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Greetings, I am WhatTheHack, a frequent player of Super Mario World ROM hacks and SNES games in general. I tended to browse this site quite frequently, and since I enjoyed playing SMW hacks, I figured why not actually join the site?

I do not really hack SMW much myself to be honest, but as previously stated I do really enjoy playing other users' hacks.

I have recently, as of this past week or so, started to get more into actually hacking Super Mario World myself, but I still mainly just enjoy playing other users' ROM hacks.

I hope to enjoy my time on this site!
Based on the various Creepypasta SMW ROM hacks I have either played or watched playthroughs of, my thoughts are that they are largely the same, with poor or unedited levels, cryptic messages, an overworld recycled from the original SMW, and probably some other stuff I did not think of when writing this reply other various resemblances to the original, famous creepypasta hack MARIO, which basically started it all in the first place. On a slightly different note, one thing that bothers me personally about most creepypasta hacks is a lack of attention to atmosphere. Basically, I think they are almost all the same.

Originally posted by animeloverxX93
Speaking of which, I found another person claiming to be a tester of Carol, but god knows if this is finally someone who speaks the truth, or not.

Also, I am curious, what is Carol? Is it some unreleased Creepypasta hack?

Originally posted by KTBHacking
I don't really get why this idea gets brought up so much. I mean, what is so great about a "creepy" atmosphere in an SMW hack?

Perhaps you are right in that we should just try and let this "Creepypasta SMW Hacks" fascination go and move on to other, more promising endeavors. As stated by several replies to this topic, "Creepypasta" hacks are pretty much always quite disappointing.

As for why M A R I O might have included that "scary" image with the download for his hack, I am willing to hazard a guess as to why; to tie up the the cryptic story of the hack/creepypasta, and perhaps even to make it more memorable, if through nothing more than the fright value of the image.

Hmmm, looks pretty good. I had tried your other hack, Horrifying Mario World. It was the first kaizo hack I played, actually. It was too hard for my newbie skills.

I have also recently finished Super Mario World Remix, and I enjoyed it immensely. I used savestates & rewinds because I was and really still am a kaizo newbie, and since I enjoyed that hack so much, I think I will give Banzai Mario World's demo a try. I may end up using savestates anyway, though, just cuz I am still a bit new to kaizo.
I think this is a cool idea for a hack! Playing as a Muncher plant! Also, the storyline is both logical and amusing in my mind, with its relation to floating/stacked Munchers being a common issue in many poor quality ROM hacks. I look forward to giving this hack a try!
Fantastic! I had been looking for something like this for a while, and even contemplated making something myself, but now I have this that I can play! Looking forward to trying it out later on today!
Ok, first of all, I apologize in advance if any other user has already asked a similar question in this particular topic, but I honestly did not want to sift through all these pages of replies with only vague keywords.

What I want to know is where might one get the foreground graphic tiles for the black "skull blocks," for lack of a better term? I will provide a screenshot of what I am talking about to clarify.

E: Ok, here is a screenshot of what I am referring to:
Does there exist a map/key of SMW's standard FG tile hex values? I understand if there is not a complete map, as that is lot of data to map out, but even if there is an incomplete/unfinished chart, where could I find it?

I have tried looking around the site a bit BTW, and found the "Helpful Diagrams" thread, but the information that gave was mainly on tileset-specific tiles.

Hey, I know that this topic has not been replied to for almost 5 months, but if I'm not mistaken it is OK to bump an old Stickied thread, provided you have a reason, and something worth saying.

All that said, let me get to asking what I wanted to ask.

First of all, my PC is Windows 8.1, and my problem is as follows; I downloaded Reggie! from the page that Hippo linked to, but for some strange reason, Reggie! (that is the program itself) refuses to launch/open. What happens is, I click the .exe file twice, and nothing happens. No window, no programming launching or loading, nothing. I have tried everything I can think of; I ran it as administrator, used compatibility settings, and nothing solved my problem. Any suggestions?
I will be 16 on June 12th this year. As for my "preferred username," just call me WhatTheHack. #smw{:peace:}

Also, happy belated birthday to TheAbuseFreakHacker0 above me!

This does not really "anger" me so to speak, but it does annoy me to an extent; spelling and grammar mistakes in SMW hacks.

Below are some examples;

To be completely honest though, the last one actually makes me laugh more than anything.

Also, know I would have put those images in a spoiler tag to shorten the post, except when I tried that it just blacked out the images, leaving the post's length unchanged.

P.S. Sorry, I had forgotten to put the word "not" in the first sentence. #smw{-_-2}

Originally posted by MrRean

When you launch for the first time, it usually opens a window to select your game folder, which can sometimes be hidden to the back of your desktop.

I just took a quick look, and no other window or program was running that I may not have noticed previously. I even looked to see if anything was running using Task Manager. And found nothing.

Originally posted by S.R.H.
You do know that Massimo does it on purpose, right?

I figured some of the spelling errors were intentional, such Hom in place of Home but I never thought that the one in the first picture was intentional for some reason. Guess that's just me.

Also, while on the topic of odd wording choices in hacks, I thought I'd mention that Hammer Brother Demo 3, an earlier version of the hack in the last few screenshots, had a level called "Pokemon Move Hole." I'm serious. But in the final version it was changed to "Pokemon Road."

Originally posted by Face
Also, while on the topic of which this whole thread was even made in the first place...,
When you make a sexual innuendo as a joke and some dweeb has to chime in with, "that's what she said! hurr hurr!" and you're like, "Yes, that was ALREADY the joke, but thanks. -.-"

Oh, my apologies. I truthfully had not thought of the level name "Pokemon Move Hole" in quite that way... But in all honesty, that was not my intention. #smw{...} I more thought of it in terms of how it does not make a lot of sense grammatically. More along the lines of a "poor translation" sort of thing. #wario{:X}

I myself personally look forward to it because it will the first C3 I can actively participate in as a site member. Who knows, maybe I might even submit something of my own? No guarantees about that, though. I have been working on a little hack project of late, but I'm not sure I feel like releasing it.

Originally posted by Thomas
Woah, haven't seen people use this thread in a while.

Indeed, and I hope nobody minds my bumping this thread, but I figured this is a sticky thread, so I thought why not post a *very* late reply because that is what stickied threads are for, right?

Anyways, onwards to the point of my post, could anyone here give me what they consider to be the "easiest" kaizo hack available? if that makes any sense. I seek something that would well suit a Kaizo veteran such as myself. Know that I have already played Super Mario World Remix. (It is the first and only Kaizo hack I ever completed.) Also, little to no glitch use would be nice, because I have minimal experience with most glitches.

Originally posted by MrRean

Huh, weird.
Try this.

What exactly will this program do? Is some sort of alternate compatibility version? Or will it just help me get Reggie! running?

OK, I'm just a little unclear as to why exactly you think ZSNES should cease to be used. Do you think that it is outdated? Does it have the potential for many severe or gamebreaking issues when playing SMW hacks? Are a lot of hacks broken on ZSNES? Know that I do not object to your statement in any way.

I agree that ol' ZSNES does have a few down sides, such as lack of a frame speed control function for slowing down the game. (I know about the slowdown function, though)

If anything, I always thought the bane of SMW hacking with regards to emulator choice by players was how so many hacks contain custom music that breaks on accurate emulators. That, of course, is by no fault in any of the emulators, as it springs from mistakes on the part of the hack's creators, as far as I know. But anyways, I just wanted a better understanding.

Originally posted by MercuryPenny

It's entirely ZSNES' fault for having horrible emulation.

OK, which emulator would you recommend I use instead? Again, I am not saying this out of argument.

FYI, the reason I keep disclaiming that I am not trying to argue or disagree is because it can difficult to tell the intention of what someone says through text alone.

Originally posted by MercuryPenny
It's a more recent version developed somewhat independently from the original Reggie!.

OK, I will give it a try. Thanks for the info, MercuryPenny.

Post-edit: It worked! Great big thanks to MrRean for the download, and to you for the clarification.

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WhatTheHack's Profile - Posts by WhatTheHack

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