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LMFAO!! Spongebob: Will I ever get *BLEEPED*?
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I chose KPhoenix because K is a cool letter, and because Phoenix is a cooler word than Tatrion. (I hope Tatrion realizes I'm joking)
Originally posted by Internoob
Glad to have you back KPhoenix. Hopefully I will get to know you this time before you get banned again. That didnt come out good. >_>

... ... I'm not going to respond to that.
Originally posted by TLMB
Originally posted by KPhoenix
Why do the lot of you act as if staff positions are some toy to be played with?

Because the staff themselves treat the positions as toys as well :/

I don't believe that is so. They actually get the job done and do what's required. This creator of this thread seems to think that moderator positions are like free samples at Wal-Mart.


Remoga, you must know that most retards don\'t realize they can use a second computer, and if they do, a ban each time could easily solve the problem, which the staff already is aware of, except the problem with people being able to use a p--xy. (Please don\'t say the word or the retards who don\'t know about them will find out, baaad idea. ;P )
The funny thing is you probably could be able to allow more levels onto the Overworld, but doing so would not suddenly change the OW level list in Lunar Magic. Hehe
Originally posted by LuigivsKoopa
The rate of spammers is going higher in each 5 days. SMWC could be history if the rate is still higher.

And how does this affect you?

Should we do something?

Not unless your name isn't sky blue, magenta, or indigo.
All I have to say is that if she was retarded enough to do it over friggin MySpace, then she deserved it.
<marquee scrollamount="15">KPHOENIX'S GIRLFRIEND ESCAPADES II</marquee>

Okay, like I did last year, or sometime during this year before the wipe, I made a few threads talking about my last breakup and shit with the girlfriend, and being emo, etc. Well that time has come again! *Crowd groans* Aww, don't be that way. Just think of it as another way to be nosey.

Well here we go. (No emo this time)

Okay, well just about a month and a half ago, a new girl transferred into my school. She was also a sophomore, like me, and seemed pretty shy. She was new and all, and just minded her own business. I saw her everyday in my English class, and I kinda became interested in her. She wasn't a supermodel, but she was good looking enough to catch my interest. Well about a few days later, I introduced myself and some of my friends, and we became friends in a short matter of time.

Eventually, it got to where we passed notes in class, and eventualy swapped phone numbers and screen names. We talked on the phone often, and I knew she liked me, but I was hesistant to make a move. After about a week, I did make the move and we were officially a couple. It was pretty cool, we got to know each other more and more as time went on, and were talking to each other pretty often. Well just about less than a month after, the downfall started. Because of her personality, beliefs, opinions, I disagreed with some, and wanted to break up with her. I didn't have the balls to, because I felt so bad, and we just made up, since it was almost a breakup.

Well she seemed to have no problem telling me which guys she thought were "hott", to me, and I had a big problem with it, since I get jealous VERY easily. Well the continuous crap as such built up, and almost resulted in another breakup. Well she apologized, and such, and it went on.

She had gotten an online game from me, and we played together online, and about last Thursday, something happened that I overreacted to. It was over the game and taking a "weapon" that was mine, which she denied over and over, even though I knew she was lying. It was until the next day that she was on again that I was able to prove to her that she lied to me, and over the phone, she kept up saying that she wasn't lying. Well I gave her so many chances to tell me the truth,a nd that I couldn't care less about the game. All that mattered was she told me the truth.

Well sure enough she didn't, and I said "I'm fed up, I'm done. We're through", and hung the phone up (about 3:15PM Friday). Then about 2 minutes later, she called back, sorry as ever.. but I told her it was too late, that the relationship wouldn't last. Well at 3:29PM, she hung up the phone, and ran away, going to a friend's house. I didn't know this, until I got a phonecall at 4:00PM from her mother asking me if I knew where she was. Well this kept up, and she didn't show up at home. We found out from one of her other friends, that she was indeed staying a friend's house, but no one knew where, and who.

None of us have had any contact with her whatsoever, except we know that she does have internet access. She's been gone, and STILL IS GONE. I want her back, but the sad part is she doesn't know that, and she probably won't go home until she does know. (I do know she wants me back, too)

Any comments?

Originally posted by bored2tears
Wow... 2 things.

1. I hope you find her and seriously, it was only a game. You both needa chill over that.

Thanks, dude. Yeah, I know I kinda went overboard with that. She did say she was mad because I didn't trust or believe her, but I gotta let her know I see where she's coming from on that one, that I should trust her word..


2. Lol, you should write stories like this.

I don't like drama.
Originally posted by pigeonman
we honestly don't care about you personal life -_-

"we" is a very broad statement.

Originally posted by bored2tears
Again, Aiyo said don't speak for all of us. I care about his personal life...


Originally posted by darklink898
Yeah, that's rude dude.
What about this: "I don't care about your personal life... Wait, then why the fuck I posted this...?"

I don't care either, but I do think this is interesting stuff, and KP got all the rights to post about it, if it's not crap. xD

KP, you told me about this before, but do you realize this girl isn't thinking well? You should fuck apologize to her and try to make her go back home. After all, it's your fault. :( (kinda...)

It's really complicated. She isn't thinking well because she is really troubled by this. in the past 8 years or so, in school she has been harrassed, and verbally assaulted by people. Even her stepdad is a dick to her. She had really low self-esteem. When she started dating me, the thing about it is that I pretty much turned her life around. By what her mother said to me on the phone, "You made her feel important", and "you were the only guy she's known to call her beautiful". As such, losing me made her feel like her life was just going to go downhill.
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