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Added update with latest content to original post. Feedback please!
Mario's palette doesn't flash, he blinks in and out. Is that what you mean?
Originally posted by 7 Up
I can't see why you expanded the view of the overworld submaps. There's an obvious cutoff path on FoI submap and apparent bad tiling on VoB submap. You could've left the borders as are or fixed those errors. Also, could you try to fix some errors on YI's hill with a pond and square edges from cave submaps? And perhaps change the colors?

Anything else's solid, though.

Originally posted by KPhoenix
've made the Overworld use a widescreen, and therefore ended up modifying the edges of submaps to make them more visually appealing, since the edges were never meant to be seen and didn't have any detail. That's still being worked on since there are still some graphical uglies, such as in World 7

As I said, I plan on fixing these graphical errors. No stone will be left unturned in this project. As for why I used widescreen? I wanted to. 16:9 is the present; 4:3 is the past. I'm modernizing where possible (ironic considering it's still a 1990 game).

Yes, I can fix those 2 last things. Including the ladder.
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
I don't find anything wrong with the wider screen as it currently is because honestly it's just showing of a new border but is there a way you could fix the background behind Mario so it matches the design of the rest of the border?
Also with the widescreen border I remember that it causes some issues without this patch unless you are using that.

Also I know this is more or less just a remaster of the whole game but are you going to be adding in patches that fix general annoyances or glitches that were left by Nintendo?

Yes I am using that patch and I will be patching glitches and issues with the original.

Does anyone know how I can modify the level name box and Mario box so the background shows as transparency instead of a solid color?
Originally posted by 7 Up
Originally posted by KPhoenix
As I said, I plan on fixing these graphical errors. No stone will be left unturned in this project. As for why I used widescreen? I wanted to. 16:9 is the present; 4:3 is the past. I'm modernizing where possible (ironic considering it's still a 1990 game).

Yes, I can fix those 2 last things. Including the ladder.

Ah, I see. It feels fresher than just a new border, indeed. I didn't read the update in the OP as I'm used to new posts stating that some changes have been made.

Do most people just do it that way? I'd like to revise my thread in whatever way is easiest for people to follow.

Originally posted by Ninja Boy
Taking a quick look around this patch might do what you want.

Unfortunately I have no ASM skill or knowledge whatsoever; I wouldn't even know where to start with that. Anyone able to help me?
Unfortunately, the HUD is on Layer 3 along with Layer 3 fog and water which means they cannot really go behind the HUD. I haven't used it myself, but I suggest trying the Sprite Status Bar.
The way song copyright works is that only the lyrics and melody are copyrighted afaik, including instrumental copyright. Ported song never have actual lyrics or vocals and the sonic palette is different from the actual song, so it's likely that none of us will ever have that kind of problem. The only place a copyright claim might show up is on a SMW Hack YouTube video, and it's highly unlikely that would ever happen, because YouTube would never flag a ported song as matching a clip from a real song.
It would be unwise to write swing rhythm with timings like c12 and c24. It should work, but in my experience, it doesn't. I ported Playing The Game from Mario Party 1 which uses that rhythm, but MIDI to MML programs won't port using those { } so the rhythm of the port got all screwed up. I had to manually add in { } with the correct note lengths. After reworking those sounds, I found that the swing rhythm goes in this pattern:

{c4 c8}{c4 c8}{c4 c8}{c4 c8}

That's one measure of notes.
As opposed to standard 4/4 time rhythm:

c4 c4 c4 c4

If you port a song with swing, it may look like this:

c6 c12 c6 c12 c6 c12 c6 c12

If you find this to be the case, run a Find and Replace and replace all the 6s with 4s and all the 12s with 8s, then be sure to insert curly brackets around them and delete the extra .s that appear due to porting errors.
If there are ports in the music section already, you can edit those texts, or find MIDIs online and port them using PetiteMM. After getting the output MML, you'll need to modify the entire MML file into a text with the proper formatting, which you'll find in the tutorial he posted.
Any resource posted on the site can be used without permission, else it wouldn't be posted as a public resource. Personally, I believe best practice is to give credit in the Credits editor which is located in the OW Editor, since there is nowhere else to really conveniently credit people.
That looks like a hot mess. Is it meant to only be all one instrument/channel? Typically, when you port a MIDI, the program will output a semicolon between every individual instrument/channel. That's where you start defining channels, such as:

c4 c4 c4 c4

c4 c4 c4 c4

c4 c4 c4 c4

I'm guessing this is your first time with porting, so you're really going to to need to read up on a tutorial.
Use a graphics editing program for bin files and export graphics from SMW. Should be GFX28 and GFX29. You can simply delete all the tiles of the original title and replace them with tiles to make your own. The way I did it was created a title in Paint.NET and cut it into 8x8 tiles and pasted them into the GFX files. Doing this is painstaking because you will have to use the Replace Color tool since it will not paste accurate to what the original tile looks like. Then you will need to insert the GFX files back into SMW and open up the Layer 3 editor. Delete all the now jumbled tiles and start placing your own 8x8 tiles with the 8x8 tile editor. Keep in mind the graphics format of these is 2BPP, so if you're making your title use different colors every letter, you're going to have to change the way you color your title in the graphics editor. Look at the original smw title tiles for reference.

If none of this makes sense, you could always take the easy route and just paste 8x8 letters from the 8x8 editor to form words.
To be completely honest with you, you'd have a hell of a difficult project on your hands doing this, especially if you're new at it. It would take an experienced person many hours just to get everything looking and working right. This image your provided uses far more frames than are used in SMW. We're talking about 1990 hardware here. There may be a way to increase the amount of frames used, but then we are running into issues with having the 32x32 patch and a ton of frames resulting in a complete lack of graphic storage space. This sprite sheet you found wasn't intended to ever be ported into an older video game; more likely for flash animations and modern "classic style" fan games. Anyway, I would recommend that you look in the Graphics section and select the Player Graphics type and search for one there.p
Originally posted by YulkyTulky
Request: Super Mario Maker: Spike

I'd just appreciate if someone could acquire the spike graphic from SMM for use in SMW. I don't care which game style the spike is from since they are all quite similar. Spikes are seen on left side here:


Do you still need this?
Originally posted by K.T.B.
Originally posted by Samuel
Oh look an oldbie.

I remember seeing this on YouTube somewhere, though I can't remember who's channel it was hosted on. Oh how far we've come since 2010.

I posted it to Youtube at some point and linked it in an earlier thread here since I just happened to have it saved and it wasn't archived anywhere else at the time.

It's pretty cool seeing these threads pop up tho. I never got to talk to KP but I used to wish I did since I always thought he seemed like a cool guy.

Now we just need Remnic to make an appearance as well.

Here I am my brudda
Then don't place Yoshi directly into the level. Use Yoshi item block so you don't end up with multiple Yoshis
I looked through the entire ROM map myself and I saw nothing about an amount of sprites that bowser throws. I don't even think that's meant to be configurable. You've likely corrupted section of your ROM and that's happening as a result. The best way to avoid ripping your hair out is to port all your resources into a new clean ROM.
That is absurd and should not be happening.
I'm currently working on a Mario GFX set where Small Mario is replaced with a capless Big Mario. The problems that arose are the fact that the Small Mario tiles were drawn to be 1 pixel lower than the Big Mario tiles. I tried to offset this using SNES ROM address $00DE32. The problem with that is you cannot modify a single powerup state; you modify all of them. Is there a workaround that doesn't involve me having to modify the 16x16 tiles and make duplicates of existing frames just to have modified versions of them?

The second problem is that Small Mario doesn't use the 8x8 tiles found in GFX00. I need 00 to copy 01 byte for byte in whatever it calls for those tiles.

The third problem is that the Small Mario Tilemap doesn't organize the Inflated Mario frames the way the larger forms do. I need it to copy the tilemap in the same way.
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