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millieman, the problem is you aren't putting the Map16 pages in the original locations that the author had put them. It's probably Map16Page 40. The issue with downloading exgfx backgrounds is simply that you couldn't possibly put all the map16 pages on Page40. That's why I prefer to rip backgrounds myself using The Ultimate Background Ripping Tool. Just download the game, play until you reach the level you need, make a savestate, and then import it into that. The rest should be self explanatory.
Or just use zsnes :D
You will not change sides. You do not like Chester, you like System. You will obey orders and you will not ask questions. Is this clear?
I have this
Cobra [finaldemo] by bric

What do I do with it
Originally posted by GeorgeVsSonic
If any of you System supporters can counter this, I'd like to hear your try.

your face
LDA $19
BEQ smallsound
LDA #$01
LDA #$smallmariosound
STA $register

I want to put this code in mario's jumping routine so being small mario will play a different sound effect than the other Mario forms. Can someone put me in the right direction?
Originally posted by BS187
Maybe an odd question to ask but, i do know chester a bit but who is system?

She is in the banner on the right.

Update #4

This hack will be released as a double pack: Playable as System, final boss is Chester
Playable as Chester, final boss is System
But the Chester one will probably be easier because I know Chester supporters can't handle difficulty.

Update #5


I only finished the walking frames and jumping and falling, as well as ducking. I would have more done but I've been working on them trying to make them as flawless as possible.
I'm willing to accept that System has a vagina.
There is too much for my brain to handle. I will only pick one thing and it applies to any category it fits. And that's VitorVilela's AM4 Player.
I always thought a loop is something like
which would play that 8 times. But in the original SMW Castle theme, I'm seeing stuff like
$E8 $30 $c8
 o3 g24 > d+24 d+24 > c24 c24 c24 $E8 $30 $78

(2)[v100 $E8 $60 $c8 q6f]1

I tried playing around with the parentheses but they do absolutely nothing.
What does $E6 $00 do in mml txts? Because the song skips a whole section of the intro and goes straight to it as shown:

$E6 $00

And then it gets stuck on that and keeps playing a note like a broken record on crack.
Oh that makes sense why it's not working at all with other programs. What can I replace it with to make it compatible with Addmusic 4.05?

Update #6

Super Mario World Castle Music Remixed

A music I will be using.

Is there anyone here I remember from literally 10 years ago? I want to come back into the SMW Hacking scene. Looks like so much has changed and there's lots of new tools! Yikes
The graphics are decent. All in all I vastly prefer the SMAS SMB3 graphics. They're just way more saturated and immersive. I guess I mainly have issues with SMW's palette. For instance, Mario's colors are magenta and cyan. Kinda weird if you ask me since every other instance of Mario is literally just red and blue.
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