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I've been around for a long time.. since 2006 I think? Hence my id being 27. I was 15 at the the time and now I'm 27. I really wish I would have finished an actual hack. I had a few projects and never finished them. I guess I was way more into tinkering around with the game. That's why I designed the Laser Suit and made some patch submissions. I'm more interested in the workings of the game and doing cool stuff. Never been a great level designer. If I came back and made a hack, I wouldn't even know where do start. It's become so complex with your ASM, sprites, music, and whatever else there is now.

I sure caused problems back in the day lol
This isn't a hack... yet (maybe I'll make a base hack out of this ;) ), so I hope this is the right place to be posting this. Forgive me if the idea has already been done, but I decided to take it upon myself to redo the SMW Mario spritesheet because I've always found the way Nintendo did it appalling. The model and animations for Mario are fantastic in my opinion, but the palette and choice of colors and shading is lackluster.

This project is not only a palette improvement, but a general graphical improvement by adding/modifying shading and repurposing colors.

Here's what I've done so far. I'm open to feedback since pixel art or art in general has never been my strong suit.

After I finish up on that, I'll work on Fire Mario, and then Luigi.

Originally posted by FPzero
Wowwwwww I remember that surprisingly well for not having seen it for 10 years or however long it's been! You and Remoga sure did have a way of getting to users back in the day lol.

Man I can't even read the things I wrote online from the 2000s without cringing..
Originally posted by K3fka
Agreed with the point made in the previous post. Also, I'm not sure what the intention in the death image one is, but it looks like Mario has 3 pairs of eyes and a strange, elongated head.

I was intending to make X eyes like when Mario dies in SM64. It does look odd. I'll revert it back to the original eyes and red forehead.

Originally posted by Samuel
The rim of Mario's hat being solid black is a little offputting, maybe make it a dark red instead? Other than that I like where this is going!

I've been so used to the black rim that it slipped right past me. I'll give it a go and see if I can make it look acceptable.

edit: that actually looks pretty good!

Changes from original SMW Mario:
-Removed classic mario black-rim syndrome
-shaded gloves
-recolored hair
-recolored glove border color
-shaded shoes
-recolored cape border and cape
-shaded MArio's eyes
-added blue in eyes
-fixed slight graphical uglies
-recolored overall buttons
-fixed blank spot on Mario's leg while turning on Yoshi
-recolored/reshaded M part of Mario's cap
There are many colors on several palettes that are hardcoded black. Why? And is there a way unhardcode these to be able to alter the global palette without using level palettes?

Thanks for the quick reply. On the same note, how do I change the 8 background color presets?

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out
I've taken it upon myself to touch up all the graphics in SMW and redo palettes to create a visually appealing base SMW. I fully intend for you guys to be able to use the finished product as a base for your hacks.

I'll post updates to this original post under specific categories for easy browsing. I'm open to any and all feedback. If you like what you see, let me know! It'll motivate me to continue working on this project.

The newest updates will be at the top of this post and I'll push the older stuff down toward the bottom.

8/26/2019 Update:

In the past week, I've worked on redoing original songs using custom samples without modifying the musical arrangements. I've been tweaking Mario/Luigi and Yoshi to make them as polished as possible and remove all the disgusting visual quirks that came with the original set. I've been touching up custom palettes and started modifying the overworld palette as well. I've made the Overworld use a widescreen, and therefore ended up modifying the edges of submaps to make them more visually appealing, since the edges were never meant to be seen and didn't have any detail. That's still being worked on since there are still some graphical uglies, such as in World 7. I've made some groundbreaking work, and there will be a lot of work to go.

8/16/2019 Update:
Originally posted by KPhoenix
Mario and Luigi:

-New palette
-Reorganized palette for compatibility
-Shaded gloves
-Shaded shoes
-Reallocated colors of sprite
-Reallocated colors of cape
-Fixed empty spot while riding Yoshi as big Mario/Luigi


-New palette
-Overhauled shading
-Fixed horrible arm gfx
-New frames YI style
-YI tongue gfx


-Shaded powerups
-Added detail to cape feather


-Removed dithering
-Modified default background colors

Title Screen:

Originally posted by Epic_Manky
Pretty sure this has been done before...like, many times

I haven't been around in the last 10 years. can you link some other ones for me?

Originally posted by bandicoot
Originally posted by Epic_Manky
Pretty sure this has been done before...like, many times

Even so, It's still useful to have one more option when deciding the graphical style of our hacks.

Originally posted by KPhoenix
I've taken it upon myself to touch up all the graphics in SMW and redo palettes to create a visually appealing base SMW. I fully intend for you guys to be able to use the finished product as a base for your hacks.

The new Mario and Luigi sprites are pretty good.
But I dont see much diference on your new background to the original background tho.
Will you be changing the FG and BGs as well?
It would be cool to see how those new bgs and fgs looks on ingame screenshots.

The only change to that specific background so far is that I removed the ugly checkerboard dithering. The next change to background will be a global palette change for every background palette.

Added new title screen.
Started improvements on sprites
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
Originally posted by KPhoenix
Originally posted by Epic_Manky
Pretty sure this has been done before...like, many times

I haven't been around in the last 10 years. can you link some other ones for me?

I have a feeling he might be talking about any of these plus there's probably been more that weren't submitted.

Though again it honestly doesn't matter the one you're making is really great.

All fanstastic gfx modifications! My goal with this is to create something that's faithful to SMW's original graphics. I won't be making any massive changes to what's already there (moreso because I'm not that skilled with graphics).

UPDATE: Yoshi GFX in original post

Also, I'm now planning on making this a remaster of almost every aspect of SMW. The first steps will be graphics and palettes, and then music. I'll also apply patches that fix bugs or problems with the original game.
You're lucky I stumbled upon this. PM me and I'll send you the original files tomorrow
New Thread:

Please do not post in this one anymore
By knowing basic music theory and having a keyboard app on my phone.
Have a checkpoint before the section with the message block. Have a section of normal enemies that they can choose to take damage from. If they don't, they die anyway and restart at the checkpoint because they couldn't listen.
After reading several threads and the official LM help file, I still cannot figure this out. I'm basically trying to create a 2BPP ExAnimation for the OW Layer 3.

Here's what I've done so far:

Created 2BPP ExGFX file named "ExGFX60

Set up ExAnimation starting at 0x700 which is the first tile of the row of tiles from the ExGFX.

Tried setting Destination to 0x200. Didn't work.

Read LM help file:
Originally posted by Lunar Magic
The "destination" value is the starting tile number of where to put the animated frames of the tile. Open up the 8x8 tile editor to see where you can put things. Tiles from 0-0x2FF (layer 1/2 graphics), 0x400-0x5FF (sprite graphics) and 0x1C00-0x1DFF (layer 3 graphics) are valid destinations. Advanced users can specify direct VRAM offsets instead by putting a '1' and the 4 digit VRAM offset to use.

Okay, so only that range of tiles is valid for layer 3. Tried putting in 1c00 for Destination. LM resets it to 0.

No idea what to do.
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