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Hello! I am new to SMW Central. I have downloaded items from here, but I have now created an account. I am 12 yeas old, but I have used LM and feel pretty comfortable with it. I am just wondering if there is anything that I should do now that I am registered and all.

Comments from the future:

Holy shit, this is ANCIENT! I can't believe it was almost 4 years ago... I've come far :)
Thank you! I unfourtanateley have limited access time to SMW Central. I am typing this on a school owned iPad, and I am not normaly allowed on the internet. I would not even be here if I had not been messing around in class. I do at least have an incomplete hack that I have yet to post, because I can't plug a flash drive into here.

Comments from the future:

that hack was terrible. I'm glad it burned LOL
Also, still come a long way. In terms of both maturity, and in content quality. Oh yeah, and I'm using my own devices now too.
Yes, but I am not allowed on it. I can only access the internet when I am at school, like right now, or under other special circumstances. Did I mention that I fold origami? Edit: I must say that I must leave at 7:55. Classes start then, and I can't be seen on here by teachers. I am not frequently availible during summer, they take ipad away then.

Comments from the future:

No longer a restriction, and holy crap those classes started early.
...Actually, I think they still start the same time now tbh.
I need to fold again at some point. that was fun.
Hello! I am new(ish) to SMW Central! I am 12, and I like to fold paper. I have limited access to SMWC, though. I can only get on the wifi with permission, which I am then closely watched, or at school before class, like right now. But that does not mean that I am not experienced with LM!
Okay, and yes, I do have other hobbies. I am part of the Arduino Community. That was a little less popular to me now, but I still use the boards I have. In case you do not know what that is, look up Arduino llc. The Esplora makes a rather nice controller for SNES9x, and I have made a motion control hack for Super Mario Kart. Just like in Mario Kart Wii!
I also only know C, so is there a way for me to learn ASM? I am interested in making custom sprites, blocks, and the like. But mabye not custom bosses.
Thank you! I shall try tommorow,as my bus is here and my ipad is slow.
I have an idea for a hack called SMW KaizoFest or something along those lines.
It will really use glitches, general logic puzzles, and lots of patience to its full extent. I am looking for some help, ideas, and the like. Please expect a reply by at least 7:30am tommorow. Edit: I have lost my computer for a while, so I cannot help as much as I wish I could. Please bear with me as I wait to get it back.
I do not have anything to show, as I can't have my computer. Any support would be appreciated, as I can't regularly post any .ips patches. I can provide some starting notes, though. I came up with some general story lines:

SMW KaizoFest
All of the Mushroom Kingdom,
friends and foes alike, all gather
once a year to a Kaizo festival.
Let us come with Mario to the
2015 KaizoFest!


Oh no! Bowser has destroyed the
festival and taken all of the festival
staff captive! We must help Mario
find all of them and return them to
the festival!

taken every concept from the kaizo
levels and applied them to the
environment! What next?!?



Anyways, I mean just general logic, general glitch abuse, and patience in general.
Like the goal tape being on the left of the level. Also, watch SMW Glitchfest when you have the time. It's on YouTube, and it is one of my favorite videos exploiting SMW glitches. My hack would have originally been called the same, but is still hopefully intended for those who have seen the video.

Any Ideas? help? The like?

Edit: And thank you, AbuseFreakHacker().
I got started from messing around in class. I saw an image of LM, and then a couple of months later, I downloaded the same program. I feel like it was a good idea, and I do not regret it at all!
I have not mentioned how I am the last known geek at my school, literally. I am in need of help from other geeks and techies. Any conversation would be appreciated. I will respond once or twice a day, because of time limitations. I know C.
I am still open to suggestions. If any are availible, I am transcribing graphics from SMW into Notability on my iPad to work on the hack.
I am sorry if this question has already been asked, but I am not good with this type of ASM. How do you insert a JSL?
Is this thread even still on?
Good news, friends! I have found an alternate way to use my computer! My parents only took my monitor power cable, so I also got the guts to remove my add-in video card to use my crappy tiny monitor that ALSO uses a different power supply. I can now use LM as I need. And my monitor stand broke...#smw{-_-2}
I have a lot of missing schoolwork. You should see my grades... But anyways, all that matters (in this thread, at least) is that I can work on this hack. I recently applied the patch for SMB3 Screen-scrolling Pipes. Any help would be appreciated, and I am still working on this at school and on the bus, BUT ON MY iPAD!!! You see, I am working on using pointilism (see Wikipedia...) to recreate the necessary graphics to make levels. I have even made custom GFX/ExGXF to use! I should mention that on any long school breaks, (NOT WEEKENDS) I can get online AND use LM to work on the hack while getting advice. But you should see the monitor that I must use... It is smaller than my iPad, is really crappy, and worst of all, it is only as big as an iPad mini, and is as crappy as a piece of crap can get.

Edit: the pointillism... See my avatar image on the left... Anyone like it?

Edit 2: I was wrong... It is next Thursday, and we CAN'T because people misbehaved in tech#smw{-_-2}...

BUT I did get Spritetool, and I also got hold of the SA-1 patch, which should be really handy considering that I am using concepts that involve many sprites in my levels.
Bad news, I was caught... Now they took THE CRAPPY MONITOR away, my video card (which was a pretty good one, too), AND my Arduino Esplora, which was a makeshift Arduino controller for testing. I can get a spare video card from school, because I had the exact same model/ brand computer before my current one, and I salvaged the video card,wireless card, and any other usable components from it before it was thrown away.
But my iPad is being taken away for the school year soon, so this is a goodbye for a while. You will see me post for the next couple of days, but this is the last week of school. I will post when possible, which will be when my parents go out. I can then get online because I am then left with my aunt, who actually lives less than a block away. Anyways, what I did get done before my monitor was taken away:

+ I changed the fire flower into a Super Waffle

+ I changed the Mario Flower Palette into the Waffle Mario Palette

+ changed Fireballs into waffles

+ inserted custom music

+ Completed 2 levels out of [I don't know how many I will have... Really...]

Any suggestions for working on this? I still have my flash drive, but the hack backup is over 4 months old.
Actually, I CAN show a screenshot! Give me a little while, I have a little diagram! I will edit this in a minute... Oh, and I just use the pointillism as a guide, then draw the graphics or ExGFX in LM's 8x8 tile editor. My iPad has not been taken away yet, that is tommorow, my time is -1 hour off, today is Tuesday, And thank you!

Waffle Mario:

What do you think? Wanna throw waffles at all of life's problems?

Oh, and hacking is not my top priority, and it is the end of the year...
School ends June 5...
Not a very good position...
But I can find some way to work my PC...
Hello, again! I am posting on a school Chromebook, just downloaded more tools. Just want to say thank you for the summer, as TODAY IS THE LAST FULL DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

I will post when possible, and the same with .ips patches and all.

Thank you! See you in a while!
Hello after a long time! Much proggress has been made, First World almost done, major story revisions, and more! I am posting from a Game System. I am thinking of instead of kaizo, just a hack that caters to most intrests. Please don't reply until further notice.
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