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Do these frames show up in levels too? Also, try doing one patch at a time and pinpoint at which patch it starts making garbage.
Please list patches you've applied to the ROM. Also please post which song is selected in LM for level 000, and check if there are any objects or sprites on screen 01 of level 000. Oh and lastly, let us know if the option is selected in General Options for LM to automatically select the amount of screens in a level.
Use the ROM map. Search "goal" and you will find what you are looking for.
Originally posted by Darolac
Originally posted by KPhoenix
I'm currently working on a Mario GFX set where Small Mario is replaced with a capless Big Mario. The problems that arose are the fact that the Small Mario tiles were drawn to be 1 pixel lower than the Big Mario tiles. I tried to offset this using SNES ROM address $00DE32. The problem with that is you cannot modify a single powerup state; you modify all of them. Is there a workaround that doesn't involve me having to modify the 16x16 tiles and make duplicates of existing frames just to have modified versions of them?

The second problem is that Small Mario doesn't use the 8x8 tiles found in GFX00. I need 00 to copy 01 byte for byte in whatever it calls for those tiles.

The third problem is that the Small Mario Tilemap doesn't organize the Inflated Mario frames the way the larger forms do. I need it to copy the tilemap in the same way.

Regarding the first problem, around $00A46F the game stores those values to OAM, so you could hijack that part in order to get what you want.

Without testing, this dirty patch maybe helps you:

org $00A46D
JML control

LDA $19	; only affect small Mario tiles
BNE restore
REP #$20
LDA $80
ADC Yourtable,x
JML $00E475
REP #$20
LDA $80		;restore code
JML $00E471


(here you would write a table analog to $00DE32 with whatever changes you would want to make)

Thank you for the reply! The bad thing is I don't have the slightest knowledge of ASM, so I'm unsure what you mean with the last part. Are you able to help me further?
I've been spectating from the sidelines with people's feedback on other people's level design, but I have a hard time telling myself what "good level design" is. I feel I don't really have a good handle on what that is, even as someone who plays hacks.

Please post examples of specific hacks and/or specific levels in hacks that are top notch level design and examples of bad level design. And by bad level design, I don't mean broken or bad graphics, I mean it looks well put together, but it's just not good in popular opinion.

And as a bonus, what do you think of vanilla SMW level design? Is it bad compared to good level design in hacks?
I want to request this to be deleted. It replaced my original patch, and the new version contains very terrible graphics and simply isn't in the spirit of what the original was. I'm currently making a revised version which will intend to be the official version.
I recently started an LLC business for computer repair and services and I need a website to promote my online presence. I could find a website designer elsewhere but I wanted to start here first because I love this community and know that we have some very skilled people here. I don't need a flashy intricate website, just something coded in PHP that's modern and professional and only 1 page long with multiple sections. We can discuss it further by PM if you're interested.

Anyone interested, comment here and let me know how much you're willing to do it for. Feel free to ask any questions as well. I can pay by cash, check, or PayPal.
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