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Played through the worst world and started the grass world - and the game crashed twice so far. (Playing on ZSNES)

Kind of unplayable in its current state in my opinion, maybe you should add something in the first post regarding issues with ZSNES...

Looks good otherwise though (:
Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker

Effortland: First level with a high difficulty, the yoshi-coins were hidden nicely but the level looks really bland for just being build with cement blocks. Also haven't got the secret exit yet, could anyone give me a hint.

You should be able to see the key right at the beginning of the level. Getting into the small hole can be a bit tricky, but with the floating ability of the feather it should work out. Don't be afraid of taking a hit by the small koopa, as there is another feather up there with the key.
Grab the key and take it with you to the p-switch. The last part is a race that can be a bit frustrating, but the path should be clear. Just don't be impatient and you should be good to go!

Also, I encourage everyone to give this hack a try if you haven't already. It's simply amazing. Be warned though, as it gets quite hard! (Think of it as kaizo light, but actually doable without tools if you're good and patient enough :P)
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Hey guys, I've got a small problem regarding to the dragon coins in Miscellanous Monument. I've only found four of them. In fact, I was so clueless that I even had to lock in LM and well, the missing DC is
in the last room, AT THE VERY TOP OF THE TOWER!!!

Yeah, any idea how to get to it?

You get there with a yoshi, right? Well then, grab a springboard using its tongue and use it to get to the goal. From there on, it's a simple yoshi-jump.

I'm currently stuck on the way to the green switch in world six. Still haven't used tools to this point, but I'm scared of what's to come :/
Any news on VIP6?

Looking at the wiki it seems like they are in the exact same situation as they were with VIP5, where everything is done except one special world level

Or is that assumption incorrect?
do we have enough levels for a switzerland world
Alright, since I couldn't find anything online, I've rummaged through raocow's youtube comments and compiled this translation of ASPE Mario.

Note that the translation quality kind of goes down the drain with the start of world four... I literally used google translate for some messages that weren't translated in the comments.
(I know, I know, but it's better than nothing, right? And the quality of the program improved since Oyster, right??)

If anyone wants to put in the time and effort to proof this, please feel free to do so! You can notify me with the mistakes or just use the file as a base for your own translation if you wanted to do so...

inb4 there's already a completed translation available and I'm just too dumb to find it
Since fixing and translating old Japanese hacks seems to be all the rage nowadays, have another thread if you're interested in those:

Currently only features VIP 2 and 8 Powers, but the translations for VIP 1, VIP 4 and SUPER are very close to release as well.

The plan is definitely to translate the entire VIP series into English, as well as to make sure that every hack released in that thread can be played on accurate emulators and real hardware.

Other Japanese hacks (and old, broken English ones) we particularly like will make an appearance sometime in the future as well.

Have fun!
Got softlocked in level 2 by going in a pipe on screen 03 without a designated screen exit

I might as well crosspost this here: A translated and fixed version of VIP 5 has been released over on the talkhaus. Go check it out if you're into that sort of thing - VIP 5 is definitely the one entry of the series that has the broadest appeal, so I'd personally recommend giving it a try!
Hey! I have the following suggestion:

If you try to open a ROM that was created in a new version of Lunar Maigc (say, 3.03) in an old version of Lunar Magic (say, one of the 2.x versions), you get greeted with the following warning message:

This ROM has already been edited by a newer version of Lunar Magic. Using an older version of the program on the ROM is not recommend due to potential incompatibilities that may cause corruption or data loss.

Recently, I have been running into the opposite problem however - People try to open and edit a ROM that was made in an older version of Lunar Magic (in this case, JUMPhalf) in the latest version of Lunar Magic, v3.03.
Doing this also causes the ROM to break: Goal tapes won't work properly at times, a lot of custom ASM code that was written for the project gets glitched out, and in short the hack becomes completely unbeatable.

Since the people who try to edit the ROM this way do not get a warning message, they're likely to think that everything is fine with doing that, resulting in frustration and a lot of false bug reports.

So my suggestion would be to add an additional warning message that handles this case, something akin to this:

This ROM has already been edited by an older version of Lunar Magic. Using a newer version of the program on the ROM is not recommend due to potential incompatibilities that may cause corruption or data loss.

Thank you for your time.
I agree with lion: If you're looking for something similar to JUMP and JUMPhalf, VIP 5 is the closest thing that's out there in my opinion.

There are also other, shorter hacks made by some of the same people who made levels for JUMPhalf:

Nachos and Fried Oreos

Looking at other recommendations, granted they're a bit dated but I always liked yogui's hacks:
Something Else

Oh, and you should definitely check out Super Marina World as well!
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