I'll call it "handwritten" (seriously Ran?). I especially like the border around the post itself AND the one around the quote, but I feel like the Code box does not fit the post in the slightest. I also like the signature.

The only suggestion other than the code box is...maybe change the font color to match the layout? (maybe a more brown-ish one other than black?) Other than that, good job! It is certainly a very good layout! I really like it. #tb{:D}

So here's the one I made. It...is different to say the least. Sample link.

Originally posted by Rick

Basic code sample, with a custom font, hopefully.

I'll comment on a few things, not necessarily important things. First, the background adjusts horizontally, but not vertically, so I had to use some filler color at the bottom of the post. I tried to make it SM64DS themed, obviously, even with the HUD at the top of the post! #tb{:j} The font is only somewhat fitting I guess.

The only two problems is that, I can't use the the big emoticons because of the font's size. The second is that the signature is like, a mile away from the post. #tb{>:(}

EDIT: 1. Signature box fixed. 2. I decided to put this in my post text area rather than in the post layout, so this post stays the same even when I change my layout.
"What are these shenanigans!?"
I think this was a really normal Direct. More amiibos I guess. A few games I didn't care about (mostly Anime). There were some new things that were really cool (MK8 200cc, Smash DLC, Mario Maker, etc.) but otherwise, a really normal Direct.

Originally posted by K3fka

*Paper Mario hype intensifies*


Fuck. You. Nintendo.


I really liked Paper Mario and Paper Mario TTYD (mostly the former), Super Paper Mario wasn't that bad, but certainly it wasn't the game we were all expecting. Sticker Star? Go die, please.

When will they make a REAL new Paper Mario instead of making experiments with the franchise over and over until everyone loses hope? #ab{-_-}
It does look like the Power Supply is the issue. I can't really help with the problem itself, but I have a few things that might help a little bit, aside from the PSU thing.

1. Informatin on-line about graphic cards can be wrong. Let's say Nvidia, for example, created a "generic" model for a graphics card, in which a few manufacturers are going to use to create their graphics card using the Nvidia brand. Some manufacturers may want to follow the generic version as close as possible, others might try to alter it but putting more things or less things, lots of stuff. It's generally good to follow the advice from the manufacturer, not from Nvidia themselves, even if the manufacturer happens to "exaggerate" on a few things. Its also a good idea to download the drivers from the manufacturer's website insted of Nvidia unless they don't offer driver downloads.

2. The old drivers can interfere with the new drivers (especially on your case, in which you upgraded from a nVidia card to another nVidia card), even when you do a clean install. Windows is stupid like that. Because you are getting random BSODs it could be the Registry being broken. You could try to use DriverSweeper (Display Driver Uninstaller) to see the results (you'll have to reinstall the drivers for the GPU afterwards). Not sure if that is going to solve anything.

3. If you had/have Linux installed, it would be possible to check if the same problem happens there. That way it would be easy to tell if the problem is software or hardware.

4. "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" #tb{D:} That issue is a pain. Basically, what is it saying is that the critical part of your main PC memory (the RAM) failed terribly. It could be a few things that caused the issue, both in hardware and software (and that stupid piece of crap Registry too). Here's the link to a bit more information. If you're getting different messages every time, we would need the other BSOD messages too to see what exactly is happening.

Just FYI: I know what information to look for, but I don't know what to do with the information, so, I might not be able to help much. Someone else might need it, though.
Currently listening to the Sonic Spinball (Genesis) soundtrack. My favorite track is Lava Powerhouse.
I really like this game actually, but I can understand why some people hate it.
For mobile/tablet users? It could be a thing, but I don't think it'll happen, neither is it really necessary. More focus should be going into the main program.

For desktop users? NO THANKS. #tb{D:} If that ever got implemented, I would disable it immediately.
how do i make a halloween pasta guyz, mine is just regular pasta from the store nearby

Although I like the concept and I feel like good creepypasta can be made, I can't say I'll enjoy playing one of those games/hacks. I'm not really a fan of horror games. In the end, all it does is give me a headache and a crazy dream, then it is all back to normal. #ab{:S}
Originally posted by Trollope
Uugh, there's Windows Movie Maker.

I don't think Movie Maker has any of those features. It was kinda downgraded when it's code was rewritten. At least it is reliable to use now, but you might need another program if you really want to have a lot of video effects.
Originally posted by Epsilon
RanAS, is this the program you were talking about?

Yes. That is the program I was talking about. Too bad it didn't solve the issue. #tb{:(}

Originally posted by Epsilon
Crash TimeDriverBug Check StringFile Description
11/01/2011 12:35:54 AMdxgkrnl.sys(blank)DirectX Graphics Kernel
07/17/2014 01:34:20 AMSaiHFF0C.sysWORKER _INVALIDSaitek Hid Driver
02/11/2015 10:58:24 PMNtfs.sysNTSF_FILE_SYSTEMNT File System Driver
03/28/2015 08:13:20 PMntoskrnl.exePAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREANT Kernel & System
03/31/2015 12:16:39 AMntoskrnl.exePAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREANT Kernel & System
04/02/2015 01:12:55 AMfltmgr.sysMEMORY_MANAGEMENTMicrosoft Filesystem Filter Manager
04/02/2015 02:44:49 PMndasrofs.sysREGISTRY_ERRORNDAS RO File System
04/06/2015 12:02:16 AMntoskrnl.exeAPC_INDEX_MISMATCHNT Kernel & System

Yes, that first crash doesn't appear to be related to anything.
EDIT: And I think that the second one "WORKER _INVALID" isn't related to the problem either, its too far away from any of the other BSODs.


And, wow. From what I've searched, you're having problems with the File System. That is not good. #tb{D:} Those errors indicate a corrupt installation of Windows in which the File System (NTFS) is not stable. They could indicate a corrupt File System or a corrupt Windows Kernel/Registry.

Run "chkdsk /f /r" (without the quotation marks, obviously) on the Command Prompt (try to run it as an administrator too). It should reboot and try to detect any problems with your Hard Drive while outside of Windows. This is important to check if the issue is hardware or software.

If it finds any problems with the Hard Drive, then, #ab{:(}. Not good. You have a really big problem.

If it doesn't then the problem would most likely be the software. In this case, the Registry thing Mini-Tech mentioned above should probably solve the issue.
Pressed Pennies - Jake Chudnow. The feels, man, the feels. It starts a little creepy, but after that, it just gets amazing. You probably know this artist from another music he made, Hydrogen. Both songs are used in Vsauce, but the latter one is prehaps the most known one.
Que pena que não existe mais interesse do pessoal antigo para começar o Mario Hacks de novo. Foi um site memorável enquanto ainda estava sendo atualizado. R.I.P.
I kinda like lime green, but blue/cyan are my favorite shades of color. Also, I'm surprised nobody has made a shades of gray joke yet.
This list is mostly Windows-related software.

RSS Reader/E-mail Client:
Windows Live Mail
(included with Windows Essentails, but you can choose what you want to install and what you don't want to)
Seriously. Something from Microsoft that is not bad. Who would've thought? I can easily check my e-mail and read RSS news without any issues. The best thing is that you can install it without installing any of the other annoying software they provide in there.

Video Editor:
Movie Maker
Unfortunately that is only good for very basic video editing, but least it is stable now. The XP version crashed every single time you did something.

NCH VideoPad Video Editor
I tested it and it sure works good so far. It is also considered one of the best Video Editors by some people. And, just because some people might ask about it, they DO provide a free version for non-commercial purposes, which you can download in that page too.
Originally posted by NCHSoftware
Limited time only. Free version is a limited new release offer and will be removed after April 30.

Burning Discs:
Why wasn't this here in the first place? #ab{o_O}
It is simply the best disc burning tool provided you don't want to configure every single freakin' detail on how to do that (I'm looking at you, ImgBurn). It is also a simple to use as Nero Express, but VERY functional. And free! #tb{:D}

Tagaini Jisho
A good way to translate japanese kanji/hiragana/katana into english. It isn't a very good translation tool for long phrases, but if you're looking for a meaning of a specific kanji, it works quite well. Available for Windows, OS X and Linux.

A very good way to tell exactly what in the world is in your computer. Unfortunately, it is paid software. The free version only lets you do so much, but hey. It is something.

A good alternative to Mibbit...that's about it.
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RanAS's Profile - Posts by RanAS