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Originally posted by Internoob
Was that weapon that good that you got all pissed off that she took it? I honestly dont know if you are the one to blame or her. But I think its you.

Exactly why I feel bad about it. :)

Anyways why dont you give her a call on her cellphone or go look for her? After all you are the one that drove her away >_>

The funny thing is, I have no number to call, and she has no cellphone, and if you would have read up, she ran away last Friday.
lol, life other than on Earth. Well it's obvious that such a thing cannot come from this galaxy, since Earth is the only thing capable of supporting life in the Milky Way, so It's probably from some other galaxy with it's own "Earth". haha

Whee I'm so excited I could piss my pants! :D

Now I'll have to see how it does tomorrow when I see her. I'll post back saying what happened.
Okay, now, I shall explain all. :)

Wait, I'll just explain

Chapter II


Well, she got home last night, as I mentioned. I tried calling their household as soon as I found out, but she was already sleeping. The next morning her mother called me, and let me know she was going to go to school that day.

Well after I got to school, I waited for a bit, and didn't see her at all, so I called her mother. Katie had gotten up late because she didn't get much sleep, in fact, she was extremely sleep deprived. On the phone, I told Katie I missed her and I love her yet, but she seemed pretty out of it, and she wasn't feeling too good toward me obviously.

Well she got to school later on, and during my 1st period Study Hall, I took time and wrote her some notes, saying that I'm sorry for this and that, and want her back, but a class period later, she wrote back saying she didn't want to go back into a relationship so quickly, but she still loves me and bla bla bla.

I felt pretty cut down, and wrote back saying "Is this your way of saying it's over for good?" Well she wrote back again before lunch saying that it wasn't over for good and that she indeed still loves me. (This gets confusing later on.) Well Lunch was a bit quiet. I left for awhile and wandered around becuase I felt heartbroken lol. Well I came back, and we started passing a note back and forth. She seemed pretty loopy... Abnormally happy, but I'll get to why later. After lunch was a class I had with her, and we both had to leave the class room for about 10 minutes because we were absent for a certain day, and they were correcting a paper or something.

While we were waiting, (There was a table, she sat on one end, so I went and sat on the other end farthest away as possible), she told me that I could talk to her. It was a bit of a relief because I thought she didn't want to have anything to do with me. Well we got talking, and she explained everything that happened while she had run away.

(Insert explanation here tomorrow when I'm not half-asleep)

We started to clear things up a bit. We got back in class, and it was cool because I could easily notice she's still interested in me, because she kept looking over at me. We both wrote a note for each other. Mine was pretty much telling her not to (explantion involved) and bla bla. (Had to do with her own safety, complicated.) Well we walked down the hall to the next class together like we used too. (yay). After that class, we met in the hall, and she gave me another note, asking me to go into the school commons area during the beginning of last class period. (We used to do such before when we were still dating, was fun and shit).

Yeah so then we're in the commons, skipping class, and we're talking some more about what happened. I tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible. I asked her for a hug, and she said "yeah", so I got to hug her. I got to hug her quite a few times, actually. It's like we got close again... Well she kept me out of class for 20 min (dear lord...), and she walked with me back to my class (because she hated choir and wanted to skip it :P).

Yeah, and so on the way back to my class, we were joking around a bit with stuff (I forget what because I wasn't paying attention), and she stood right in front of me, and said something.. She was like right directly in front of me.... and yes... a testosterone moment... hehe. I kissed her. Whee... I felt like a fucking king hehe.. Well she seemed kinda happy about it too..

So then after school, I hung out with her in the commons again until 3:30 when her mom picked her up. Well I hugged her some more, and she very well let me, and liked it as much as I did, and then the funny part. One of our friends comes into the commons and sees us, and asks if we were back together. She just said "no, he's just being a pervert". Holy shit, that cut me deep for a second there... But I guess it was the reality. But the second part, me being a pervert, I was like WTF I'm not a fucking pervert...

Well that went smooth. <.<

So I was talking to her for an hour after school on the phone, and she actually apologized for calling me a perv and such. But the funny thing here about this was that she was acting kinda bitchy to me.. We were talking, and I made a comment about saying I should stab myself with this guitar string, as a joke, and she says "whatever, do it". That astounded me. I followed by saying, "well what if I died suddenly, would you care?". Well she said "I don't know...". I was pretty confused for the rest of the night, on how she felt about me.

Later on, just recently, I got some relationship advice from a married person 2.5 years into marriage, and it was pretty good, too.
He just said that the way she was acting being bitchy and the pushing me away was a result of her putting up defenses in her heart, against the one who hurt her (me, breaking up with her). And that she probably still does want me. He said that I'd have to tell her how much she means to me, and tell her I will wait for her until she's ready to make her decision. Damn good advice and I'm going to try it, too.

Yep, read up on my juicy drama, haha. :P
Originally posted by andy_k_250

I know she apologized for calling you a pervert, but maybe she called you that because that's how touching/holding the person who made her feel so bad before made her - maybe it made her feel like a slut, and maybe it made her think you were being a pervert for moving straight into "physical" signs of affection.

Aha!! That makes perfect sense. I didn't even realize it, wow... Thank you, man. :)
Remoga Sanctum is your personal SMWC Jesus Christ.
I'm thinking it's just icegoom got a girlfriend. That'll keep him off SMWC for awhile. :3
Originally posted by pigeonman

her on the face just once please

Good advice, but, you know what is better than 1 ?

The answer is !!


Chapter III


Chapter III

Okay, as I stated, sortof, Chapter III is next. Bad.

Now, the day after, she didn't go to school, because she was sick, probably from not getting enough sleep. Well I wasn't able to talk to her much, because her parents have grounded her (she deserves it). The day after, The last friday of November, she was at school. Peculiar day.

It went fine, we passed notes back and forth, and even flirted. I was questioning her in a note about why she had hickies on her neck, and stuff like that, but most questions were dodged. Well before I get to that, I'll give you the story of what happened while she was runaway from home.

The 23rd of November, she had run away after I broke up with her, and stayed at her friend Austin's house for a day. Austin had some older friends who were around the ages 16-20. There were about 10 of them. Katie from then on hung out with these people. The were like outcasts, and never went home apparently. She had been getting food at one of those food shelter places with these people. They wandered around town alot, and such, and these guys were very "criminal". She said she had fun, and enjoyed being with them. She also did weed, and such. She came home on Tuesday night the next week because her mother threatened to put her face on the news.

After she had got back, I didn't notice until the next day though, but she had 2 or 3 hickies around her neck area. I had questioned her about everything in this note as said. Well one of the guys she hung out with, Stevin, gave her them. I asked her about Stevin, and she said she really likes him. Horrible.

Well on friday, she stayed after school to hang out with me, and she would just take a city bus to get home. I gave her a bus token, and happily told her what to do to get home, because she had never taken a city bus before. Well, we flirted, and joked around, and she left to take the bus. That day, my dad had picked me up.

Later on that night, I got a call from Katie saying that she had taken the wrong bus, fell asleep on it, and ended up back at the bus station. After that, my dad and I went and picked her up to take her home. On the way back, she was talking about how Stevin and 2 others with him had gone to jail for stealing a van, and breaking into a house and stealing stuff. I didn't understand how she even cared about this guy, he is such a lowlife.

Well, we brought her home, and I got a hug. It was odd, (although she hugged me a few times earlier that day), because it was her giving me the hugs, for change. :P

I still didn't feel all that cool toward her, I had my suspicions about her and her intentions...

Well, just today, I talked to her on the phone, and we had a good talk, but later on in, she wanted me to message someone on MySpace for her. She gave me the username and password, and told me not to peep around. I did as she said, then talked to her, and ended the call about 20 minutes later.

About 5 minutes after that, I went on her MySpace again, and checked all of her Sent messages, as I was suspicious what conversations she had with other males. What I found really let me down...

About with 3 different guys, mostly around the 18th of Nov (5 days before the break up), she had very sexual conversations with these guys through messages. This was enough proof to know that she has cheated on me, and lied. It was a good thing I broke up with her...

I am not sure what to do now... I started writing her a message on MySpace about it all, taking chunks of the messages, and typing my own captions under them, telling her how dissapointed and irate I am over them. Unfortunately, this would probably cause an argument, or her running away again, so I currently deciding to just talk to her in person about it, where she won't be able to make any quite moves...
Originally posted by bored2tears
No matter how bad I feel for you, I want more bad things to happen. This is a fun story.

More bad things WILL happen, just because I'm not going to bring it up (or let it go), so then her family can invite me to some Christmas event thing where I can go for free. I'm just in for the ride, now.

So yes, this story is far from over. :3
Actually I was going to say to her "

Originally posted by TLMB
Your going to get yourself killed by some thugs and stuff, drop her like a hot potato. Your asking for it by staying with her. I would personally go to your house and "fix" your thoughts and plans with this girl, in order to keep you safe.

Her "friends" went to JAIL! <-- REREAD THIS TEN TIMES OVER.

What happens if they come back and she tells them what you did to her (be it the truths or lies) and they'll come and rough you up (a.k.a. kill you)

Don't try to be funny hear when you are endangering your life, also your like what 14, don't you have BETTER things to do that is SAFER for you?

When in doubt, call 911.

Meh, my life endangered. The funny part is, I have nothing to lose. If I am destined to die, let it be done. Life is filled with pain and such anyway. :P If I live, I live, and if I die, I die. No big deal.

And right now, the worst thing I could do is do something to instigate her running away again, and possibly hurting her again, and her wanting revenge. The best thing I can do for now I keep doing what I'm doing. Consistancy will do.
TLMB, I'm 16 years old, and I'm not asking you to worry about me. Thx.
I'm not overly attached to my physical being and existance, lol.
Originally posted by TLMB
I'm giving advise in a forceful, aggressive way, Boing. Learn to tell the difference :P

and that has everything to do with that quote, could you explain what you mean?

I could care less if I die too, I have a MUCH worse life than any of you could possible have. If anyone here were to die to achieve happiness, it should be me.

You'll find that having no fear of death gives you one less stress in life. Worrying about things as such is futile anyway.
No offense, but what in the bloody hell do those videos have to do anything with drugs? If you are drugged up and are using a video editing program, you'll probably end up 10 minutes later wondering where your computer monitor went...
Originally posted by TLMB
I never said I feared death, I don't fear death, however you should try has hard as you can to stay alive. It sounds contradictory, but it actually makes sense. Don't read what I'm saying, comprehend it.

Well... your advice there really isn't really that uncommon. I'm sure I could have told someone else the same thing if they were in my situation. :P
Supertails, you are the new "KPhoenix-before-the-wipe". :)
The staff here expects its' users to become smart. :)
If all the MySpace (stfu Twilight_Hero) people weren't able to use layout generators, 99% of MySpace would have no layouts at all. :)

Claro que si, SMWC is a couple hundred notches higher than MySpace.
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