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Awesome! Can't wait to play it! I'll probably give the demo a playthrough this weekend. If it's half as good as the original then we're all in for a treat :)
File Name: Super Mallow World - Master Quest
Submitted: by FedoraFriday
Authors: Deakula, FedoraFriday, FerpyMcFrosting, Flabort, FuryfulFawful, IanBoy, Joe Smo, MiniMawile303, Uzerro, frost_heart
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: This hack is dedicated to Glitchcat7 on Twitch. He's a well known kaizo Mario player, so, along with the 71-exit game, there are 11 additional exits featuring kaizo levels.

Included in the .zip is the kaizo game, and the full game plus the kaizo game, for those that wish to play both versions without having to download both versions. For those who wish to speedrun this hack, take a look at the readme for instructions on the % categories.

We hope you have fun with this hack!

1.1 Updates: Fixed some jank, fixed bug where after 255 deaths it reloads with a ghost house entrance then sends you back to the beginning of a level.

1.2 Updates: made kaizo blocks in Yoshi level more visible, and fixed some fatal errors in the Mallow World PLUS Master Quest version.
First level pipe loops back to the beginning infinitely.
Moderated: 17

Accepted: 9
Grand Poo World v1.2 by Barbarian (04/09/2018)
Super Stacey World by dylanofinsanity (05/15/2018)
Claustrophobia v1.1 by NaroGugul (05/28/2018)
Mario's Training by RussianMan (07/08/2018)
Mario's Training v1.1 by RussianMan (07/18/2018)
Lord Pickle World v1.3 by MiniMawile303 (07/19/2018)
Super Butt World 2 by yogui (07/21/2018)
Super Slim World by duders (8/22/2018)
Pumpkins and Slaughter by HLXY (10/31/2018)

Rejected: 8
Super Mallow World - Master Quest v1.2 by FedoraFriday and others (04/16/2018)
Super Mallow World - Master Quest v1.2 by FedoraFriday and others (04/18/2018)
Kaizo Mario Deluxe - DEMO by Brick (07/10/2018)
Lord Pickle World v1.2 by MiniMawile303 (07/19/2018)
Cranberry Lane by maxkm5st1 (07/20/2018)
Super Mario World Alpha (v0.224) by crm0622 (07/25/2018)
Super Mario World - Kaizo Paradise (Demo) by crm0622 (07/31/2018)
Super Cheer World by HLXY (08/20/2018)
File Name: Kaizo Mario Deluxe - DEMO
Submitted: by Brick
Authors: Brick
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Welcome to the first demo of Kaizo Mario Deluxe.

This short demo contains the first three levels of the game.

This game features:
-Fancy new world map.
-Added retry system.
-Brand new music.
-And much more!

This game was tested on Snes9X and ZSNES.
Alright, there's quite a few reasons for rejection here. First I must say the aesthetics are good, clean, visually, and audibly appealing. The screen loading animation is also well-received. The merits for rejection are entirely gameplay-based, and here's why:

1) Impossible for all sprites to load in the intro level. I was unable to load both hammer brother platforms in the same attempt.

2) Repeated offenses of blind drops. After the first bullet jump in the intro level, you have to land on the koopa in a somewhat precise manner without being able to see it, since you need the height of the cannon which will cause the screen to scroll up.

3) Excessive use of one-tile entries. I understand you're submitting a kaizo hack. Dropping with great vertical speed and landing in a one-tile horizontal gap (especially the blind one(s)) is rather unfair to the player, especially when it comes after long easy sections. The difficulty spikes from these do not create cohesive flow of the level, and is only reasonable for levels with many checkpoints or Kaizo: Hard hacks.

4) Stemming off of #3, in "Blind Forest," when you run out of the tunnel, even holding run/jump at max non-p-speed, there is a luck-based chance you won't make the gap. It's not fair to die this way.

5) Double shelljump in Blind Forest is blocked by the HUD and partially offscreen. Note that this is AFTER the blind one-tile drop and luck-based runoff.

I stopped playing after the shelljump and it should have been rejected before I even finished the intro. You clearly exhibit some good design elements and I know you're capable of making this good.
The 2 levels I played at AGDQ were really fun. Looking forward to this!
File Name: Lord Pickle World
Submitted: by MiniMawile303
Authors: MiniMawile303
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: This hack is dedicated to LordPickleKing, an amazing mario maker kaizo player.

Levels have been designed to incorporate platforming, item abuse, and a touch of custom things, which
I do my best to teach the player how to use.
Difficulty would fit around Kaizo 1 for the normal game, but gets much more difficult in special world
and for the switch palaces.
You can find things:

3 Palaces not required to beat the game
A special world, but requires those palaces
Circular saws
Vertical saws
These weird beanie hats that give you some sort of power
23 Exits, plus a final castle

There are also things you won't find:

Invisible kaizo blocks
A fourth switch palace
A green yoshi

Screw the princess, you need to save the people so they have food to eat. But I guess the princess
is a part of the people too... whatever.
Do you wish to see the trailer? Yes? No? Maybe? Well if you want you can check it out here:

Here is Lord Pickle World. Enjoy!

Patch Notes:

1.0: Release!

Fixed many major errors with the hack that were not caught during testing.
Touched up many jumps that gave 1.0 players issues with playing.
Fixed the checkpoint in "X Buck Supreme" to give a propeller if you die after getting it.
Edited the credits a little.

Fixed a jump in "The Chill Studio" to be more intuitive.
Removed a large portion of "Supidoran Jam" that felt like filler. Timer also decreased to fit this.
Added some extra event tiles near "Haunted Pawn Shop" to make the secret exit more visible.
Also added red tile underneath it to better represent there are 2 exits.
Changed the final section in "Take A Guess..." to also be more intuitive.
Fixed issues in the fourth room of "The Pickle Jar" that were not working on console.
Made big changes to "The Exterminator" so it was again, more intuitive.
Also reworked the flight section in the level to be easier, but somewhat longer.
Made "X Buck Supreme" somewhat better by removing the long, boring throwblock section.
Hopefully??? Decheesed the double shell juggle.
Also made it shorter, because people found it hard.
Overall minor tweaking that needed it.
This hack was super fun! Unfortunately I'll have to reject it, primarily for the broken vine after the double shell juggle with ducking cheese (it's impossible to beat without cheese at the moment). I also accidentally softlocked myself in "Tower of Everdeen" by clipping through a turn block while small but I probably deserved it. "Kojin No Dokutsu" was pretty free and you could manage to exit the level with TWO powerups if you managed to double-grab the key and shell, as the jump before the checkpoint didn't require a shelljump with a well-timed jump. I struggled with a few sections that had a strange difficulty curve, i.e. Red Shell Palace, while breezing through others, but it wasn't significant. Can keep Yoshi in "The Exterminator" with proper flying at the end. "Blue Flood Palace" often led to deaths from the initial shell which wasn't super necessary.

All in all, great job! Just have a few things to fix and this hack should be ready to go.
File Name: Cranberry Lane
Submitted: by maxkm5st1
Authors: maxkm5st1
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: A short kaizo hack with an emphasis on pure platforming. Relatively short, and friendly towards novices.
I highlighted my full playthrough here:

In it, I address most of the issues that need resolved. Running over top of levels, clean aesthetics (mole tiles, dirt cutoff, etc.), and all levels having music are required fixes for this hack to be accepted. Additional potential fixes include a retry system (due to many levels insta-killing without knowing what to do), force keeping P-speed in that level, and a little bit of excessive spawn manipulation and kaizo blocks. Excessive spawn manipulation and kaizo blocks led to very large gaps in a difficulty curve, making some levels incredibly or unfairly difficult and others relatively easy to beat within 1-2 minutes. I also highly, highly recommend having a peer playtest before resubmitting, preferably someone who either plays or makes SMW hacks. Good luck!
File Name: Super Mario World Alpha (v0.224)
Submitted: by crm0622
Authors: crm0622
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Hello! I am making kaizo hack with some custom stuffs.
This hack is not too much difficult if you familiar to other kaizo hacks. (except some stages like stage 4 and... maybe stage 8?)
This version include 13 exits total.
Also, this hack contains custom musics, custom sprites (ex. you can see custom sprites in stage 9) and some asm patches to prevent game breaking issues, and required small key jumps and small shell jumps if you want proceed.
Hope you enjoy my hack a lot, and don't give up too quickly! :)
(Warning : This hack may contains some frustrating moments...)
(Also, keep in mind you can't spinjump on some enemies and slide-kill to some enemies!)
< v0.224 Note! >
Now, you can skip cave part in first stage. (Instead, cave part is now much harder and required some basic key jumps, but if you want to get secret exit or get a yoshi coin, you need to enter that part.)
Re-designed some sections in first stage. (Like death-block puzzle and banzai bill section in mid-part.)
Removed hidden blocks more in some stages.
Removed shell-breakable block in stage 2.
(Slightly) Re-balanced ghost ship section in stage 8.
Alright, I'm going to have to reject and also blacklist this hack for several reasons:

First and foremost, Noivern's most recent rejection log called for the hack to address all of the previous rejection logs or it would be blacklisted. For this reason, I am blacklisting this hack, as many of the issues were left unaddressed. It was obvious to all of us that you did not make use of any playtesters, and any of the playtesting you did yourself were from some form of quick save (yes, I realize you completed the cave section savestateless, but you still didn't even claim to have done it from the start of the level). Reminder that SMW Central hack moderators are NOT playtesters. You should, and for this hack's sake I'll say it was a MUST to find a non-moderator peer. Additionally, sections of this hack were broken, and I'll just list a few small examples of MANY from level one. You could scroll to spawn the Banzai Bill, the one-tile gap below the key was pointless, the P-switch section could be broken in two ways (as I showed you on stream), you can get the mushroom early, and the entire level was clearly a lazy reconstruction of Yoshi's Island 1 (even the same overworld spot??). There were many blind jumps, and every death led to the same laborious process of returning to the last point of progress, and the difficulty was extremely inconsistent. Players grow numb to the excessive spam of invisible blocks. Design was unoriginal and repetitive, and fairness was nowhere to be found. I realize it's a kaizo hack, but solutions were unclear and it was easier to find a broken solution than an intended one. Also, the black tiles are insta-kill to big Mario, but the message block doesn't inform us that until AFTER Mario interacts with them. Everything I've mentioned is strictly in level 1 alone, and I cringe at the thought of what the other 11 exits may contain.

Do not submit this hack to SMW Central again or it will result in a section ban.

Should you submit any future hacks from scratch, please take these rejection logs from myself and other moderators to heart.

File Name: Super Mario World - Kaizo Paradise (Demo)
Submitted: by crm0622
Authors: crm0622
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Hello! I'm making kaizo hack with some custom stuffs.

"Super Mario World Alpha" become to "Super Mario World - Kaizo Paradise"!

(Original name was "Super Mario World Alpha Revised".)

<This version features...>

1. 12 exits.

2. Mostly Friendly level design.

3. Not too linear solution. (only for some specific stages!)

4. Custom music, because I like hearing various musics. :P

Well, enjoy and don't give up too quickly! :)

This is clearly just a lazy edit of a blacklisted hack. You were warned numerous times.
File Name: Super Cheer World
Submitted: by HLXY
Obsoletes: Super Cheer World
Authors: HLXY
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Super Cheer World is a kaizo rom-hack that will prove your skills in 25 difficult levels. Are you ready to cry and suffer?




I know I'm no so good with this stuffs, but I also know I tried my best in this game, so I would really appreciate if you play it.

Things you will find in this hack:

-ON/OFF Level

-Ultra Star Level

-Water Level

-"Vertical" Levels

-Two Castles

-Original Tricks

-Some blind jumps (I´m sorry...)

-Custom graphics and palettes

Things you won't:

-Random sprites generator

-Fishin' Boo

-Bowser Fight

-Wall Clips

-Status Bar


12/07/2018: We have some new changes!

-Nerfs in "The Dream is Over"

-New message text in "Blue Switch Palace"

-Also, I changed some coins in the first and third rooms of "The Dream is Over"

Little changes, but very useful to you!


-Fixed up a stupid mistake in the last level

Version 1.0:

-Fixed up a lot of mistakes and cheeses.

-Removed every "special world beaten" effects, except it keeps the overworld colors only (thanks to Ersanio).

-Minor changes in some palettes.

-New graphics in several levels, also, some touch ups.

-Minor changes in the Overworld.

-New final boss!

-No more dumb fake pipes.

-Nerfs in levels like "Deep Purple" or "Kindergarten".

-New Title Screen.

Please forgive me if there's a softblock! I tried to fix them, but maybe there's one more left. (>w<)/
First of all, while I acknowledge this hack is an improvement to the already approved version, I feel that it did not address enough of the issues NaroGugul mentioned to justify approving another version just yet. However, I was very on the fence about approving/rejecting this version, so I feel it can reach an approvable form by addressing issues I'll mention in this log.


I liked this hack for the first 7 (out of 27) exits, then when I got to the ghost house, things went downhill. The ghost house started with a mostly blind drop to start the level, which made each death particularly frustrating. Most levels after followed a similar theme of starting each level with a tricky and/or blind jump before progressing at a lower difficulty, which essentially guarantees the player ~15 seconds to get back to a more fun part with every death. This issue was amplified in both halves of the water level, where you had to undergo long waiting sections before taking on learn-by-dying sections; and to make matters worse you had to do this twice for both exits. Most levels followed a theme of going under a two tile wide column, then a tight jump/shelljump/dismount over a two-tile wide muncher column, and repeat. It got repetitive, boring, and mundane VERY fast. Come 20 exits into the hack, I felt like all the levels since exit 7 were equal and there wasn't much variety. I was simply pouring my time out to do the same kind of tricks over and over again. I know you're knowledgeable of SMW, particularly with your TASes, so I admire you taking the time to give making levels a shot. I just think a little bit more real-time playing would help you appreciate the good and bad parts of your design.

Must-fix things:

Both Reznor fights have painfully bad musical clipping/glitches.
Fight 1
Fight 2

This color palette was abysmal to work with. I would recommend fixing a ton of them that had similar foreground/background colors but this one was hard to play, and this would be particularly rough for colorblind folk. It looks better in my capture than it did on my TV.

This drop. The color palette is so bad you can't even tell you're supposed to normal jump and not spinjump (even the vast majority of my chat chose incorrectly). Additionally, for the jump after, the shell going offscreen was still an unfair issue that was not fixed per Naro's post.

This trap was not fixed properly per Naro's suggestion, and requires camera manipulation or else it's impossible.

Move this egg one more tile to the right. The 1up spawning is clearly an unintended obstacle.

The water level has 3 sublevels. The first two are stupidly easy and slow, and the beginning of the 3rd room has a learning obstacle right at the beginning that was absurdly frustrating to deal with because I wasn't aware you were supposed to clip. Instead of removing this obstacle, I STRONGLY suggest swapping the third sublevel with the first sublevel so the player isn't forced to do two long/easy sections before coming across this.

I am happy you have acknowledged tons of issues so far and have found ways to fix the problems. I am optimistic that the next update you release will be a final version.
Hello all,

Just wanted to inform you I will be completing every Kaizo: Light hack over on my Twitch channel. The purpose of this event as it pertains to SMW Central is to analyze the existing system and perhaps create a proposal for a new difficulty system, as people often visit the Kaizo: Light section and are overwhelmed by how much the difficulties can vary. There are currently 85 Kaizo: Light hacks on the site and will probably be 100 by the time I finish them all. Fellow hack moderator Linkdeadx2 has already done a tremendous job weeding out the non-RTA viable hacks from Kaizo: Light and has completed all but about 10 of them, and NaroGugul and NeXuS15 have been huge helps in gaining insight on various hacks.

Ideally, Kaizo: Light difficulty means it is possible to be completed without savestates. Such was not the case in 2014, so rules may need to be updated to accommodate for this since these kinds of hacks are becoming increasingly popular.

I've created a spreadsheet to track progress here and outline further details here. I anticipate this event to take somewhere between 6-8 months, and a proposition for new rules and difficulty system will be drafted shortly afterwards.

Even if nothing on the site is changed, it will be nice to have a document to send people to who are looking to play a kaizo hack for the first time.

Originally posted by LethalBrownies

And don't even get me started on the fact that streamers seem to be the ones getting picked for hack moderating positions here.

Assuming you're talking about Linkdead and myself here, I think some introduction is in order. I've been using this site since roughly 2010, possibly earlier (mostly without a username) and didn't begin streaming until 2015. I assume the story is similar for Linkdead, although he's been streaming a little longer than me. We both have a huge passion for Kaizo-style romhacks and have been fortunate in drawing audiences while playing them.

Inevitably, people learn what (kaizo) romhacks are from watching the two of us (among others), and they are often intrigued but without direction. These people and the SMWC community have been disconnected for a long time, and in the past year staff reached out to us since there was a shortage of kaizo moderators, and I assume no one else's name came to mind since playing kaizo hacks is indeed kind of a niche thing.

Since then, Linkdead and I have been doing our absolute best trying to review the entirety of hacks categorized as kaizo to give direction to these newer players, and additionally (hopefully) bridge the disconnect between stream watchers and the SMWC community. This is beneficial for the growth of SMWC, and gives direction to newer players interested in romhacks, not even just kaizo hacks. In fact, I've seen quite a few people find and contribute to this site from our streams and I'm very grateful for it. I hope that isn't a problem.
Hack Moderation Log - Dode

Moderated: 25

Accepted: 10

Fly Me To The Stars by CarlSagan42 (01/03/2019)
New Super Kaizo Bros by Yagami (02/18/2019)
Storks and Apes and Crocodiles by Morsel (03/22/2019)
Darkstar by MDBattleFrog (05/05/2019)
Super Lani World by Dan2point5 (05/06/2019)
Things.smc by Sweetdude (05/23/2019)
2019 Blind Kaizo Relay Level Collaboration by Romhack Races Team (07/02/2019)
Luigi Kaizo King by Yagami (08/05/2019)
Not Dracula's Castle by Morsel (11/05/2019)
Super Riff World by Freakin_HA (12/31/2019)

Rejected: 14

Mario Kick World by Yagami (02/04/2019) [author removed before I could reject]
Piranha Park by BlooberryPi (05/06/2019)
Super Duper World by N4m3_H3rE (05/06/2019)
Super Mura World by OhMuramatsu (05/18/2019)
Super Samsara World by supermargot (05/19/2019)
HACK by JKS (05/20/2019)
Run With Turtles 1 (The Search for Boo) by Beaser (05/20/2019)
Super Slade World v0.1 by LemonStir (05/20/2019)
super you are the best by thejhonny-ador (05/20/2019)
Super Beco World by Adriel_ICS (05/20/2019) [author removed before I could reject]
RNG Castle Squared by Morsel (08/05/2019)
Lethal Ejection by HLXY (08/05/2019)
Super Qbear World by qbear (08/05/2019)
WAIFU$!!! by thejhonny-ador (12/31/2019)

Moved: 1

Combo Killer: Ultra Alpha Turbo HD Remix, Arcade Edition by Doownayr89, Moved to Kaizo: Hard (03/17/2019)
File Name: Piranha Park
Submitted: by BlooberryPi
Authors: BlooberryPi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: That lazy plumber, now Yoshi has to take to dealing with the trouble coming from Petey himself, leading to Yoshi's journey into Piranha Park as Mario is away for who knows how long.

This is a slightly harder, intermediate Kaizo hack, with a lot of chocolate visuals from here on the site, and mostly vanilla gameplay in itself. 17 exits of platforming goodness and mostly tight jumps. Along with some fun secrets! Can you find them all?

THIS HACK USES SA-1, So please be aware of that if you use hardware.

Update 1.2 - 5/1 - This is a general overall update to prevent certain cheese I was unaware of, and just overall quality of life. Hope you enjoy it still!
This hack is honestly pretty good, however I feel that it is unfit for the Kaizo: Light category. I would love to see you remaster this hack with much of the tightness removed and resubmit it under Hard (maybe Very Hard). I appreciate the aesthetics, music, detail, use of ASM, and custom graphics very much, and it's clear a good amount of work went into the hack. There isn't any one thing that prevented this from being approved, but rather a bunch of little things. Here's a list of suggestions to consider for future creation (you probably heard me say some of these):

- The first level starts off with a rather difficult trick that doesn't really fit any sort of theme or tone of the hack. It's okay to put that particular trick in a hack, but it felt really out of place there.

- Nearly every level is a two-screen high horizontal level. It's okay to use these, but most of the problems the hack exhibited could have been avoided by not using this layout. This layout invites blind drops, undesirable camera behavior, offscreen death obstacles, and potentially bad spawns.

- This isn't a reject reason, but I think you should challenge yourself to make a lagless hack without SA-1 applied. For your first Kaizo hack submission, using SA-1 is ambitious and requires cohesive behavior of many sprites on screen at once. I will say it was nice for the framerule patch though.

- The secret exits don't really serve a purpose. They're impossible to miss and every one of them forces the player to play most (or all) of the level twice. The rewards for the secrets were cool, but it would have been more purposeful if the exits actually unlocked a useful path or level, and if the secret exits themselves actually made the player explore unexplored territory.

- This hack is not lazy. However, the uses of the pre-made bosses were rather lazy. I think you should scrap all of them but
Reznor, pipe Lemmy, and Petey
, change the terrain of
Reznor and Petey
, and replace the pre-made ones with even just some silly rendition of a vanilla boss like Boo, Reznor, or Wendy.

- The Yoshi-feeding level was broken.
I was able to get the midway by escorting a swooper

- It seems a little deceptive to list the hack at 17 exits (which it is, correctly so) when 4 of the required "exits" don't count towards the exit count since they don't trigger any overworld events. Maybe the addition of some aesthetic event (like the tile turning yellow or something) to contribute to the counter would be nice.

- You seem to have ignored our suggestions for Dino Bay when you posted the preview in the SMWC Discord. The water still kills you (but for some reason doesn't in the boss fight?) with no explanation/lore, and some of the tight jumps were still there unchanged.

- The aesthetics in the Koopa Skills level are pretty rough on the eyes, and some of the obstacles are punishing solely for spawn dependency.

-In The Midnight Tower, two of the saws can spawn in an unwinnable configuration because the distance between them is *incredibly* large by default, and they're both in the same size bucket, meaning no differentiation can be made in the gap length. This was especially tedious having to get both exits with this problem.

I may have missed a few things, but this covers the by-and-large number of things to consider for future creation/submission. I wanted to be as thorough as possible since it was very apparent that a lot of time and effort went into this hack, and I really hope you consider removing a lot of the tightness and resubmitting it under a vanilla difficulty, because I think that would make an awesome hack.
File Name: Super Duper World
Submitted: by N4m3_H3rE
Authors: N4m3_H3rE
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Demo of a hack im making right now, might make another version of this hack ,i dunno.

There are some parts that you can do in other ways instead of the intended way like in level 2 the start can be done without using 2 shells but 1 (well im not goona spoil you, have fun :D )
It seems rather short and not very telling of the full hack for this kind of demo to appear on the site. Furthermore, there is already a hack named Super Duper World, and since this is just a demo, a name change is necessary. As for the hack itself, many of the obstacles were either broken or incomplete. The hack suffered from the vertical camera constantly scrolling and making for blind drops/obstacles where it really wasn't necessary. The message box indicating red/orange coins mean death or danger wasn't even in the same level as them, and it's really silly to have a map16-edited block suddenly kill the player without any other obstacle just because a red coin is above it, when you can just make a death block. No new aspects were introduced in this hack, and there was no flow of aesthetics or creativity. A lot of obstacles/objects exist just to exist and don't really serve a purpose. If you're going to continue this hack, I urge you to revise these first four levels in a way that creates flow and utilizes all of the intended sprites. Instead of using indicator coins and arrows everywhere, try teaching the player with simplified versions of tricks and branching them out to tougher combinations.
File Name: Super Mura World
Submitted: by OhMuramatsu
Authors: OhMuramatsu
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Uma hack Kaizo Light criada por um amador com a intenção de se divertir e divertir a quem jogar. A hack não está perfeita, mas dei o meu melhor, e com ajudas que recebi, tentei aprimorar o máximo possível. Boa diversão e espero que esteja tudo OK com a hack =)

A Kaizo Light hack created by an amateur with the intention of having fun and amusing who to play. The hack is not perfect, but I tried my best, and with the help I received, I tried to improve it as much as possible. Good fun and I hope everything is OK with the hack =)
There are a good number of reasons for rejecting this hack, so I'll list as many as I can:

-Tons of palette/cutoff errors, namely the Mario display on the overworld, lots of corner tiles, and the berries in the credits.

-Some tricks were so tolerant such that it provided many unnecessary extra items/enemies/powerups, etc.

-On the contrary, you have the opposite problem too, such that you have to do a 2-frame tap jump and still go OVER a muncher, which is incredibly tedious to do every time before a long waiting section.

-Some level difficulties were extremely imbalanced; you could clear some level halves in under 10 seconds while others took somewhere around 2.5-3 minutes.

-A ton of the music didn't match the theme or even the overworld tile theme.

-There were no overworld level clear events, which makes it difficult for the player to know which exits they have left to clear. On top of that, the clear count is wrong (I got 25). The secret exits add very little value and just make for more tedious progress.

-The final Boo fight is enough to get this hack rejected alone. The clouds don't work, you have to get a lucky pattern for it to even be possible, the waiting is way too long, and forced 2-frame tap jumps while managing items and RNG eerie patterns syncing with Big Boo's pattern is completely unreasonable and unnecessary. On top of that, the checkpoint isn't even close to the boss fight.

-Do not ever abuse the bottom row of the screen, particularly when you have to go through map16-edited space to get there, after dealing with RNG fish....

-Hiding a key behind yet another map16 edit with no indication of where it could be is also completely unnecessary.

-Tons of obstacles were spawn dependent. This is not good.

-There is a lot of lag throughout this hack. I'm not sure if FastROM was enabled or not, or if it varied on whatever platform you tested it on.

-There are plenty of blind drops, particularly in the two-screen high levels with vertical scroll enabled.

-Vanilla Bowser fight (even with the edits it had) is rather unfitting for Kaizo: Light. It wasn't difficult whatsoever, and if you're going to use the vanilla fight at least make it challenging.
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