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Tip: A common level trope to avoid is "item babysitting". This involves forcing the player to carry P-Switches, springboards, or other items all around the level. Usually, this doesn't end up being very fun or engaging, so use another level gimmick if you can.
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Originally posted by nambona89

The hack looks pretty good from the screenshots, I like how you have to use the p-switch in cramped conditions, after you make a platform to make a different platform appear so that you can get to a different area. Seems clever enough to me, I hope you will be able to finish said hack.

Also, why would Yoshi's House look like that?
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
Sometimes it is necessary to not make sense in a Kaizo Hack.
Yup... :D
Originally posted by cheat-master30
It's probably weird to say this, but looking at some of the feedback and articles about level design in the ROM hacks here...

I'm starting to suspect people's standards are arguably becoming higher than those in most commercial video games.

So if a company making millions or more often can't live up to some of these standards, is it perhaps a bit harsh to make hobbyists working for free live up to them?

I think the only reason anyone ever started hacking Mario games is because most Mario games have great potential in level design, and the main game that is being hacked doesn't use said things/doesn't have certain things that other people want. The other thing could be that people just want more of the same, but judging from what I've seen around here for 2 or so years, (only just registering few days ago) it appears to be we want new ways to take in an old game. I'm a bit false on this, but my brain is tired, please excuse me.

So I think no, our standards aren't too high, but I think its more a case of that it should rise, because of the original motive. Not to insane levels, of course, but I can't foresee the future, so I can't say things about that without things to predict with :P
huehuehue can't wait to see the top entries that are decided the judges finish with the grading/whatever they do

Hopefully after the deadline in August evry1 will have their submission polished or fit to their decisions
Gl hf :)

... looking forward to GbreezeSunset's submission no matter what the placings are
The Gen 3 remakes were almost as good as the 2nd Gen remakes (Thats saying something if you ask me), which has me hyped for Gen 4 remakes long before they're due. (If ever)

which would probabababably be why i started playing through platinum (Previously I had only played through Diamond, since Platinum wasn't out when I played the 4th gen)

offtopic but GEN 4 REMAKE HYPE (which is completely useless as I'll forget before they ever come out and when they do I'll be like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMfG HOLY HECK HELL YERRR)

As if the rest of this post wasn't offtopic
That would be interesting, but wouldn't it be a SMRPG hack? That might get even more interesting :O


I'm a messenger from hell and I'm here to kill you all

Actually I'm from a place

not just any place, but a place
Originally posted by Delphinium

What do you like more than anything in your life?


actually me telling you nothing about myself tells you more about myself than the other way around :O

also horse makes electrons travel the other way from current

No really, look
The dolphins have always been my favorite, mostly because of the second level in the first Kaizo Mario.

Of course, I prefer combinations of sprites in level design to make the level more challenging while also being more fun.

(ex. First level of Kaizo 3 has bullet bills chase you after you go into a place, and you have to go past a jumping chuck with chompers beside it, then jump off the bullet bills to get to the goal tape etc etc)
Originally posted by abusefreakhacker0
Good luck
hah lol

Everybody says I'm from Canada, so why shouldn't everyone else

oh right, I mean't to put most of my friends who see my internet latency to servers in NYC (a place in the USA) think I'm Canadian.
I guess I'll be posting things made in inkscape here

It was meant to be for a collab youtube channel long ago, but the name changed and the idea died.

This one I have no clue.

And this one was made for a person's social media profile picture:
Scratch that, I'd have to go to my other partition to get that. and we know that I can't keep this thread on edit for that time and I am too lazy to do so.

That's all for now, more may come later.
I was working on a Kaizo Hack and was going to register here after having lurked around this place since 2013 (typed 1612 at first O.o) to submit it, but then I ditched it, and then the kaizo contest (2015 one) happened, so I just registered early and got to working on that.

Otherwise, just note that I am a messenger (not a messager) from hell and I have come to troll you all.

... Not really, but hello anyway.
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset

Also if you have a ton of ideas for a level but you think it will be too long, you can have a level with two split paths that all lead to the same ending like that one level from VLDC9.

There was a VDLC9? Are you a time traveller :P

Also I see that some kaizo hackers I have seen make some what-I-think are good levels are participating, so this should be interesting to play through submissions after all is said and done :O

EDIT: Question, will using Dragon Coins or not using them take away points?
Well, I was drawn to hacking SMW by Proton Jon's Kaizo Mario videos, and then more drawn to it by actually playing the 3 Kaizo Mario hacks (by T. Takemoto) that exist at the moment. I don't really know how my experience with SMW hacking has changed over the years, but I know now and am very familiar with the vanilla Map16 object pages that I use in lunar magic, and very familiar with how the physics in SMW work, and now my level design tends to be quite entertaining at least to myself. (who it was designed for except the latest things I've done)

I think I'm slightly false in my views upon this, so note that none of this was written with confidence :P

anyhow blahblahblah text dump tl:dr: things that aren't important were said, you don't need to read it so whatever
I would like to reserve level 3-4 if I can/am allowed, thank you very much.
I assume whoever is working on a different level has to be done working on that level before you can send me the base ROM, because if not we'd have conflicting base ROMs. (I'm assuming thats why I don't have the base ROM yet :P)
Well, you could either A: Continue here or

my suggestion: Actually make a Kirby hack of a Kirby game :P I mean,

The editor is so weird (not buggy, just weird) though that it would take longer than just converting all mario stuff in SMW into kirby stuff...
If you end up checking this thread more, I heavily suggest this amazing ROMhack by S.N.N., one of our now inactive beloved administrators.
The developers of this hack have been very nice to me, and very helpful in ways of constructive criticism. I think this hack has a good future, considering who's working on it :D
Artificial Ground

Artificial Sky Ground.

Artifical Ground would mean fake ground, of course, but not like, FALL THROUGH ground, just unearthly dirt :D
So wats goin on with mah level?/?!/

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