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History will repeat itself... in time.
Originally posted by Sparx
1. I think we should have new staff applications, although the old staff would be able to be back if they wanted.

That will never happen. Believe me, never.
Staff hates us all. It doesn't matter anyway.
Originally posted by Icemask
Well, everyone is going to start reregistering. By the end of today, there'll be WAY more members.

No shit buddy. I think we all are aware of that.

By the way, your sister is mean. D:
Time to start filling the forums with trash content again. I have no screenshots, I'm just making the thread.

TechEDIT: More like a Megathread now.
Thread started for SMWC's sake.
Post your desktop here, especially if it has interesting tweaks to it. Here's mine:

My Desktop

Alcaro edit: No bumps please.
That's right. It appears kindness has been shown to me once again, and I am ever grateful. This thread may be a little pointless here, but yeah, please leave it open for it bit; I would like some feedback from people: either positive or negative. :P

Gosh, I'm so far behind in SMW Hacking, I'm probably way behind everyone. :P Haven't done it in forever, although I do have some patches I never uploaded, but it probably wouldn't be worth it. Well I'll probably stick around here and respond in threads the best I can.

P.S. A Yoshi inhales pencil shavings on a regular basis. ;)

Edit: My title doesn't really apply since I don't really SMW Hack anymore. XD
Righto, TLMB. Hey I should start a hate list. First on the list:

1. System
Originally posted by Boing
That explains a lo- *shot*

LOL I find that highly amusing. :P Yeah, I'm just messing around with the hate list thing. I'm surprised to see a Custom Music section. Thought they'd never get around to it by how long it took to get there.

So did I miss anything exciting?
Thanks for the warm welcome back, guys. ^^

Delmaru, I think I've seen you before. :P

Well, so nothing much has been done besides Custom Music? Any new neat ASM hacks I'd like to know about? (Since reading every single thread will take ages).
Yes, I'm back, and I've got a new girlfriend, too. :D
I find it funny how people consider Rap to be a genre of music. It is not at all, because the lyrics are not sung, they are said, and most of the time the only instrument used are drums, usually with a beat box/drum machine rather than an actually drummer.
Kidney failure? Ah, at least it isn't kidney "fail-and-gay"ure.
Wow, just wow. If that is true, haha, what a loser. I don't see why anyone would want to be in that movie anyway. It was weird.
Why do the lot of you act as if staff positions are some toy to be played with?
Thanks, guys. ^^
Heh, V Line, lol.

Well The Standing Ovation... It's dead, well I guess I could say it's frozen, because I still have all the files.
Is this it?

Level Menu : Change Properties in Sprite header

The dialog you get from this menu will let you change the options in the sprite data header.

The drop-down list referred to as the Sprite Memory list (formerly called "Sprite Display 1" in older versions of Lunar Magic) controls how memory is allocated for the sprites. This list doesn't show the actual memory requirements of each sprite and the memory allocation setup of each list index, due to the complexity involved. If you have problems where the sprites in Lunar Magic look fine, but in the ROM portions of sprites are becoming invisible or "morph" completely into other sprites on the screen, it means you need to change this setting. There's actually only 0x13 possible settings, so just play with it a bit.

What this drop-down list does show however is the memory index range of each selection... and from this it can determine the maximum number of allowed sprites that the ROM will render on the screen at once (this is the M value). The SP value lists 2 sprites that are given "special" treatment... these are usually sprites that take up a larger than normal amount of memory like a Big Boo, Banzai Bill, etc. A value of FF for one of the SP values means the value isn’t used. The M1 and M2 values describe the range and maximum number of allowed sprites per screen for the two "special" SP sprites. These max values are usually separate from the M1 normal sprite max, unless of course the ranges overlap.

For an example of how to read this data, take a look at Level 105, which uses sprite index 04. With the index used in this setup, a maximum of 7 sprites are allowed on the screen at once, in addition to one "special" sprite which can be either sprite 60 (...?) or sprite 9F (Banzai Bill).

Now, the sprite buoyancy option determines whether sprites other than Mario will be allowed to interact with lava and water. For some sprites, this might be rather minor like causing a shell to splash when it hits water or slowing down a falling spike. But for other sprites like the dolphins and fish, it will determine whether or not they are allowed to float and swim. And an extreme case would be the vertical fireball, which causes the game to freeze unless buoyancy is enabled! Unfortunately, enabling this option will increase the amount of processing the game has to do, which will decrease the number of sprites you can have on the screen at once before slow down becomes noticeable during game play.

The second sprite buoyancy option works much like the first, except it disables all other sprite interaction with layer 2 to reduce the amount of processing the game has to do. In other words, sprites will walk right through solid blocks placed on layer 2, but they'll still swim through water placed on any layer. Mario's ability to interact with layer 2 is not affected by this setting… that's determined solely by the Level Mode setting.
Originally posted by Aiyo
like putting 10 moons in a row is stupid or spammer suck.

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