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Sorry for the bump, but I can verify Toad's Tool 64 did work on Windows 10 for me, until the Anniversary update was installed.

Also, when you let the compatibility be chosen by the troubleshooter, another error will appear:
Application Error
This application cannot start as it cannot create needed files. There may not be enough free disk space.

EDIT: Ah, it wasn't a bump. I live in Europe, so I thought the last post was from the tenth of May :)

EDIT 2: It works in Windows 98 compatibility, but courses won't load.
Most stuff works, though (music editing, for example).
Hello, everyone!

Lately, I've been trying to insert custom backgrounds into Super Mario 64 (without replacing the original ones), in order to give every Course in the game an unique background.

This, along with the custom music I've inserted, will make the different worlds much more original and unique.

Unfortunately, it seems I lack the knowledge to insert new backgrounds without replacing the original ones.

Could someone explain to me how I can do this?

I would be really happy if someone could help me understand the way to do this.

Thanks in advance!
Trying to limit someones creativity is pretty stupid.

Listening to the one limiting your creativity is even more.
Thanks! I will try to decipher the new information and look what I can do with it (probably enough, with a bit of searching).

When setting everything up in Skelux' tool, for some reason, if you play the game and beat Whomp King, his Star will appear beneath the Course, only reachable by using a levitate code.

The cause is probably the 'extend level boundaries' option.
Ah, thanks for replying. Because I now use the latest version (but started editing in an earlier one) I thought it was something from the latest version. My mistake.
Hey people,

I am looking to update the SNES version of SMW, adding patches to it that:

- Show in OW HUD whenever you got all Yoshi Coins in a level
- Allows you to save anytime, or after beating a level
- Saves the Yoshi Coins (so they don't reset whenever you restart the game)
- Saves the amount of Lives you got

I came across some patches, but most don't do exactly what I set out to find, or they are buggy/outdated. I might just not be looking at the right place, I thought. So that's why I decided to ask here. These changes are pretty much all incorporated in the GBA version of SMW, but it all just looks and feels sleeker on SNES, wouldn't you agree? #smrpg{mlem}

I'm pretty sure such patches must be around here anyway, so could anyone help me out and list some options for me? Thanks in advance!

- Thirteen1355
Ahh, I was wondering if this was more hacking help or hack discussion. I assumed hack discussion since it concerned already existing patches, rather than me actually working on my own hack.

A while back, I came to understand using asar (wasn't hard to get), but besides that, using these methods to patch stuff is completely new to me. For example, I remember trying to patch the sma2status one, but simply because it included more than one .asm file, I completely lost direction on what was supposed to be done, with all those exgfx files and stuff (I remember using exgfx years ago, but that was in Lunar Magic, which works very differently). This is why I ended up going with the owcount.asm back then.

I also wonder how I'd set up the mentioned values (for lives and Dragon Coins) within the SRAM+ patch file. I'm unfamiliar with this format (is this the infamous asm?).

Besides, thanks for linking the files! I got some of those, but I hadn't managed to find the start=save prompt one.
Okay, yeah, I first had to figure out how the SRAM+ patch works in the first place. The table.asm is a supplement, didn't know that. I noticed that the table file already includes dl $7E0DB4 : dw $000A. Not that it does anything. Do I have to write that into the file myself for it to work, or am I supposed to do something entirely else? Some instructions sure would've been nice #tb{^V^} The readme doesn't even really explain (in normal language) what it's for.

Anyway, I'm figuring it out and it isn't difficult. I'll tell when it's all done, or when I'm having more difficulties.

How does the default table work? How do you define those values in there, for lives, coins etc.

For the sram_table I now got this:
sram_table: dl $7E1EA2 : dw $008D
dl $7E0DB4 : dw $0002
dl $7E0DBE : dw $0001
dl $7E1F2F : dw $000C

and now I have:
sram_table: dl $7E1EA2 : dw $008D
dl $7E0DB4 : dw $000A
dl $7E0DBE : dw $0001
dl $7E1F2F : dw $000C

because I realised the A covers more than just Mario and Luigi's 2 player lives.
Hey folks,

As someone who's been following SMW hacking for ages, but kinda fell out of it during the last 3 years, I decided to come here and ask: What are currently considered the highest quality SMW hacks?

I generally like hacks that really feel like entirely new, official feeling games. Though I also enjoy it if they have new ideas, use custom assets, or if they twist around vanilla assets to really make things varied and interesting (I recall VLDC8).

One hack I noticed after some looking around was 'New Super Mario World 2: Around The World.' This is one of those hacks that really seems worth a try. I also like it if the hacks aren't much more (or any more) difficult than original SMW.

Lastly, a question: How is the VLDC9 collab? Is it considered even better than VLDC8?
Title says it all! What's (in your opinion) the best VLDC collab hack and why.
I did not expect this many people (2) to go with VLDC7. Better said, I didn't expect the first people to respond to go with 7. I always assumed 8 and 9 were more ambitious and therefore (along with the popularity 7 got, increasing interest in making levels) would be getting the most picks. Needless to say, there's not been that many replies yet, but it's certainly interesting.
Hi Leo!

I'm familiar with the VIP series (as you might already know). I played the entirety of VIP 4 and a huge part of 5 with heavy savestate abuse, years ago. The same goes for SMW YEAH!! In the end though, I heard that VIP, while creative and unique, isn't exactly high quality. SMW YEAH!! I personally consider to be so.

I am thinking of giving Jump or Jump 1/2 a try, but two things hold me back: Firstly, the difficulty and secondly, it all feels a bit incoherent in terms of world design. I really like context in games. When I enter a level located in a certain world, I like it showing what that world is like, rather than just being random ideas (that may work very well in and of themselves). A platformer I can think of that does this really well is Donkey Kong Country.

I might be wrong about Jump though.
I have the same issue, except it concerns an existing SMW transition (the one that leads to Bowser's Valley). I didn't change anything there, so it's strange it does this. Any help?
Apologies. I felt it would be better to use an existing thread I found, but I'll just make a new one in the future.

It was an issue with the paths preceeding the ghost ship by a full world (I added a world 7 between Chocolate Island and the Ghost Ship). The path between the pipe and Wendy's Castle was slightly misaligned, but since the misalignment was so small that the entirety of World 7 was perfectly accessible, it was pretty much unnoticeable.
How do the best SMW hacks hold up against SMW itself? Always wondered that, and this thread gives some interesting insights. I'm about to replay SMW for the first time in ten years, so I'll sure leave my own opinion once I've experienced a fair share.
I remember using a Requiem for a Dream theme hosted on here ages ago. It was the first time I heard that track and decided to look it up. Sounds awesome.

EDIT: this one.
What hacks would classify as having mostly 'very good' levels? Would be nice to have a frame of reference.
Nice! I should check out Yoshi's Strange Quest. Sounds a lot more like a full-on adventure rather than levels with fun but random wacky ideas along the lines of JUMP.
Hey hey,

After taking some time to look up good hacks to start with, I found that mostly, the hacks made by Gammma V are both of good quality and aren't brain-breakingly hard. Which hacks made by Gamma would be good starting points?
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Thirteen 1355's Profile - Posts by Thirteen 1355

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