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Hi There!
This is my first post on this forum and I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I have made a recreation of Death Mountain Trail of OoT in SM64. It looks epic and I spent a lot of time making this model. (I used an HD texture pack since I couldn't find original textures.) I imported my level and added some entities with TT64. I played the ROM at first and it works fine; but when you get to the custom level and select a mission (since I had no save file for the game, I chose the first mission), it does the SFX of Mario saying "Let's 'a Go!" but it stutters on the "Go" part and I get a white screen! #tb{D'X}

What am I doing wrong? I read on this SM64 hacking forum that this could be caused by the game changing the warp(s) into something else or too many polygons being rendered at once (This came from the help page on Hacking Basics FAQ I think.) Can you guys tell me then what's happening here and how I fix It? How many polygons can be rendered at once and am I putting too many entities in the level or messing up their parameter data?

There are also messed up textures when I look at it in TT64, however it looked fine in the level importer previewer, some textures from the Boo's mansion, I think.

Please help. It would be a great pleasure if you guys could.

P.S.: The two fading warps are ID 1, and the pipes are ID 2, and I'm replacing Bomb-omb Battlefield.

Here is a link to a screenshot of the 3D Object list in TT64:
(Paste directly into your URL bar. Sorry, I don't really know this place, it's my first time as I said before.)
I am not sure. This is my very first custom level. Nothing is out-of-bounds (and I made sure of this) and I only added 25 or so objects and no music. I searched every forum I could find, but most were abandoned years ago or have nothing on the subject that was helpful to my needs. And no, Mario's warp is also not screwed up. I used TT64 and placed it in the right spot (or is the spawn hardcoded? Hmmm.) So to my knowledge nothing is wrong. I hate it when that happens. Did you look at the picture? (It tells you to download it or open it. Open it. There's my list of Objects in TT64.)

Thanks for trying to help me with this. #tb{^V^}
I used Super Mario 64 Level Importer 1.9.3S. I had the RCVI Hack enabled and the extended level boundaries and widescreen improvements. I also put no music, and just so the people know, the level I imported had 841 faces (about 850 triangles) and the textures were at maximum 32 by 64 pixels. Most of the textures were HD, about 256 by 256 at the most, and were resized by the importer to fit the N64 texture cache.

And also, for the record, how do you upload files to be downloaded? Mostly just models and textures and all that jazz? #tb{:?}
Here's the model of the level I was importing. Open in Sketchup 2015.

I hope you like this. It took SO LONG to make...

Copy and paste the link into the URL bar. (Sorry!)
If anyone can help, I'll be very happy. #smw{-_-2}
Hello. If you still do title screens anymore, I would like you to make one for my hack called "Mario: The Gameshark". (Without the quotes.) If you can, keep the Mario part of the original logo and add the words "The Gameshark" all in CAPS and in Minecraft font (the blocky writing that always appears under the logo saying something random.)

Something like this:


Sorry for the large photo, 1920x1080 displays can be annoying at times.

Mod Edit: Stretch table be gone!
That makes two of us then.

When you look in the level previewer in SM64 Level Importer 1.9.3S, you notice that there is a variable titled "Y Rotation". Now, in order for me to fit my custom level into the extended level boundaries, I had to rotate it to fit it in the corners. (Have you downloaded my model yet? It looks really good, you should see it. #smw{:TUP:}) When I was done rotating it, about 45 degrees, I saved my changes and left the previewer, when I realized something was off. THERE WAS NO VARIABLE FOR LEVEL ROTATION, and sure enough when I looked back in the level importer, IT WAS BACK WHERE IT WAS BEFORE I ROTATED IT. That's why my level would always give a white screen, because I would end up placing Mario's warp, among other entities, in TT64 way out-of-bounds thinking it would be in-bounds because I didn't check it twice and not realized that the level didn't rotate!

However, this is a theory, and I will post once more if I prove it true or false. If any of you guys out there are just happening to have the same problems I'm having and have used the previewer in SM64 Level Importer 1.9.3S to rotate your level using the variable "Y Rotation", use whatever modelling tool you used to make the level you want to import and rotate it in the modelling software however much you need to and THEN import it. It seems the "Y Rotation Variable" is defunct in its supposed purpose. Hope this helps!


Hello! If you're still there, do you mind making a m64 for me?

I don't care what instrument set you use as long as it sounds true to the music. I'm replacing this with Bomb-omb Battlefield.

Copy and paste link.
Hi again! I was wondering what the RAM Banks in the importer do. I have seen that they have something to do with the enemies and objects, but what is their purpose and does anyone know how this impacts my game?

Appreciation in advance for your help. #smw{o_O?}
Thanks, but I want to insert goombas and I can see that none of the RAM Banks have those. Can you tell me which one is it?
Thanks. So if I want to put an entity in my level, I have to have the right RAM Bank to accommodate it or the game locks up when I play my level, right?

And also, How do you edit areas like the inside of the castle and the end picture? Do those need RAM banks as well?

Thank you in advance.
I've been told that I have to place help requests here and not as a separate thread (if you're having problems with a white screen, there's one of the solutions in the thread, hope it helps! #tb{^V^})
so here I go.

Three questions: (1) How do you set up warps in TT64 like those fading warps and pipes? (2) How do you set up stars for red coins; do they need something special or what? & (3) The giant pole in the Whomp's Fortress RAM Bank is something I would like to use, but it says it has an unknown behavior. I'm thinking I need to change it to pole-grabbing behavior, but I don't want to mess up anything. Do you know what I should do?

Hope you can answer, the last time I messed with these things it nearly corrupted my ROM and I hope I can do it right this time.

Thanks in advance.
It's back again for some reason. When I got it to work last time I had a clean ROM and placed in nothing but Mario's Warp and a star (I deleted all the other warps). Then When I tried to put in more objects, the game does it again! #tb{D'X} I am loading the correct RAM Banks for the entities, I just wish I knew what is going on!

EDIT: Never mind, turns out you cannot edit RAM banks after you imported the level or it gets really buggy.
Thanks man. IOU one. So on the subject, how do you set up the three goomba object? It seems like it will be invisible in game because of the object saying its model is invisible. How do I use this, and is there a good way to lower the polygon count on really polygon-heavy models? I'm thinking of putting a Super Mario Galaxy level in the game, but in a low-polygon form. Do you know of any software I could use to do this?

EDIT: I think I owe you five now.
Hello once again! I am trying to make a custom-made title model and import it into SM64 using the Custom Importer. I try to import the model, but it says that it has too many polygons of textures. Anyone know how many polygons and textures I can have in the model?

By the way, does anyone want to help me on my hack? Just PM me! #smw{:TUP:}

Thanks in advance.
i! I just wanted to ask, can you put lightning bolts in SM64?
I have gotten the idea of Bowser summoning lightning bolts and causing things to set on fire. I imported the lightning model to Tall Tall Mountain: Mountain Part 10 and I was wondering if I could cause Bowser to spawn these whenever he spawns a fireball like in the original SM64 when he blows a large puff of fire into the air and it breaks into small fireballs that whenever he summons them, instead he the lightning bolt I inserted, which should spawn fire. I know how to make an object achieve a behavior, but is there a way to make Bowser spawn these?
Hello. I'm making a sweet soundtrack for one of my levels, and I want to figure out how to loop a certain part of it so you don't hear dead noise.

EDIT: How many channels can the music support? My .M64 has 13, and the MIDI sounds awesome, tweaked it myself! (Open in Anvil Studio to see its amazing GLORY!) however when I try to insert the .M64 into the ROM and set the level to play it, the song sounds really slow, as of it playing the first notes really slowly and then playing a chord and washing, rinsing, and repeating. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Please experiment with it to see what I'm doing wrong and if you find a solution notify me by PM or just post the file that's been corrected. Hope you guys can help! (Really, I need this fixed badly, it's the only thing setting my hack back as of the moment. Please hurry!)

Link to MIDI:

Thanks in advance. #wario{:whistle:}
Originally posted by 55SuperShadow
I need some help.
I was under the impression that there wasn't a level face limit, but today when importing my level I was greeted with this:


I can't reduce the size or number of textures without significantly changing my level. Any suggestions?

Originally posted by MilleniumLuigi

I'd recommend getting rid of as many useless faces as possible, and get rid of any unnecessary lines. I think the poly limit is around 20,000, but it begins to lag around 16,000. Not sure about the texture limit.

Sorry for saying this late, but I think I can help you with your problem, 55SuperShadow!

There's a useful plugin for Sketchup called "Clean Up". For some reason it's only available in the SketchUCation Plugin Store (don't worry, it's free!), you have to make a SketchUCation account (also free) and install the SketchUCation plugin as well. It automatically installs and what it does is it deletes useless lines and vertices so that it removes everything you don't need without going for hours cleaning your model up manually! I use this plugin every time I make a level and it works great. Hope it works for you too! Just search "Clean Up plugin Sketchup" and you'll find it! ;)

Have a great day!