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Tip: If you're using the wall-running purple triangles in your hack, remember to add Tile 1EB (or a tile that acts like Tile 1EB) underneath it. Extended object 44/45 will include this tile for you.
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I once saw a video showing a yellow switch.
Apparently there's an unused yellow variation for the cap switches. Like in Super Mario World. but there's one problem. IT'S ALREADY PUSHED!!!! Because all the yellow blocks are meant to be all over the place and not be unlocked. the yellow switch goes unused and already pushed. So is there a code in the ROM that determines whether a switch is pushed or not. if so please tell me.
I want to use an unused enemy in SMB3. (The 8 bit version, not the All-Stars version.) But it's graphics are glitched cause it loads the wrong graphics for itself. so how do I edit it so it loads the right graphics for itself instead of the wrong graphics. Please tell me.
Yeah I get it now what it actually does but how do I make it so that it's unpressed.
Originally posted by supermariosan100
Why would you make another thread when you could've just made another post in the thread you made earlier...
I'm sorry I thought none would pay attention if I posted
in the same thread.
A little while ago I posted something on and unused enemy and trying to find another graphics page for it to load and I haven't even got one measly comment to help me with this because we cant support games that are 8bit for some crappy reason. why doesn't anyone talk about games before SMW. If your able to do 16bit games why not 8bit.
I'm hacking 8bit SMB3 and I'm trying to change the tile placement of sprite B3 so it look's proper. the tile setup of a Buzzy Beetle from SMB1 is AA AB AC AD AE AF B0 B1. So the tile setup of sprite B3 is supposed to be BA BB BB BA BC BD BD BC. And I tried looking for the tile setup of other sprites too but I couldn't find them so it must use another means of tile setup. HELP!
I've seen things on the internet about this key that boos were supposed to hold. And I've tried to find the vertex data for this key. Usually you find the vertex data for an object/character near it's textures but one problem. It has no textures. so I couldn't find it so can someone please help find it for me. and finding the vertex data for the unused blaarg would do just as fine to.
Originally posted by Kazeshin
you can actually localize both these things by going into Toadstool64->preferences->script dumps->"polygon data"
the vertices should be right in front of the display list (improperly labeled as polygon data)

I tried that but it was a pretty crappy way to do this. I believe that it's around 91BEBB-92C006. So please for god sake tell me where it is!!!!!!
I screwed something up in my ZSNES emulator so I deleted it. and when i looked in the tool section. It was gone! It was for sure deleted like everything else on this site. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! WHY IS EVERYTHING ON THIS FUCKING SITE GET DELETED!!!!!!!!!! YOU'D THINK THAT THE MORONS RUNNING THIS PIECE OF SHIT WEBSITE WILL PULL THERE HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES AND FIX IT!!!!!!! But no. God no! They just want to remove as many things as they can to be a bunch of DOUCHE BAG ASS FACED NUMSKULLS!!!!! AND I DEMAND TO HAVE ALL THE STUFF THAT WAS REMOVED PUT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!!!! who am I kidding. this site hates me. no one cares about me here. God this site sucks. I just ask for a way to make the yellow switch in SM64 to be pressable but no... can't have THAT! i just ask for a way to rip the model of that unused key in SM64 but NO!!!!!! I just want to download that ZSNES emulator again HELL NO!!!!!!!! Well you know what? FUCK THIS BULLSHIT WEBSITE!!!!!!
Where can you even find that ROM anyway?
I thought of hacking Super Mario Land and wanted to ask the question.
Where is the level/sprite placement data. I'm curious and am planning on making a tool to edit the game's levels. "once I know how to code programs." So if you could help that's fine. and maybe hacking SML will be the next thing! Thanks.
Originally posted by Jesse
at 0xA2BE maybe?
I am not sure but on the crystal data wiki you find some stuff about it. Like the rom map:
and ram map:

Thanks! That helps a bunch! It's about time someone helps!
I want to change the sounds in SMB1. so could you please tell me where the locations of the sounds/music are. I know that there are like 5 sound channels on the NES so if you tell me how they work that would help also so please let me know.
I was wanting to know how to rip the models of objects from SM64.(Not the levels but the actual objects.) So is there a program that can extract models from the game? and maybe tell me the locations of all the models in the game. That would help alot!
Why is it that whenever I try to ask for help on hacking something from an NES game people ignore me? Why do they do that!?!?!? Iv'e asked so many questions on hacking things I want to hack but can't. Because I dont know how to. And I know I already said this about 8bit games.but Super Mario Land is 8bit and someone helped me out there. So its specifically NES games no one will help me out with. So please STOP HIDING AND HELP ME FOR GODS SAKE!!!!
Sorry... I didn't know that you guys didn't know. I just knew that because all other people were asking for help. I thought that people would help me to. So sorry for being a jerk.
Before you bash me because somebody already asked this or that the solution is so "obvious" that even a caveman could figure it out. I just want to know if there's a program that decodes PPF files. And if you do know about a program that does please tell me where to find it.
I tried everything to make the accessories to work on ZSNES. but they can't work! Please help!
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The Yak Smoker's Profile - Posts by The Yak Smoker

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