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I remember there being a thread about this somewhere, but I just can't seem to find it.

Anyway, when I try to make music for SM64 it ends up half the tempo or slower, EVEN THOUGH I KEEP PUTTING IN THE CORRECT TEMPO.

Sorry for yelling there. So is there a way to fix this or does a specific type of music make it do this (certain pitches, note lengths, etc...)?

Thanks in advance.
No, I mean making music from MIDIs.
Thank you for replying though.
I would love for someone to make a M64 of this.
It's meant for when you collect a star. Use the instruments described by the tracks in NLNST 37.

None are supposed to be looped and the m64 was made with instruments from NLNST 37
I tried the MIDI you gave me and no dice yet.
I'll try to lower the PPQ more (to about 96) to see if it will work.
EDIT: No matter how low I lower it, it still goes very slow. Maybe it's MuseScore and its xml importing.
Well, this is shit.

I can't do it no matter how hard I try. It might be the MIDI I have. I'll see if I can use a sample midi to make it work.

EDIT: I think I found out why. My MIDI was too complex (it had 64th and 128th notes and such).
Guess I need to simplify my music to work with the game.
So, on to the topic, does the M64 importer support 64th and 128th notes?
It seems it should (said so in change log) but for me it doesn't work. Odd.
I already tried that before I posted this thread. It still yielded the same result. I think I'll just remake the MIDI. All I did was download the MIDI from VG Music and separate all the notes into different tracks.
Yup, and still no dice.
I've tried all from 1.9S to 1.9.5S. A test MIDI I made with 16th notes worked correctly, so I'm pretty sure it's the MIDI, but I'd love to find another answer.
Name is explanatory.

Is there a variable or something I could change to make the mini cutscene of catching a star longer? I want to fit it in with my music.
Can you add this to Q&A?
Q: My imported music is too slow!
A: Check you music for any notes that are 128ths or shorter; also check your music for hidden things that are too small for the editor you use (Musescore recommended).
Sorry to bump if this was fixed, but you can use only 2 32x32 textures for Mario's head.

Also it seems the faces of your model are facing the wrong way. Look inside the model and see what color the faces are on the inside. If they're purple, you're good. If they're white right-click the face and choose the option reverse faces. You may have to reposition the texture afterwards though.
I'd suggest to delete the polygons between the two textured rectangles in step 5. Saves polygons and texture space.
For reference I'm using SM64 ROM Manager 0.7.8 Beta.

I have a penchant to replace that bobble-head Bowser with something a bit better: the Bowser from SM64DS. I already have the model split up into all the pieces (limbs, body, head, etc.) I just need to have the offsets of where the models are in the ROM, specifically this information:

* ROM address
* Maximum length
* Bank address
* Geopointer

I'd need this for each of the following parts, as it seems that presets exist for these already but contain no addresses whatsoever:

* Koopa (head)
* Koopa (left arm)
* Koopa (left hand)
* Koopa (left leg)
* Koopa (left foot)
* Koopa (right arm)
* Koopa (right hand)
* Koopa (right leg)
* Koopa (right foot)
* Koopa (shell)

Thanks for any help!